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The Top 3 Luxury Technologies That No Luxury Home Should Be Without

By Martha Young


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When it comes to luxury homes, the wealthy families who live in them never skimp out on dressing their home in the latest technologies. Take the cartoon show The Jetsons… they were truly a family of the future. People would dream about having technologies like the Jetsons had in their home. In the show, you would see dinner being prepared and dishes washed with just the push of a button. Today, ever since technologies like Amazon Echo and Google Home have been created, that dream is becoming more and more of a reality for many households.

If the average consumer is willing to spend a few hundred dollars for those devices, can you imagine what wealthy consumers with unlimited resources are willing to spend? Well, they’ll spend whatever they want on luxury technologies. It’s pretty safe to say that affluent households are definitely more likely to have newer technologies in their home than the average consumer.

Wealthy consumers have the resources to make life at home easier and they are willing to spend whatever they need to, to live a life of comfort and functionality. According to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, luxury homeowners are leading the way in adopting the latest in home technology innovations. Take a look at the top luxury technologies that no luxury home should be without.

Security: Total Control of Access to Your Home

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Home security is one of the biggest luxury must-haves for wealthy consumers. Just think about it… if they have all of these nice things in their home, they don’t want anyone to come in and try to steal it! Some of the main areas where security technology can be controlled include:

  • Camera doorbells
  • Cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Motion sensors
  • Garage door systems

Another big security must-have is lighting around the outer perimeter of the home. Lights should especially set up around pools and jacuzzis (on a set timer). You’ll also want lighting around the landscaping of your yard. It will serve a security purpose but it also just makes your landscaping look gorgeous!

Entertainment: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Samsung The Wall

With most wealthy consumers, they want the best of everything, right? Yes, well the best will also include their entertainment set up as well… there will be nothing average when it comes to the entertainment in their home. For one, watching TV will be a totally different experience for them. They’re not going to just have flatscreen TVs in their homes, they’re going to have massive TVs like Samsung’s The Wall Luxury.

This massive TV spans 73 inches in 2k to 292 inches in 8k, meaning, depending on the size of the room you’re going to place it in, it will more than likely cover most of that wall (which is how it got the name). Because it’s so massive, this TV is more fitting for a living room or bedroom. One of the cool features of this TV is its Ambient Mode, in which the screen will display art to look like you have artwork hanging on your wall.

Now, the only way to truly enjoy this TV is to stream your favorite shows. Troypoint.com is your go-to site for the best in streaming devices and technologies. Can you imagine watching TV on this massive TV with cable cords hanging from the bottom of it? Absolutely not, so if you’re willing to spend around $100,000 for this TV, you definitely shouldn’t be paying for cable too… So, cut the cord and watch TV the way you’re supposed to.

Dining: Home Appliances That Work For You

New Luxury Kitchen

Outside of the living room, the kitchen is the other location in your home where people gather the most so if there’s going to be luxury technology anywhere else in your home, it’s going to be in the kitchen. There was a point in time where everyone one longed for a dishwasher because people were tired of standing over the sink to handwash dishes… the thought of having a machine in your home that washed your dishes for you was every household’s dream and when the dishwasher was invented, it took kitchen technology to a new level.

Today, technology has definitely made some major advancements since the dishwasher but it hasn’t gotten to a point where you can push a button and your meal will be fully prepared and cooked like the Jetsons. But there are touch-screen refrigerators that will store your grocery list as well as ovens that will self-clean and self-heat. A lot of these kitchen technologies you have control over with a simple tap on your phone.

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