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15 Incredible Hotel Bathrooms You’d Never Want to Leave

By Brody Patterson


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Most bathrooms are simply about utility, but when it comes to the world’s most luxurious hotels, bathrooms tend to be more like glamorous spas – places you could conceivably spend large portions of your holiday in.

15. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

The granite bathtubs have internal water heaters, while handmade Tibetan rigs cover the floor. But the most appealing part is without a doubt the breathtaking view of Big Sur, which are available from the wraparound terraces, as well as from the bathroom itself.

14. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Located on the edge of the picturesque Ngorongoro Crater, the resort takes full advantage of its great location, with both the claw-foot tub and the rain shower offering great views trough the floor-to-ceiling windows. Other luxuries include glass-beaded chandeliers and vases stuffed with beautiful red roses.

13. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

Located on Kangaroo Island, off the southern coast of Australia, the Southern Ocean Lodge is a perfect place to enjoy a luxurious holiday down under. Featuring a heated limestone floor and a hand-sculpted granite tub, the open bathroom also provides great views of the island and its wild surroundings.

12. The Palazzo Las Vegas

The Palazzo is at the very pinnacle of Las Vegas-style luxury. Here, every room is a suite and comes with an opulent bathroom, 120-square-feet in size, boasting a deep Roman tub, a 20-inch HD TV, as well as luxury bath products from Agraria San Francisco.

11. Tshukudu Bush Lodge

Sure, high-end hotels in the middle of big cities are great – but what about a luxury retreat in the middle of the savannah? After a long, hot day in the African wilderness, you can just lie there in the sunken bath tub and enjoy the sweeping views and the wildlife gathering at the water hole.

10. The Yeatman Porto – Bacchus Suite

The Yeatman is, just like the city of Porto itself, is a great destination for wine aficionados. More than any other place in the hotel, The Bacchus Room is designed for guests to enjoy that perfect glass of wine, in a round copper Jacuzzi with a freestanding fireplace on one side and a great view of the city on the other.

9. The Peninsula Tokyo

The Japanese love their gadgets, so it’s only natural they’d bring technology into the bathroom. The seat (which can be heated) automatically rises when you approach and shuts afterwards. There also buttons for bidet, dry, and waters massage, as well as for “Do not disturb” and emergency buttons.

8. Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris – Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite at Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris was designed, like all the hotel’s other rooms by the world-famous Philippe Starck. The bathroom here features a mesmerizing array of mirrors, making each visit an exercise in self-admiration (either that, or an incentive to hit the gym!).

7. Jade Mountain, Santa Lucia

The bathrooms at Jade Mountain all slightly differ in size and layout, but they do have one thing in common: they’re all awesome. Thanks to their open design, the bathrooms provide breathtaking views of the sea around Santa Lucia. There’s even chromotherapy tub for two, for a truly rejuvenating treatment.

6. Umaid Bhawan Palace – Maharani Suite

From its sheer grandeur and opulence, one can tell that the Maharani Suite at the Umaid Bhawan Palace was initially designed for a queen. The apartment is lavishly decorated in pinks, blacks, chrome and mirrors, but for a relaxing experience worthy of loyalty look no further than the bath, designed by Norblin and carved out of a single piece of pink Italian marble.

5. Park Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel

The Presidential Suite at the Paris Hyatt Paris Vendome Hotel has a 4-square-meter bathroom that’s more like mini-spa. It includes a whirlpool bath, a beautiful gold mosaic steam room/shower, and even a massage area and hairdresser’s chair for all the pampering you could ever want.

4. Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

The Landmark Suites at Hong Kong’s Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel are equipped with a large circular bath, twin vanity units and stand-alone rainforest shower, providing a spa-like vibe. But what really enhances that feel is the optional treatment available, which includes candles, 99 roses, and a bubbly bath with the house Champagne, accompanied with a bottle of 1959 Dom Pérignon.

3. Rome Cavalieri Hotel

The ancient Romans sure loved their baths and the one in the penthouse suite at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel is certainly imperial. Guests can relax in the tub while at the same time enjoying an amazing view of Rome. All of this in an opulent setting, boasting marble paneling with malachite inlays and Swarovski crystal taps.

2. Hotel Majapahit Surabaya

Though barely a century old, the Majapahit Surabaya Hotel has already gained historical significance for Indonesia. Plus there’s the Presidential Suite, reportedly the biggest in Southeast Asia. The bathroom itself is a trip back in time, with a colonial-era bidet, in addition to antique gold-plated sink, tub, and shower fixtures. There’s also a large elevated whirlpool bath overlooking one of the hotel’s gardens.

1. Shangri La Paris – La Suite Imperiale

The Shangri La Hotel in Paris was originally the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, Napoleon’s grandnephew – and everything about the place is sophisticated and gradiose. The bathroom in the Imperial Suite, Roland’s former private apartment, heavily feature exquisite marble, as well as mist-free mirrors and heated floors.

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