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10 Things You Need To Secure Your Luxury Home

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Secure Your Luxury Home
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When you build a luxury home, it’s natural to spend a huge amount of money on every detail, such as furniture, fixtures, and home accessories. So, it’s important to protect it at all costs from burglars and intruders. If you already own a luxury property, you might need to invest in preventive measures that will keep it safe.

Living your dream life in a fancy haven has a lot of benefits. It offers intimate relaxation, additional space for your growing family, and a complete set of functional rooms. However, the only problem you’ll most probably encounter is being a focal point of robbery and personal injury.

Whether it’s a lavish estate in Beverly Hills or an urban hideaway in Massachusetts, these high-end properties will always be a prime target for criminal activities. According to experts, burglary is among the most common types of crime. Because of this, you might need some things that will help you avoid cases of theft or property invasion:

10. Bulletproof Doors

Bulletproof Doors

Experts say that most burglars enter houses through the front door. Hence, it’s important to take your entrances to the next level by installing state-of-the-art technologies and applications, such as bulletproof doors and a digital locking system.

Bulletproofing is one of the common security measures most wealthy people install in their homes. Moreover, bulletproof panels can be personalized based on your needs. 

9. Digital Locking System

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Amplify your entrances with digital locking solutions. Unlike the traditional pin and tumbler mechanism, digital locks are difficult to open manually. They operate by using fingerprint, eye scan, and facial recognition. But for security backups, you may input passcodes or use an RFID card with bio scans.

With this advanced locking system, there’s no need for you to keep duplicate keys under your ‘welcome’ rugs. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your duplicates in case they go missing. All you need is yourself, an RFID card, or your linked smartphone device to gain access.

8. Security Lighting

Security Lighting
Our pick: Arlo Floodlights

Experts point out that most criminal activities, like burglary, theft, and invasion, happen at night. When it’s dark, people will have a hard time noticing the activity around them, making it easy for burglars to trespass silently.

For this reason, it’ll be best to install security lighting that turns on and off automatically. With this kind of technology, every criminal attempt will be riskier for unauthorized individuals. It’ll also be easy for you and the people around you to spot any suspicious activities happening outside your place.

Additionally, you may install motion-sensing lights that trigger when there’s suspicious movement around your house. These lights will help you catch criminals in the act.

7. High-Tech Security Cameras

Arlo Pro 4
Outdoor security camera pick: Arlo Pro 4

Whether you live in a luxury or simple home, installing high-tech security cameras is a must. It’s best to place these cameras on the perimeter of your area and inside your home. If criminals know that their steps and movements are recorded, they’re less likely to commit illegal activities.

The cameras can even record everything in sight, whether you’re indoors or out on a trip. Their recordings will help local law enforcement identify the culprit, especially when you were unable see them, weren’t around at the time of the incident, or have no witness.

6. Firearms

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You might not be a trained professional to hold a gun, but a firearm is something you might want to consider in order to ensure the safety of your family. However, you have to keep it hidden and secure and use it only in case of emergencies.

There are types of guns used for home defense against armed intruders, such as pistols and shotguns. These guns are easy to operate and accessible. But remember to take extra measures when owning guns to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Furthermore, you may consider learning how to use a gun properly and comfortably for an improved aim and safe use.

5. Security Guards

Security Guards
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If you own a luxury mansion, you can hire security guards to protect your place. Having trained security staff will provide you with the assurance that no piece of technology can give.

Besides, these trained professionals can provide assistance during emergencies, incidents concerning criminal acts, and intrusions. Criminals will be less likely to trespass on your property when they see them patrolling around the perimeter of your home.

4. Security Fences

Security Fences

Millions of people around the world use security fences to strengthen their home’s protection. The higher the fence and the gate, the better. This makes it more difficult for criminals to access your property.

If you want to make the most of your fences, equip them with anti-climb devices. These are accessories usually added to fences to make them more impossible for most criminals to jump and climb over. Some may include barbed wires, electric pulse wires, and razor spikes.

Another idea is to have your fences customized with these extra features. They may be expensive, but they’ll surely offer more protection against criminals.

3. Glass Break Sensors

SimplySafe Glass Break Detector
Our pick: SimplySafe Glass Break Sensor

Sometimes, burglars will try to invade your home by using the traditional way of breaking windows and glass panels. Through this method, criminals are able to avoid triggering the sensors installed in the entrance. That’s why it’ll be practical to use glass break sensors that will alert you on unauthorized access.

In fact, glass break sensors are some of the most commonly used theft-alarm systems. They detect if a glass panel has been shattered. Usually, they’re linked to your phone and will notify you through messages when break-ins occur.

2. Secure Vault

Brown Safe Manufacturing Vault Room
Brown Safe Manufacturing Vault Room

It’s not advisable for estate owners to display their valuables and leave them in places where anyone can reach them, such as the living room, open shelves, and open cabinets. To keep your valuable pieces hidden and safe, consider installing vaults.

Vaults are among the most secure storage solutions you can use to keep and secure precious items, such as money, jewelry, or antiques. As you know, these are common reasons why burglars enter your place. So, with a safe, there will be less chances of having your possessions stolen or missing.

1. Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons
Alertus Technologies

If you’re alone during emergencies, avoid confronting the burglar by yourself. The best way to address the situation is to call the authorities immediately. However, dialing numbers may take time and could be difficult to do during a stressful, dangerous situation. So, using a panic button will be a brilliant idea.

Panic buttons can send signals to alert different emergency services, like hospitals, police, or fire stations. They can be installed anywhere around your house, but experts suggest that you should always have one with you in case of emergencies.

Final Words

It takes a large sum of money to build a lavish home, so it’s crucial to protect it. To guarantee that your place is secure, consider using some of these useful technologies, such as an advanced locking system, bulletproof doors, strong fences, security lighting, and cameras. These tools may be expensive, but they’ll be worth it.

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