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15 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge In 2021

By Georgiana Grama


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Interior Design Trends 2021
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Yes, it’s that time of year again, where interior designers predict which trends will be hot for 2021, and which will be not. Whether we agree or not, one thing we noticed, as the whole world did as well, is that improving our living spaces has become a priority in the last year. With many of us working from home, we all want to be as cozy as possible, all without breaking the bank, of course.

We will look at some of the trends that are considered popular this year, but one common theme is warmth, brightness, and lots of nature-oriented details. We’re all striving to make our homes as comfortable as possible, and sometimes small changes will make a big difference in the way it improves our overall well-being.

Some of you have been putting off some much-needed home renovations, but with lockdowns that prevent you from going many places, what better time than to tackle them now? There are so many things you can do to make your house not only beautiful but functional as well.

You can get inspiration from many different places, from an interior magazine to popular home-decor TV shows, but we also did some research and came up with a few things that may catch your attention. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the 15 interior design trends that will be huge this year.

15. Copper Taps

Copper Bathroom
Chadder & Co.

An easy upgrade, this will elevate the look in any bathroom or kitchen. Throughout the years this trend has come and gone, but this year it’s making a comeback. Or, if you’re personally not hot on copper, any metal will do. Another quick fix that changes the look of any space is a hardware upgrade, such as kitchen cabinets, knobs and door handles, for example.

14. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic

This trend has never really left, has it? It’s one of those design styles that doesn’t demand very rigid rules. Small changes can really lift up the place. Refurbish that old armchair you thought of tossing or add some hand-stitched pillows. Maybe add a touch of wood details in the living room to warm up the place, or even some rattan furniture.

13. Natural Textures

Natural Textures

Elements of nature add a lot of warmth to a home, and layered textures in the same color is one way to go. Bringing plants in the house always works, but even nice blankets, rugs, and cushions in the living room or bedroom are a nice way to spruce up a place. Anything that reminds you of the outdoors and has a calming effect goes.

12. Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone Flooring
Sydney Kitchens

Another trend that is making a comeback this year is the herringbone design in flooring. Throughout the centuries, this style has been a very popular one and depending on the quality of wood used, it can become quite costly.

For sure it is a long-term investment. If you’re not ready to commit to such a huge expense, you can always get the laminate option, which is not only lighter on the budget, it’s easier to replace if you like changing things up on a regular basis.

11. Cozy Outdoor Living

Outdoor living
Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture

Weather permitting, you can create a cozy little outdoor corner which you can decorate with some nice lanterns and greenery. If you have space, a firepit is a great idea, and it can be used year long. We will continue to socialize outdoors more and more, so why not create a nice place where you can have that cup of coffee with a friend?

10. Home Office

Home Office
Design Me Too

Even if you don’t have an actual room for your home office, you can get creative. Surely we all have some corner of a larger room that we can transform into our designated workspace, even a closet! Cozy it up with some personal items on the wall, so you can have something pleasant to look at while on your computer. A candle for ambiance and a nice lamp should suffice.

9. Glass Doors

Glass Doors
Cherie Lee Interiors

Another expensive, but oh so worth it, upgrade that we see more and more is wall-to-wall glass doors or windows, especially in an open-floor kitchen and living space. If it was on your mind for a while, do it! It opens up the place and brings in so much light, you will be glad you took the leap.

Plus it saves on electricity in the long run because you get a lot more natural light in the house.

8. Antique Mirrors

Antique Mirrors
Clayton Gray Home

They never really went out of style, but if you don’t own one, they are becoming very popular this year. The burnished copper material will give it that vintage feel that looks good in any space.

With nicer weather just around the corner, you can hit up the flea markets where you will surely find something without breaking the bank.

7. Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Another way to brighten up your home is by adding roof windows, or skylights in your living space. Most skylights were added to bathrooms in the past, but why not add them to your living room?

Or, if you can afford to add an extension to your home, why not work it out to incorporate it there? Work with the space available to you, but it can be a long-term investment worth making.

6. Dark Blue Kitchens

Dark Blue Kitchens
Omega Kitchen Cabinets

Not for everyone, this trend is becoming very popular, just look on Pinterest if you don’t take our word for it. There are ways to make the color stand out and it can really change the look of your home.

For example, by leaving the rest of the space very neutral, jazzing it up with golden hardware, and adding a glass cabinet or open shelves, the color really pops up and gives your kitchen and its appliances a sophisticated look.

5. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style Decor
LVI Studio

As more people are embracing the minimalist lifestyle, we think the Scandinavian design with clean lines and clutter-free spaces is here to stay. They have a way of making every piece have a specific purpose, so you don’t end up with useless stuff that you will never need. Less is more.

4. Wall Texture

Wall Texture

Wall paneling, or shiplap, is a trend that allows you to bring a rustic vibe to your home. Wood paneling was done mostly in libraries or studies, but now it is slowly being introduced throughout the house. The main wall behind your couch in your living room, for example, or even partial walls in the kitchen or dining room to bring some texture to your room.

If you don’t want to do a wood wall, why not use wallpaper that looks like wood? Not only cheaper, easier to remove too if you get tired of it.

3. Cottagecore

Simply Southern Cottage

What is cottagecore, you might ask? It is a style that is inspired by rural life and wholesomeness. Think pastels, flowery materials, and the quirkier objects the better. Some might compare it to the eclectic meet retro vibe. It is not cluttered-per-se, but not minimalist either. Here you have the impression that pretty much anything goes.

2. Dark Green Walls

Dark Green Walls
Graham & Brown

The era of the grey walls is over! This year, bring some nature inside even with the wall colors. An accent wall in dark green, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, go for the whole room! Living rooms in earthy greens have become very stylish, but some people are taking different hues of green to the kitchen or bathrooms as well.

1. Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers
Céline Faraud

Dried flowers are also making a strong comeback in 2021. Bring a piece of nature into your home by having a closer connection to the outdoors. You can dry them up yourself by hanging them upside down for a few days, or buy them from specialty stores. The real popular flowers to dry are lavender, roses, delphinium, baby’s breath, or even strands of wheat.

Some of these trends we thought went away for good, but they seem to be coming back. At the end of the day, do whatever makes you happy. After all, it is you who has to live with the decor choices you make. Your home is your haven, so we hope you can get your inspiration from this list, or come up with your own ideas.

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