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The Wall Luxury is Samsung’s Largest and Most Advanced Micro Led TV

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With so many people wishing larger and larger TV’s right now, Samsung came up with the ultimate solution. The latest addition in the brand’s impressive TV range is The Wall Luxury, a gigantic 8k TV with no less than 292 inches. The massive TV set is an expandable Micro LED based TV as well, scaling from 73 inches in 2k to 292 inches in 8k.

The Wall Luxury TV comes with a depth of only 30 mm despite its huge size, and a cool bezel free design. As you might expect, the specifications of the new Samsung match its size. It features the Quantum Processor Flex as an AI picture scaling engine, which aids up-scales and optimizes the quality of the picture.

What’s more, the TV is also packed with Quantum HDR technology reaching a max brightness of 2,000 nits and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

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The Wall Luxury TV seems like a perfect fit for the wall of a living room or your bedroom, since it might cover it entirely, hence the catchy name. The Ambient Mode is also pretty interesting, turning the display into an art installation when the TV is not in use. The new Samsung TV will be available for sale starting next month, but the price hasn’t yet been announced.

Since it’s the largest TV they’ve ever made, the Wall should be pretty expensive. One of the last massive TV’s Samsung has made, the 98 inch Q900 8k reached a huge $100,000.

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