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20 Awesome Features in Today’s Luxury Homes

By Adrian Prisca


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Luxury Home Features
Luxury Home / the-craft.co

Are you a luxury home enthusiast who likes to stay on top of the latest industry trends? If so, the early 2020s are likely to be one of your favorite eras because there are dozens of new developments, reworkings of former favorites, and ingenious concepts that incorporate form and function. Some of the hottest of the hot items are already showing up in brand-new developments and on home tours everywhere.

Besides space saving lap pools solving the dilemma of small backyards, in-home lifts are catching on with owners of old and new houses, portable saunas are literally taking over the traditional bathroom, dedicated exercise spaces are gaining even more ground, and custom-built waterfalls are living room staples.

Some of these trends are smart things to consider during house hunting or before getting started with a new build. Here are a few details about some of the major items that are transforming the modern luxury home marketplace.

Lap Pools

Mountainside Home With Heated Lap Pool
Mountainside Home With Heated Lap Pool / home-designing.com

Lack of yard space is a common problem in many upscale housing developments. Single lane lap pools are solving that dilemma for active owners who enjoy a daily swim but just don’t have the area to accommodate a standard size pool.

Not only are lap pools easier to install, they cost much less than their larger counterparts, which means more homeowners are opting to install them.

Home Theaters

Luxury Home Cinema
Home Cinema Design / coleccionalexandra.co.uk

This is one of those ideas that most of us get growing up but let’s be honest here, very few of us will ever actually get to own such a home theater to begin with. But if you are wealthy enough and you want to entertain the giddy child inside of you then definitely go for a home theater.

It is a great choice for those looking to invest in something that is both incredibly expensive and utilitarian as well since who doesn’t like watching movies and most importantly who doesn’t want to get the cinema experience on the fly without the children and the annoying people on their phone ruining your experience?

Huge Walk-In Closets

Huge Walk-In Closet
Brooks Master Walk-in closet / californiaclosets.com

A massive sign of wealth is and will always be owning a lot of designer clothes and most importantly, having a really good place to keep them in. That’s right, believe it or not but the clothes themselves can pale in comparison to having a good walk-in closet that really shows off how wealthy you are.

There’s nothing quite like showing off the fact that you have so many clothes that you literally have to walk inside of your closet to get access to every one of them. Bonus points if it’s all especially well organized as well.

In-Home Lifts

Stiltz Duo Home Elevator
Stiltz Duo Home Elevator

It’s taken residential lifts several years to catch on, but they have finally arrived in full force. Once mostly add-ons in older structures, today’s luxury home lifts are turning up in newly built houses.

Plus, owners of average sized houses are choosing to have lifts installed to make floor to floor transport both safe and convenient. This is especially true for older adults who don’t fancy the idea of negotiating long flights of steps.

Portable Saunas

Portable Saunas
Portable Sauna

Portable, freestanding saunas have been available for more than a decade, but owners of luxury homes are finally choosing to make them a standard part of bathrooms, pool areas, and decks.

Two reasons have led to the rise in popularity, namely much lower prices on the latest models and the desire among older homeowners to incorporate relaxation into their daily routines.

Exercise Rooms

Home Gym
Home Gym with a view / architecturaldigest.com

One of the latest changes in high end homes is the addition of dedicated exercise or workout spaces. In years past, owners typically transformed an extra bedroom or corner of their garage into a mini home gym, complete with weights and maybe a treadmill.

Today’s full-fledged exercise rooms include entertainment centers to reduce the boredom factor of longer workouts, freestanding shower stalls, rest areas, and sports-themed art.


Serene Water Feature in the bathroom
Serene Water Feature in the bathroom / decoist.com

The faux waterfall is making a comeback after years in the design wilderness. But the latest versions feature all sorts of extras, like piped in music, themed backgrounds, mini light shows, and units that are designed to create authentic splashing sounds as the liquid cascades from one level to another.

Advanced technology means that some waterfalls are completely portable, so there’s no worry about having to leave the unit behind if you decide to move. Look for these eye-catching features in living rooms, backyards, porches, and family rooms. Owners can choose from a virtually endless menu of sizes, styles, features, and price points.

A Bowling Alley

Beverly Hills Mansion with Bowling Alley
Beverly Hills Mansion with Bowling Alley / idesignarch.com

Having a bowling alley in your house may not seem all that luxurious, but when you actually couple it with all of the steps that you’ll have to take in order to accomplish this feat and actually have a working bowling alley in your house you most definitely have yourself a way to show off that not many have.

Even if you don’t enjoy playing it all that much, we do have to say that simply owning a bowling alley in your house just feels really aesthetic and it can also serve as the perfect hangout place for you and your friends when meet up.

Home Bars

luxury home bar
Luxury Home Bar / Jamesedition.com

Whenever you visit your friends or family let’s be honest here there’s only one thing on your mind and that’s always going to be: “Where’s the booze at though”.

This question is quite significant since if you’re around a lot of people that you don’t necessarily enjoy being around it can get very easy to start hating every moment of the hangout.

This is why we always recommend that you have a home bar setup as it can easily end up being your escape during those annoying moments. Just don’t get too tipsy because that’s when the real hard truths come out.

A Tennis Court

Luxury home in Hillsborough, CA, with tennis court
Luxury home in Hillsborough, CA, with tennis court / Pinterest.com

Similar to the bowling alley that we mentioned previously, let’s be honest here, even if you don’t like playing tennis chances are that you will absolutely love showing off this addition to your house simply because of how good it looks.

