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15 Luxurious Living Room Designs and Ideas

The living room is the heart of every home, the place where family and friends unite and where the decor makes you forget about your every day worries, tasks or whatever annoyances you might have had during the day.

While most of us can only dream about a magnificent living room, with cozy sofas and welcoming fireplaces, high ceilings, luxurious furniture and amazing interior design, there are some whose dreams have come true and their living room designs and ideas are an example to follow. Or one to be amazed of and to keep on dreaming about.

Often overlooked by many individuals, home design is an important part of our lives. Or at least it should be. The way our homes are decorated and look like has a tremendous impact on our mind, relaxing it or encumbering it even more. Sure, not many people can afford it, but luxury interior design can indeed make a difference on our well-being.

Even if that’s the case, taking a look on the following list of 15 Luxurious Living Room Designs and Ideas should at least inspire us to make some changes in our own living spaces. Classic or modern, ostentatious or minimalist, the next interior design ideas will surely make a good impression and leave you either penniless or dreaming with open eyes.

15. Floyd Mayweather’s Epic Solarium-Style Living Room

Floyd Mayweather Epic Solarium-Style Living Room

The world renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather owns a great solarium styled living room. The dark wood floor and the white walls make for an amazing color combination and the floor to ceiling french style doors leading to the green courtyard outside offer a beautiful contrast to the overall design while letting light flood the living room.

14. Lebron James’ Long and Super Spacious Living Room

Lebron James Long and Super Spacious Living Room

How spacious is spacious enough? Well, it depends on who you ask. For LeBron James, spacious means around 23,000 square feet. And his massive living room takes a big chunk of that living space. Stylish and modern, with black and white furniture, the massive living room expands to the patio outside, with a marble floor contrasting the green grass nearby.

13. Ellen Degeneres brings Tuscan opulence to her living room

Ellen Degeneres tuscan-style living room

This living room of the Tuscan Villa Ellen Degeneres renovated is a synonym to awesomeness. Of the purest kind. The renowned TV talk show host and comedian is also known for her passion of buying and renovating homes and we must admit that she did a great job with the living room of that lovely Tuscan Villa of hers. The aged ceiling beams are in perfect harmony with the stone wall with incorporated fireplace and the expensive floors. In addition to all that, the furniture she chose perfectly contrasts with the rest of the living room design.

12. Britney Spears Has Archways in her Living Room

Britney Spears gallery living room

This gallery-styled living room, with white archways leading to the spacious and cozy living room, brings a little bit of Gothic church greatness right before the comfort of the sofa and the inviting fireplace. The wonderful dark wooden floor and the tall ceilings with the rustic chandelier give a cozy charm to the place. This astonishing living room used to belong to Britney Spears.

11. Jennifer Aniston’s Classically-Elegant Living Room

Jennifer Aniston's Classically-Elegant Living Room 

Jennifer Aniston’s new California home has a living room to envy. It speaks of charm and elegance, featuring 20th-century classics, a custom bar made of walnut, bronze and mica, a polar bear sofa from Jean Royère,  leather-wrapped armchair by Jacques Adnet, a cocktail table by Arturo Pani and many other wonderful details. Classic, charming and warm. Sounds perfect to us.

10. Floyd Mayweather’s Blacked-out Living Room

Floyd Mayweather blacked out living room

Why have one epic living room when you can afford two, right? Well, we couldn’t agree more. And we bet you’d choose the same if you were in his shoes. Or boxing gloves. Dark built in cabinetry and furniture? Check. Minimalist shiny coffee table? Check. Dark wooden floor? Check. And then the white ceiling and that light colored rug in the middle of it all balancing the dark colors of the living room couldn’t have been more appropriate.

9. Miley Cyrus’ Fairytale Great Room

Miley Cyrus Fairytale Great Room

The following living room looks like something drawn out of a story-tale with castles, kings and princesses. And you wouldn’t be too far from the truth by saying that because it belongs to the super famous Miley Cyrus. The living room boasts a soaring ceiling with rustic looking wood beams, an astonishing castle-like chandelier, stone fireplace, rustic furniture and wooden floor. What else could you possibly wish for? A princess or a prince for sure.

8. Jay Z and Beyonce’s Palatial Salon

Jay Z and Beyonce Palatial Salon

If space is what you need, than this colossal living room should fit your desires. Or at least serve as inspiration. This immense room features two separate sitting areas, each with its own fireplace. There are also two balconies above and huge windows on one side. This huge gorgeous living room is owned by none others than Jay-Z and Beyonce.

7. Indoor / Ootdoor Living Room

Indoor Ootdoor Living Room

It’s time to move on from celebrities to a couple of stunning living room designs from architecture studios. The first one is this spectacular example of indoor-outdoor living, designed by Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin. With hidden doors, walls of frameless glass and movable screens, this living room has both an indoor and an outdoor space that’s simply mesmerizing, creating a seamless relationship between the living area and the garden.

6. Modern Minimalism

Modern Elegance

Part of a New York penthouse belonging to violinist Joshua Bell and designed by architect Charles Rose, this modern living room surely looks elegant. The modern minimalist lines of the sofas and the beautiful contrast between the wooden floor and dark furniture, with the white wall and rag in the center make for a soothing and warm atmosphere.

5. Contemporary Art Gallery Living Room

As opposed to the other more extravagant living rooms on this list, this one looks simple and nice. You can bet it feels comfortable as well with those modern Christophe Delcourt sofas. A tapestry by Flemish-American artist Jan Yoors and a series of the artist’s charcoal drawings add graphic punch to the white walls, while that daybed looks simply perfect.

4. Gorgeous Seaside Living Room

Very modern, airy and bright, this living room belongs to a beach-side mansion designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects. The minimalist space has floor to ceiling windows which offer spectacular views of the ocean. The living room, together with the kitchen and dining area are actually an open space, leaving the impression of grandness.

3. Ritz Carlton Penthouse Living Room

Ritz Carlton Penthouse Living Room

Part of a breathtaking penthouse designed by Britto Charette for the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, this glamorous living room creates a warm atmosphere through the chandelier lighting and the cozyness of the two curved sofas. The dark brown furniture and central rug perfectly contrast the white walls, floor, ceiling and sofas.

2. Contemporary Open Floor Living Room

Open Floor Living Room

When a traditional living room is not enough, an open floor living room will surely impress anyone. Large and spacious, comfortable and luxurious, this living room boasts with both beauty and functionality. The high ceilings, plenty of windows and a spectacular decor make for a very bright space. The sitting area looks very cozy and the open floor plan connects the living room with the arts and crafts area and the kitchen, giving the impression of grandeur.

1. Bespoke Luxury All Around

Bespoke Luxury All Around

Intriguing and modern at the same time, this luxurious living room catches the eye with a lot of interesting, one-of-a-kind details. The marble floor shines a light on the entire space and the custom furniture gives a very modern aspect to the room. With a futuristic touch but nonetheless opulent custom design, this a living room to envy.


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