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The Top 10 Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

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Best Kitchen Brands

The kitchen appliance industry is an ever growing, innovative field that’s able to constantly keep its profits up due to the need for brand new appliances in a modern kitchen.

From freezers to kettles, ovens to water softeners, when looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances to keep your home running you are going to be faced with countless choices and brands claiming to be selling the best products.

So which should you be buying? In this article, we will break down the top 10 best kitchen appliance brands that offer an array of reliable products that you can buy today.

1 – Whirlpool

Whirlpool kitchen

Whirlpool is considered by many review type websites to be one of the most reliable kitchen appliance brands on the market, a status it has kept for several years. While this is mostly due to the lack of repairs needed to be carried out once the product is purchased, it is also because of the top rate customer service that settles many issues customers may have without needing to send out a repairman.

That being said, the research and thought that goes into designing a Whirlpool kitchen appliance drastically reduces any problems with their products.

The research that goes into Whirlpool products before they are manufactured is what puts the brand at the very top of most kitchen appliance lists. With research centres all over America, Whirlpool is able to get a feel for what people currently want and need as well as having a strong tie to technology developers to help deliver what the consumer is after.

With the spotlight on them, Whirlpool are extra cautious to deliver only the most reliable of products that help you run a safe, family friendly kitchen.

2 – Bosch

Bosch kitchen

When designing their kitchen appliances, Bosch makes sure to keep up to date all the new technology available in order to make your home life simpler and more efficient.

In recent years, Bosch has made it possible to control your kitchen appliances through your phone and on the go so you do not need to worry if you’ve left your washing machine or oven one when you are out of the house. This is just one way in which Bosch has become one of the safest, family-friendly kitchen appliance brands on the market.

Environmentally aware technology is another charm that comes with any Bosch kitchen appliance. As a brand that has always made sure to keep up to date with global issues, when the urge for sustainable manufacturing emerged in the 1990s, Bosch placed itself on the front lines by converting their production processes into environmentally friendly ones. Something that still remains to this day. But that does not mean that the reliability of the products produced are less.

By making their manufacturing processes sustainable, Bosch is ensuring that their products are able sustainable which includes being reliable as to reduce the amount of broken kitchen appliances that end up at waste sites.

With sustainability and innovation at the heart of all of their kitchen products, it is no surprise that Bosch continue to be one of the best kitchen appliance brands available for the modern kitchen.

3 – Samsung

Samsung kitchen

Being the number one brand in the US for kitchen appliances sold comes with a responsibility that Samsung works to live up to. As an overall brand, Samsung is globally known for their forward thinking use of technology in smartphones and TV due to their compatibility design and smart features.

Samsung has dissected the best of their brand and transferred those same features into their kitchen appliances to provide high quality yet affordable products. As well as successfully carrying out everything that would be expected from standard kitchen appliances, the use of Samsung unique technology allows you to use the same compatible operating system you would use with your Samsung TV for your kitchen appliances.

While still being able to provide everything that you would expect a typical kitchen appliance to provide, Samsung has modernised their appliances to make your home life a touch easier to manage.

4 – KitchenAid


KitchenAid is at this point a household name when it comes to kitchen appliances. As a company that comes from the humble beginnings of a kind engineer wanting to help simplify a baker’s mixing in the 1910s, KitchenAid ensures that the high standard that was associated with their name still remains true. For this reason, the appliances that it manufacturers are on the more pricey end of the scale but you can be assured that this is an investment that will last you an extremely long time compared to other stand mixers available – roughly 10-15 years.

Having made a name for itself through its stand mixers, owning your very own KitchenAid mixer has become a right of passage for any passionate baker or a newly married couple getting ready to start their life together. While the initial appeal of the appliance may be the reputation of the brand itself, KitchenAid has been able to sustain its increasing number of customers by introducing easy customisation to its stand mixers.

Not only are you able to buy attachments to make your baking all that much easier and your mixer even more versatile, but there is an array of colours available so that you can match your appliance to your kitchen.

Best of all, the KitchenAid quality no longer stops at stand mixers but now extends to toasters, kettles and refrigerators. All still available in various colours for that personal touch.

5 – Miele

Miele kitchen

Miele has promised to not compromise when it comes to quality and reliability, a promise that countless customers keep coming back for when it comes time for a new kitchen appliance. This does not mean that there is a lack of technology included in Miele products, in fact they are considered the top brand in various technology led product tests worldwide. But what the promise ensures is that regardless of the amount of innovative technology included in their kitchen appliances, there will still be reliable results and high quality standards.

