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30 Cool Gaming Room Ideas For Your Dream Home

By Adrian Prisca


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In these last couple of decades, gaming has become so popular that they’re even thinking about turning it into an official sport. Since the good old days, with arcades, Super Mario Brothers or Tetris, to extremely popular games like Minecraft, WoW, Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto, the gaming world has changed quite a bit.

Let’s face it, it’s a super fun pass time, but it can get pretty expensive, especially if you want to play the latest and greatest games, which might require a lot of resources today. 

Since this pandemic hit, even more people have taken up this hobby, and they’re looking at ways of dedicating a space where they can play their favorite games without being distracted, and without disturbing the rest of their family or roommates they live with.

We made this informative guide to give you a couple of ideas on how to make your gaming room setup as comfortable as possible, without breaking the bank. There are a few things to take into consideration, so let’s start with looking at that, after which we will give you a few examples of gaming rooms that we find cool and feasible.

How to Set Up Your Ideal Gaming Room

Ideal Gaming Room
superstrm / reddit.com

The best thing to do if you want to dedicate a room or part of a room to a gaming space is to consider a few simple things that will make your experience so much better. You might take a while to complete this project, but there are things that you can do right now even on a budget.

Let’s look at the factors to consider when setting up your first gaming room.

Gaming Room Size

Alienware Gaming Room

Not too large, as it can feel too empty, but not too tight either. You need just enough room to add your TV, speakers, consoles, and a chair, plus other gadgets you might have.

Quality Speakers

Gaming room Speakers
Logitech lightsync G560

Sound is very important when you play video games, so you should try to invest in a good loudspeaker setup, if you don’t want to rely only on your headphones. There are 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 and even 9.1 channel speakers, or the wireless ones which come with fewer cords, therefore less clutter. A decent set of wireless speakers might be the best way to go, if you ask us.

A Comfy Gaming Chair

Comfy Gaming Chair
Clutch Chairz

As you will surely spend hours and hours sitting on a chair while gaming, investing in a good quality chair that offers good lumbar support is not only ideal, but it’s also highly recommended for your health and posture.

Gaming Room Soundproofing

Gaming Room Acoustic Panels
Twinskunk / Reddit.com

Playing your favorite video games can get very loud because you have a completely different gaming experience when it’s accompanied by all the right sound effects. By installing soundproofs in your gaming room you won’t only avoid a few arguments with people you live with, but it will also improve the quality of the sound.

There are many different ways to soundproof a room that you can do yourself, but if you have a larger budget and you want to do it properly, you can always hire a professional. Insulating foam, drywall, carpets, and wall-mounted acoustic panels are some materials you might consider for this job.

Wide Gaming Monitor, 4K TV or Projector

Samsung Wide Gaming Monitor
Samsung CRG9

Let’s face it, in most cases the classic PC / laptop monitor is simply not big enough for your favorite games. That’s why you need a wide gaming monitor, but a projector might be even better, especially when you play with your friends. 

A projector can be adaptable to any TV screen you have, but if your budget permits, there are numerous 4K Gaming TVs now that are just perfect for gamers, but they come with a price. 

Custom Gaming Stand

Custom Gaming Stand

Depending on the gaming room setup you want, a customized TV stand is highly recommended to hold all your gaming gear. A game console entertainment center is not only functional, but it can also look cool and turn your all your gaming gear into a showpiece. 

Power Management

Power Management gaming room
official_iberion / reddit.com

Power strips, cable management and more. Yes, electricity is also something you should pay close attention to, because your gaming gear will require a lot of power. If you’re not equipped to do this yourself, you should always consider hiring a professional for this job. It might save you lots of money down the line.

Gaming Console and Accessories

Gaming Console

We won’t discuss now which is the best gaming console, because that’s a completely different story, and we all have our favorites. Whether you like the new PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, or the Nintendo Switch, there are plenty of games for you. 

You can set up your various consoles in your gaming room and numerous other accessories depending on the space you have and your personal preference.

Lighting and Ambiance

gaming room ambiance
flux92 / reddit.com

When it comes to lighting and ambiance, the best thing you can do to have the perfect set-up is to choose push-button control lighting. That way you will have the ideal amount of light that you need.

A Powerful Wi-Fi Router

best gaming router
ASUS ROG Rapture

This is another must-have for your gaming room, because we all want to have a super fast and stable Internet connection while playing, right? Games transfer a lot of data via your wireless network and if you’re an avid gamer you might want to have the best connection directly to your console. 

Now let’s take a look at some cool gaming room ideas:

30. Star Wars Decor

elektroaxt / reddit.com

Appropriate for any Star Wars fan, with starships, figures, and many other collectibles that will make it a real gaming sanctuary. Add some prints and paint the walls in dark colors, with tiny stars sprinkled here and there and you got yourself a cool gaming space that feels like it’s coming from a distant world.

29. Light Panels

Light Panels Gaming Room

In small spaces you need all the help you can get, and adding a large light bar above the viewing screen gives the impression of a larger space. Using light colors throughout the room, keeping it clutter-free, and only adding the speakers and the gaming chairs make this room perfect.

28. Arcade Experience

Arcade Game Room

Used wisely, video game furniture can give you the real arcade experience, even if you don’t have much room. Add multiple screens for a competitive atmosphere along with the gaming chairs, and you’re set. Make the decor more interesting with a few posters on the walls and splashes of color here and there. 

