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How to Turn Your Old Home Into a Modern Enclave

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Turn Your Old Home
Designer: 2B Group

If you own an old house or have recently purchased one, you’re probably starting to think about how to modernize it. Of course, there are many considerations when taking on such a big project; you need to preserve the integrity of the old structure while creating a home that remains functional and safe for its inhabitants, particularly if you live with little children who may be prone to accidents.

This is why employing the help of a professional team is critical in such cases. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when transforming your old home into a luxury modern retreat:

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

exposed brick bedroom
Designer: Zrobym

Old homes will have signs of aging, such as cracks and chipped paint. Modernizing your home means hiding these imperfections. Often a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. However, it would be nice if you can still maintain the home’s character. To do so, you may need to polish some areas to highlight these details.

It may be best to explore with different color palettes that would complement the overall aesthetics of your home. For instance, painting your walls with cream or beige in high gloss paint and applying dark gray on doors can make them a statement piece.

Highlight Stained Glass

Georgio Armani’s Manhattan Penthouse
Georgio Armani’s Manhattan Penthouse / Compass

For many, stained glass may seem outdated. However, to the discerning eye, it can be a focal point in your modern home. Showcase your stained glass window by painting the walls with a simple white paint to make it an artwork that comes to life when hit by the sunlight.

If you love this idea, getting some 1930s art deco internal doors will surely complement your stained glass windows and create a magical atmosphere. 

Buy the Right Furniture

Buy the Right Furniture
White leather tufted sofa

There are many ways for you to conceal any trimmings that provide clues about the age of your home. However, your furniture is an entirely different thing.

According to Kasala, if you want to make your home (particularly the dining room) look modern, you may need to invest in timeless pieces that will work best with your lifestyle. Choose furnishings that come with simple styles that perfectly blend modern life with traditional homes.

Adopt Minimalism

Wooden Frames Minimalist Interior
Designer: Romet Mets

The ethos of modern living is minimalism. Try to keep this in mind when redecorating your home. You may want to avoid big shelving systems that can only look heavy. Instead, you may opt to have airy shelving units. They are a great style tip if you want to make sure that you have enough storage while staying modern. Plus, it also helps maintain the original architecture of the home.

Take Inspiration From the Outdoors

Take Inspiration From the Outdoors

Modernizing a home does not always mean incorporating new items into your home. One subtle way of doing this is by adding weathered pieces and accents that take inspiration from outdoor living. You can go for items like woven baskets, vintage home numbers, and woods with patina to create a rustic vibe that suits an old home structure.

Install Drapery for Difficult Windows

Drapery for Difficult Windows
Designer: Tamara Eaton

Old homes are known for their one-of-a-kind window styles. While removing them may only cause damage, it would be best if you can conceal them instead. Using drapery will help you deal with old and eccentric windows without sacrificing natural lighting. Installing lightly colored curtains can help bring that modern charm into your space without compromising its structure.

Embrace Open Layouts

Rustic living room with wooden beams
Designer: Galina Lavrishcheva

Since most dated homes have been built on unusual lots, it is common to find similarly quirky room layouts. You can turn any space into a modern one by embracing the open layout. Note, however, that this may mean you have to break rooms into zones. Open layouts affords better functionality. Adding area rugs and strategically placing furniture can help define the zones.

Old homes have their charm. However, there may be a need to change the space to accommodate changes in your lifestyle. Soon enough, you’ll have a luxurious home with your family.

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