It is an incredibly aesthetic look that makes playing tennis all the more enjoyable especially if you already like playing the game.

Fun fact though, most of the people that own a private tennis court don’t actually know nor like to play the game. But hey, who can blame them? Just look at how incredible this looks on your private land, it’s just out of this world.

Yoga Studio

Yves Behar Forme
Yves Behar’s Forme smart workout mirror

Many would argue that a home gym can also double up as a yoga studio but we’re not part of that crowd. If you want to show off your wealth then there is absolutely no better way to do so than to invest in something so one-use.

If you have the space and the money to do it and you want to really leave an impact then getting yourself a yoga studio is most definitely a great way to do so.

All that you really need for it is you need enough space to put all of your equipment in, as you will still need a decent amount of space to place your speakers and whatever else you may need there.

Wine Cellars

Wine Cellars
Miele Wine Cooler

One of the favorite ways to pass off time for the rich is always going to be showing off their massive collection of limited-edition wine and let’s just say that owning a whole wine cellar to store those limited editions can most definitely put you on a pedestal in front of your friends and loved ones.

Not a lot of people own massive wine cellars but the few that do are all thoroughly respected in their friends’ groups as they know exactly how luxurious of a lifestyle that person has.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen
Chic Outdoor Kitchen / racinggreengroup.com

Having a kitchen in itself isn’t much of a flex, especially considering how affordable one can really be these days. Sure, depending on what you choose to have in the price can go up very fast but there’s just no way an indoor kitchen can ever rival an outdoor kitchen in terms of class.

There’s just something so luxurious about having an outdoor kitchen filled with everything you could ever ask for including a small fridge full of food or drinks and of course, the nice table and chair combo that will make everyone wish they were you for the rest of the day.

Gaming Rooms

Gaming Rooms
Alienware gaming room

Similar to how a home theater can really make you the most fun person to visit, a designated game room that comes with all of the additions that you could ever ask for is always going to make you the coolest person to be around.

On top of that it’s also a favorite way to pass time for most people out there so let’s just say that if you want to look the part but also enjoy every moment of it then you should definitely invest in a game room for your house.

Massive Luxury Bedrooms

Massive Luxury Bedroom
Luxury Bedroom designed by Anton Krat

The bedroom size can actually really make or break your home and let’s be honest here, the bigger you go the better it’ll be as you will instantly shock everyone when they see your massive king size bed and the rest of the features that come with it.

Stuff like climate control and automated lighting can also really help your bedroom stand out especially when considering just how expensive these can be. Most people know and want these for themselves but not that many can afford it. Show off to the world that you can today.

Kids Game Room

Kids Game Room
Kids Game Room / Regan Baker Design

As opposed to the game room for yourself, the game room for your children should specifically target them with a wide variety of indoor games that they can play around with.

We’re also talking about toys here since the children’s game room should be both large and filled to the brim with stuff that even the youngest of children can enjoy playing around with.

This also makes for a great way to show off to your child’s friends’ family since they’ll always talk about how amazing your house is and how much fun they’ve had playing there with all of the toys. It may sound a bit vapid but trust us, it’s worth it if you want to look the part.

Formal Dining Rooms

Formal Dining Room
Formal Dining Room designed by Naira Omar

Yes, we did say rooms and not room there. This is because everybody can have one formal dining room that they keep for the special occasions only but when it comes to the one percent in the world let’s be honest here, one’s never enough.

So, if you really want to become the talk of the town you should have multiple dining rooms that look absolutely incredible as that’s the way that you will forever be remembered amongst your friends’ group.

Just remember that there is such a thing as going too far, so as much as we’d like to say plaster everything in marble and make it as diamond-like as possible there is a limit you should abide by so as to not look too tacky.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Luxury Home with Indoor Swimming Pools
East Hill Estate in Englewood, New Jersey / christiesrealestate.com

We mentioned previously how an outdoor swimming pool can really make you appear to be on a different level financially speaking than anyone else depending on the size of your pool.

But if you want to take it one step further than that we recommend that you go for an indoor swimming pool as well. Not only is it a lot more practical than a typical swimming pool but it is also just a sign of you being on a totally different level than everyone else in terms of budget and taste.

A Massive Library

Gorgeous Home Library
Gorgeous Home Library / sothebysrealty.com

In the past, the only places that you could ever go to when you wanted to learn and become more cultured were definitely the massive libraries in the capital that you could go to in order to get to catch up on your favorite novelist.

The best part about owning a massive library in your home however is that you not only get the benefit of reading in peace but you also get the benefit of looking like the most cultured person in the room especially considering just how expensive books can really be nowadays.

Latest Technology

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse
Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse

We wanted to take the time for this one and simply encompass everything technology-based around your house since there’s just so much to choose from.

Depending on your house there are hundreds of different additions that can come from this niche so we won’t spend too much time on it but instead just say that this can really make your house look out of this world.

Everybody will remember seeing your house for the first time since they’ll be absolutely baffled as to how many features there are to it and that’s a fact.


Most of the world’s most luxurious houses have all of these available so it’s no wonder that more and more people are trying to replicate this for themselves.

Regardless, we hope that this was a good insight into what makes a house luxurious and by all means, we do hope that you take all of these recommendations and add them to your own home to make yourself look like the richest and most tasteful person in the room.

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