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20 Interior Design Trends That Will be Popular in 2022

By Martha Young


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Interior Design Trends
Designer: Tâm Võ

Interior designs have always been quite hard to pick out simply because of how many ideas are there to choose from. The fact of the matter is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the best choice for you simply because there are thousands of options that you can choose from.

In 2022 things might get even more hectic, to the point where people are legit spending all of their hard-earned money on interior design trends that they don’t even agree with anymore from the very second that they have it done on their house. 

So, in order to combat this, we’ve actually decided to give you a helping hand by providing you with our very own top 20 best interior design trends that you can follow this very moment.

While they are meant to be more modern for the most part, that doesn’t mean that amongst them there aren’t also a bunch of classic designs that have passed the test of time by now.

With that said, let’s just jump right into our first pick of the day:

Cocooning Furniture

Cocooning Furniture
Boca di Lobo

Let’s be honest here, if you’ve ever visited a friend or a relative that is currently sporting one of these snuggly curvy sofas then chances are that you’ve already made up your mind about them from the get go.

But if you haven’t checked these out for yourself then chances are that you’re about to have your world flipped upside down because holy smokes, they are worth it.

Essentially, they make your home a lot comfier looking and they can even add that sense of style to your rooms which a lot of houses nowadays lack in. They can serve as the best places to sit in, but they are also great for the décor. Overall, you can’t go wrong with cocooning furniture.

Earthy Textures

Earthy Textures

Now, when we say “earthy” we obviously don’t mean that you should just start throwing piles of dirt around your house. No, instead what we mean by that is we want you to put in more tactile materials such as leather, plaster, bronze and yes, even wood.

This little change can instantly turn a boring home into a welcoming home, and if you want to go one step beyond then we would recommend that you also add in rougher variants such as rougher clay to really change up the mood of your home.

It’s these little changes that will help save your home from looking like an absolute mess and that’s a fact.

Gothic Glassware

DIOR’s Gothic Homeware
DIOR’s Gothic Homeware

Alright, who here actually doesn’t believe that glassware looks absolutely amazing? No one? That’s what we thought.

What’s even better about these is that the style of the glassware is definitely a worthy investment, but the glassware quality in itself is also a worthwhile addition to your home simply because it makes hanging out with your friends and loved ones all the sweeter.

The smoky vessels are elegant, while also giving a sense of the macabre with them. Drinking red wine out of them will also make you feel like a vampire, which is always a plus if you ask us.


Apollo Barkitecture Studio

This choice right here is either a hit or a miss, but essentially what it means is that you are adding in architecture that is meant to please your pets and make them feel at home.

For example, it can be a nice hangout spot or you can get a sculpture of your very own dog, and that in itself can be a very good addition to your décor. 

Creativity is key here, and honestly, we cannot stress this enough but you can do whatever you want here and it will most likely work out for you.

Color and Patterns Everywhere

Color and Patterns Everywhere
Designer: Cynthia Prizant

Usually, whenever you visit anyone that has just moved into a house, you are greeted with the same old boring grey background everywhere. Everything is basic white or grey, and to some extent that is fine, but what we will always recommend is that you splash some color in there to liven up the mood.

People don’t realize just how much of a difference they can make by simply bringing in a ton of different colors and patterns. The only real issue here is that you can eventually go a bit overboard with it, but hey, as long as you like it who cares? 

Antiques and Heirlooms

Living Room with Antiques
Fertility Design

This works especially well if you’re younger and you want to bring more personality into your house. Even if you don’t have an heirloom to begin with, you can always start now by buying the heirloom from an antique store and you’ll already see your room liven up in no time.

The pandemic has definitely gotten a lot of people sick of the same old boring backgrounds in their homes, which is why it’s time for you to make a change by adding in both antiques and heirlooms in your room today.

Plants and More Plants

Green living room with plants
Designer: Martina Di Gangi

This may seem like a no brainer but trust us, so many people are afraid of introducing them into their home simply because they fear that they won’t be able to take care of them.

The funniest part about that is that almost all plants are low effort additions to your home, you literally won’t have to do much to keep them alive and flourishing, and in return they will make your house look so much more welcoming.

On top of that, plants also improve the indoor air quality which is definitely something we all need to invest into, especially after being cooped up inside of our homes for so long due to the pandemic.

Wavy Geometry

Wavy Geometry
KUOO Architects

Recently conducted studies have all showcased the fact that rounder details make your home look a lot more modern simply because of how quickly they attract the attention of everyone that sees them.

So, use wavy undulations and you will find your home literally take a new shape altogether even if you’ve just started working on its interior design.

On top of that, wavy geometry architecture can also end up being quite cheap considering just how expensive most architecture is out there anyways. So, add in a few details and you’ll see your house instantly go from a zero to a perfect ten.

Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional Spaces
Savaria Vuelift

The problem with most houses out there is the fact that although they do look amazing on their own, they are nowhere near as practical as we’d want them to be.  What we mean by that is the fact that every room inside of these houses is meant to facilitate one activity and only one at a time.

This is why we recommend leaving that mentality in the past and instead just go for multifunctional spaces in which you can do as many things as you want.

Add a home gym to your work space, perhaps add a TV for a movie night next to your kitchen or just make it so that you can watch TV while also keeping tabs on what your rascals are doing in the playing room. Do you live in a big house? Add an indoor elevator to add even more function and comfort to it. 

People who regularly go on home tours are surprised to notice that luxurious domestic lifts show up in many of the best developments. For years, many owners have opted to add lifts to existing homes to enhance safety and resale values.

