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Daedalus Yachts Unveils a Spectacular Zero-Emission Carbon Catamaran

Daedalus Yachts D80 catamaran

The future is here, and it’s all about carbon fiber and zero emissions! Daedalus Yachts, a company based in North Carolina, is America’s only yacht builder specializing in carbon fiber-only vessels over 60 feet. The shipyard’s latest project is called D80 and it’s an incredible 24-metre sailing catamaran that’s packed with numerous technological advancements, unique to a vessel of this size.

Combining large battery banks, electric motors, solar panels and a hydrogen storage facility on board, the D80 can offer a complete zero emissions experience, managed by the innovative Deep Blue Hybrid system. The batteries are charged through regenerative propulsion in sailing mode, when the water passing over the propeller shafts turns the electric motors into generators that will recharge the batteries.

Besides this, the yacht also uses solar panels to get more energy and any excess power will be stored on board in the form of hydrogen. With all these technologies combined, the D80 should be able to reach a top speed of 36 knots, with a cruising speed of 24 knots.

Daedalus Yachts D80 catamaran

Daedalus Yachts will build this vessel entirely from carbon fiber, with an air draft of 38 meters and flexible boards that can be raised to allow this stunning catamaran to enter smaller marinas. The yacht has helm positions both on the exterior deck and inside the saloon, which makes it the perfect cruiser or sailor no matter the weather conditions.

Unfortunately we don’t have too many details about the interior of this yacht, but the D80 should be able to accommodate up to 13 people, with a luxurious master cabin nestled in the starboard hull, featuring a slide-out hull door and terrace. It must be pretty great to be the owner of this vessel!

Daedalus Yachts D80 catamaran


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