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10 Luxurious Home Decorating Ideas This Year

By Alex Holmes


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Luxurious Home Decorating Ideas
Designer: Tâm Võ

Decorating a home is what makes it, well, homey. Once you’ve established yourselves and settled in for good, it’s time to start thinking about upping decorating motifs. After the turmoil of 2020, the time for extraordinary décor is in order.

Luxury decorating may not be cheap, but it will last and look great. The trick, of course, is to do it right.

Be a Magpie

Boca Do Lobo Golden Furniture
Boca Do Lobo

Nothing quite says luxury like shiny stuff. You don’t need to cover everything in gold leaf, because that would be really tacky, but some shiny things can definitely help bring together some luxurious designs.

Gold and brass accents on furniture or accessories, like picture frames, can do the trick quite well. So can stonework, like granite countertops. The use of crystal can help as well, especially with chandeliers and candle holders. Silver works for this, as well.

Colors Can Work As Well

Purple Themed Luxury Bedroom
Designer: Aynur Derbulova

Certain colors are linked with luxury, either because they were historically expensive or are currently expensive. Purple is the obvious, historic choice, and it can coordinate well with darker colors and woods to not only make a room look fancy, but also compliment itself well. Gold and royal blue are options as well.

Colors are great for a luxurious look to compliment furniture, like the living room and bedroom. If you’re pets and children are housebroken, premium rugs in the halls or floors are an option, too.


Bentley Home furniture
Bentley Home

High-end furniture in of itself is not generally a good idea. High-end furniture that is comfortable and looks really nice, now, that’s what you want. Fancy doesn’t have to be ornate, either. A sturdy Amish table for the dining room or a solid wood armoire for the bedroom showcases luxury while being both tasteful and functional.

Some costly pieces are meant to be gaudy and not very comfortable, but if you’re going to pay the price for a luxury couch or chair, you should be able to comfortably sit in said chair or couch. Whether you’re going for a sturdy, rustic luxury look or a modern, plushy look with sharp edges, you want to take advantage of the space the piece occupies by ensuring it’s comfortable, functional, and coordinates well with the room’s décor.

Going Old School

Old School Interior Decor
Designer: Romas Noreika

Antique furniture and accessories can get pricey, and some of that older stuff looks really nice. A silver tea set, old china cabinet, or early crystal chandelier can create a very nice look. The older you go, the more ornate the designs and materials can be.

This is true for furniture, flatware, lamps, candlesticks, picture frames, jewelry boxes, and pretty much anything you can imagine. of course, not all antiques are that ornate, but if it’s in good enough shape, just having them as part of your décor is pretty luxurious in its own right.

Accessories & Artworks

Art Wall Decor
Designer: Nicolas JOUSLIN

Picture frames, lamps, and other add-ons have been mentioned in other design trends, but for a luxurious look, it’s worth discussing them in their own right. Real paintings in nice frames, preferably from local artists, are always an option. This is especially useful for large walls to break up their monotony.

Sculptures and fancy lamps are also useful. If you’re concerned about utility and space availability, that silver tea set mentioned before is still an option, at least if you’re into tea. Rugs, as mentioned earlier, are another option worth considering, especially to help dampen sound in larger rooms.

Play with Lighting

Play with Lighting
Designer: Penint Design Studio

Lamps, chandeliers, candles both real and electrical, can not only add luxury on their own through their designs, but by mixing up the lighting in the room, you can add dramatic and alluring visual aspects.

Such efforts give the room more depth and appeal, and the use of multiple lights at once, especially fancy ones, can look pretty ritzy. It’s also fun for driving your in-laws nuts when they try and guess you’re electric bill.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match
Designer: Iliyan Stoyanov

Combining décor, luxurious textures and colors, and ornate furniture all together can make for a very opulent look. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, as then the layout can look gaudy and overdone. On that note….


Fluffy Decor Bedroom
Designer: Filip Sapojnicov

Soft, fuzzy, even shaggy, textures can give an air of luxury. Going beyond a shag carpet, a warm, fuzzy blanket can also work. Puffy, colorful pillows and high thread count sheets and linens can of a job well. Frills and tassels give off such a look as well, so textures can come into play in every room with the right cloth in mind.


Minimalist Interior with Plants
Designer: Nelson de Araújo

House plants in of themselves are pretty cheap, but, if you have the room, the lighting, and the time to care for them, a fancy plant can not only add a touch of luxury, but also some color and natural beauty. Bonsai trees are the obvious choice, but other options abound if you know where to look.

Have a Plan

Have a Plan
Designer: Alisberg Parker

Above all, whatever route you go for the luxurious look, have a plan for it. Just throwing a bunch of expensive furniture, lights, paintings, and rugs into a room without a plan is a bad idea because it will look terrible, flashy, gaudy, and messy. However you pan to make your home look fancy, do some research so you know what you’re doing, especially before making purchases.

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