This promise is able to be delivered due to every part of Miele kitchen appliances being made in their factory found in Germany and the appliances themselves only given the go ahead to be manufactured after being tested for a number of years. This results in a major pay off for customers who have said in various reviews to still have Miele kitchen appliances from 10 years ago and are yet to see a lull in their performances.

Even though the brand is mostly known for their laundry appliances, their sales figures show that their other ranges such as their refrigerators and wine coolers also carry the quality and reliability that Miele has promised.

6 – General Electric

General Electric kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary has never been more important, but in times like these you might want to save money where you can, especially when you shop for new kitchen appliances. This is why General Electric ensures that customers get what they pay for when it comes to their products while still keeping their quality control high. A company characteristics that carries across their entire product catalogue that includes: microwaves, dryers, ovens and various kitchen accessories.

While General Electric does use modern technology in their kitchen appliances to help your kitchen keep up to date with the latest cooking trends, it makes sure to not over complicate its products as to keep the price tag reasonable and easy to use. This makes the brand popular amongst students, older people and families who don’t care to over complicate their already busy routine.

There is no need to worry about your product lacking the versilte aspect that most people crave when it comes to kitchen appliances. General Electric are able to build a lot into a product that is cheaper than most single element type kitchen appliances that more expensive brands offer. All while still offering a reasonable guarantee to deliver quality products to a range of buyers.

7 – Smeg

Smeg kitchen

As a brand forged from the heart of the cooking world in Italy, Smeg are well known for their use of innovative technology in their kitchen appliances to make every day tasks that much easier. Not just in a domestic kitchen environment but also commercial. The company itself is still run by the original family that founded it to ensure that making cooking easier remains the real purpose of all of its products.

One of the key characteristics of Smeg products is the 1950’s style and with the rise in popularity of the vintage look, it is why the brand has caught the attention of consumers once again. But the style of their products is not all that Smeg has to offer.

With 60 years worth of consistent morals when it comes to product design, it is no surprise that the same consistency carries over to the food and drinks that Smeg kitchen appliances produce. Reviews on various coffee machines, toasters and blenders reveal that no matter how many times customers have used their products, they get consistently high quality results with less effort on their part. A bonus that we could all use in our everyday lives and something that not all kitchen appliance brands are able to achieve.

8 – Electrolux

Electrolux kitchen

While a Electrolux may not be the luxury, high end appliance that a select few are after, you can still get a taste for the high life with one of their kitchen appliances. Electrolux offers the sophisticated look that is associated with high end brands while still remaining affordable and functional as to not make your already hectic life even more so.

Kitchen appliances produced by Electrolux more often than not include automatic functions that operate via preset settings so that you can expand your cooking capabilities and impress your friends all for a budgetable price.

As for the overall style, Electrolux products all carry the same sleek, modern look that offers a sense of luxury and modern design without the price tag. That is not to say that the materials used are any less durable as a Electrolux kitchen appliance can last just as long, if not longer than big name brands.

9 – Gaggenau

Gaggenau kitchen

Gaggenau approaches the kitchen appliance design process like an art form to deliver modern products that harbour an array of functions. When looking for a kitchen appliance, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money as they can be an expensive investment. With Gaggenau you have the option of an array of two for one deal with a modernised range fit for a busy family.

With ovens hiding built in coffee machines, climatised refrigerators and a whole lot more, you will really feel the level of luxury that Gaggenau strives for as a brand. Furthermore, with so much thought put into the design of their kitchen appliances, you can be assured that they have also taken careful precautions to keep their productions functional and reliable for years to come.

10 – LG

LG kitchen

What should be noted about LG is that while it does deliver a performance worth the price tag, it is a luxury brand and therefore is on the higher end of the price scale compared to other brands on this list. It is for these reasons that when compared to other universally affordable brands such as Whirlpool, it is considered by less. However if you are able to fork out for the higher end brands, then you will be sure to be just as pleased with your purchase as with other, mid-range brands.

Having won an impressive collection of awards for their kitchen appliances, LG are able to blend simplicity with complexity by fitting new technology into easy to use functions. It is this careful mix of ease and impressive innovation that delivers a top rated performance every time.

With a hearty guarantee available and supportive customer service if anything were to happen to your kitchen appliance, you may just find that a LG product is worth the extra pay out.

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