Lifts are energy-efficient, add a touch of class to any residence, and eliminate the need for trudging up and down long staircases. 

Red Earth Ceramics

Red Earth Ceramics

When we first saw one of these in a friends’ house, we honestly couldn’t say exactly what made it so beautiful and aesthetic of a choice, but what we did know is the fact that we couldn’t take our eyes off of it.

Use brown or red ceramics to make your house look all the better, but while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to be as unique as possible by also just making it all look as avantgarde as possible. It’s your house after all, so just because other people might not like it, why shouldn’t you go all out with it?

Travel Inspired Motifs

Travel Inspired Motifs
Designer: Vizer Studio

Everybody loves to travel and that’s a fact. Even if you only get to do it once every a couple of years, chances are that you absolutely love going from place to place seeing new things and just getting that feeling of exploration coursing through your veins.

But hey, why should you wait so long for this when you can just start traveling around from place to place from the comfort of your house? That’s right, just add these beautiful motifs showcasing the different places you visited or the ones you wish to visit and you’ll find your home feeling more exotic in no time.

Checkered Designs

Checkered rug

Believe it or not, but there are some people out there that actually dislike the idea of having a checkered design on everything. Luckily, we’re not part of that group right there, instead, we actually believe that checkered patterns can still make your house look better at the end of the day.

Checkered blankets, rugs or even bedding in itself is a great idea for you if you’re looking to make your house look more modern while also adding in that unique aesthetic to it all. You can also add this pattern everywhere and you’ll instantly find it making your room feel a lot cooler.

Playful Pastimes

Playful Pastimes

So many people are afraid of making their homes look too “childish” and we honestly couldn’t disagree more there.

Sure, a simple and clean design choice will still do the job properly, but honestly if you really leave everyone speechless then there’s no better choice out there than to use something like an indoor swing or something along those line to make your house seem more welcoming.

There are also hundreds if not thousands of different options that you can go for when it comes to this, so you literally can go all out on the creativity aspect of it and make your rooms look the way you’ve always wanted them to look.

Portable Table Lamps

Marset FollowMe Portable Table Lamp
Marset FollowMe Portable Table Lamp

This is such a minuscule thing right here, and yet it can make such a massive difference in your house that we cannot recommend it enough.

It can sound a bit silly at first to recommend just plastering random small coffee table lamps all around your house, but if you went for a design that actually matches the rest of your house or even better so, improves upon it, you’re pretty much set for life.

On top of that they also tend to be quite cheap, you can get one for less than $20 for example, but if you really want to make your house stand out, we recommend going for a more expensive one just because of how much of a difference that can make to your house overall.



As of 2022, people have gotten completely and utterly bored of having simple designs around their house which is why we are such avid supporters of the pearlcore movement.

In case you don’t know what this means, it’s pretty self-explanatory since it literally just refers to you going for pearl floor tiles coupled with sateen-finished wall paint.

You basically try your hardest to add in pearl white as much as you can to everything, and trust us, once you get started with pearlcore you won’t be able to stop anytime soon either.

Fantastical Themes

Fantastical Theme
Designer: Mohamed Badr

We all love reading stories about dragons and knights, but what many of us don’t realize is the fact that we can actually add these stories to our own homes for relatively cheap prices too.

All that you need to do is you need to have a good image in your head of how things should end up looking by the end of the day.

So, we recommend that you actually get a drawing going in which you try to emulate what the finishing product will look like. This won’t take you over half an hour, but once you’re done you will be able to integrate it into reality and make your room as surreal and fantastic as you always wanted it to look.

Destress Rooms

Destress Rooms
Designer: Egue & Seta

Not everything that we do ends up panning out for us and that’s fine. We can live with this for the most part, except for when things really start piling up and we end up completely overwhelmed by our emotions.

We’ve all experienced this so there’s no shame in any of it. This is why we always recommend investing into a destress room in which you can escape from all of your problems and just stay in there for a couple of hours letting all of your emotions out.

These destress rooms can be anything from libraries to home gym setups. Just find what makes you happy and go for it.

Oversized Clocks

Oversized Clocks
Designer: Natalia Vergunova

The great thing about using oversized clocks in your décor is the fact that they’re so cheap but they can really end up making your house look ten times better by the end of the day.

We do mean that too, they literally have the power to bring the room together and just make everything look so much more aesthetic.

We do have one nitpick to go over here though as we do always recommend that you take the time to find the perfect model that fits your house. For example, if your house is very colorful then don’t go for a plain white clock and vice versa.

Contemporary Trompe L’Oeil

Contemporary Trompe L’Oeil

Essentially, what this means is that you take an artistic image that has made you feel a certain way while looking at it and you make that the focus of the room.

This item is meant to “deceive the eye” of the watcher, so always aim for something strange and out of the ordinary to make your whole room look ten times better.

On top of that, you can also go for a more humorous design choice here which will make your home look all the more welcoming.

Night Sky Minerals

Night Sky Materials
Designer: Svyatyuk Stanislav

This new trend has taken the world by storm now and we honestly get it why. Just look at how absolutely beautiful this looks, there’s just no reason as to why you wouldn’t go for this look to your home.

We also recommend that you go ahead and use darker furniture pieces to make your rooms look both more modern and more elegant at the same time.


So, there you have it, our very own list of the top 20 best interior design choices as of 2022 that we couldn’t get enough of so far.

Most of them are interchangeable amongst each other depending on you as an individual. So, be sure to choose whichever you feel would match the tone you’re going for with your house the most. Thank you for reading and we hope that this article was worth the read.  

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