27. Less is More

Less is More Game Decor
PC Battlestations / reddit.com

If you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to your gaming space, just use a part of a room. Put a large wall-mounted screen, add some recessed lighting and a pair of headphones or some speakers, while keeping the decor to a minimum with high-end elements and that’s it.

26. Classic Games Room

Classic Games Room

Some people prefer the classics, such as pinball machines and board games, and this game room seems to be the best place to combine both. With old gaming posters, a comfy chair and three massive monitors, this game room setup looks like a real treat. 

25. A Minimalist Game Room

minimalist gaming room
nowackdesign / reddit.com

The minimalist lifestyle embraces even the gaming world. Here we have a gorgeous black and white home office setup, that could discreetly store your all gaming accessories, with a massive monitor and two speakers for gaming at a moment’s notice.

24. Play with Neutral Colors

Dark Colors Game Room

The soft colors of the walls and furniture are complemented by recessed lighting to create a sense of intimacy. Apart from the superb vintage elements, the nice touch here is the illuminated keyboard area, which helps the players to see every single button on the keyboard. 

23. Best of a Basement

Basement gaming room

If you have a finished basement, even if it’s pretty bland, you can easily transform it into a game room haven, with a few cool posters and a projector. The projector allows for hours of fun play, and if you add wall-mounted speakers we’re sure you won’t disturb the rest of the house.

22. More Screens

More Screens Gaming Room

For those of you who only have a small space to dedicate to gaming, the addition of multiple screens gives the illusion of virtual windows. The bold color on the wall reinforces the contrast created by the otherwise neutral room, and the industrial shelving units are a nice touch.

21. Street Art Inspo

Street Art Gaming Room

This bold way of decorating the walls creates the impression of the outdoors in a dark space. The generous overhead lighting, with the bright pillows, adds a splash of energy to the room. You can get creative with the graphics, which makes this a very unconventional setting.

20. Futuristic Design

Futuristic Gaming Spot

When you have a large, modern space such as this one, you can turn an unused wall into the ultimate gaming spot by adding a gaming chair and three wraparound screens. The whimsical wall art and furniture, as well as the ceiling-mounted screen, give this room a futuristic theme.

19. Strong Colors

Strong Colors Gaming Room
mashlol / reddit.com

This gorgeous gaming room uses different shades of blue and purple ambient lighting throughout, but you can use whatever color you might prefer. The warm ambiance is beautifully matched by a wonderful city skyline view and the wall art, modern sofa and carpet gives the entire room a cohesive look.

18. Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden Gaming Room
AttackGem / reddit.com

Here’s a completely different idea for the ultimate gaming room / home office. Nature meet tech here, as this room has walls covered in lush greenery that also serves for soundproofing. The ambient lighting, combined with the natural light that comes from the large window in front adds a unique energy to this stunning gaming space. 

17. Starship Decor

Starship Gaming Room

This futuristic gaming room resembles the interior of a spaceship. With massive screens and interesting controls that offer an immersive gaming experience, this ‘cockpit’ is perfect for playing Elite: Dangerous, but we’re sure that playing any other game would be equally nice. You could captain your own starship straight from your home, with the clever use of recessed lighting completing this wild starship look.

16. Flooring Adds the Illusion of Space

Gaming Room Flooring

In a small room such as this one, adding reflective, light-colored flooring gives the impression of a larger space. The modular furniture, the second screen, and dark speakers that surround the seating area amplify the aspect of the gaming experience.

15. Library for Gamers

Library for Gamers

Some gamers love to collect their video games throughout the years. Like readers, this library is dedicated to all the videogames that were accumulated during a lifetime, and someday they might even be worth something. Collectors’ items such as old video games increase in value with time.

14. Tetris Blocks

Tetris Blocks game room
crxscxnt / reddit.com

This year especially, the colorful blocks have gained popularity. You can just buy some colorful square tiles, stick them to the wall, and your room looks like a Tetris game. A cheap and vibrant way to bring some color to your room, while reminiscing on your favorite childhood game.

13. Gaming Home Office

Gaming Home Office
connellmccarthy / reddit.com

Since we’ve all probably worked from home in these last couple of months, you can turn your home office into a cool gaming spot while taking a break. You can divide your work and play area with 2 screens, with a laptop for all your work tasks and a huge monitor for gaming. Once you’re done with all your tasks, you won’t have to go too far for some much needed play time.

12. Living Room Gaming Setup

Living Room Gaming Setup

In this room, the desk that is on the side of the room with the triple screens and the comfy chair that moves easily is made for gaming. The TV is still the main focus of the living room, and the ambient colored lighting adds to the overall atmosphere of the room.

11. Attic Gaming Room

Attic Game Room
Griz_is_god / reddit.com

When you have those slanted ceilings that are a challenge to decorate, you can turn the room into a home entertainment center and a gaming area. The TV area is facing the mounted TV, while the gaming area is focused over the lower table that faces the chair.

10. Bedroom Gaming Room

Bedroom Gaming Room

For those of you who have roommates, you have to make the best out of your bedroom. Here, the desk is also used for gaming and the ambient lighting around the desk and the bed creates a wonderful atmosphere in the entire room. The TV is mounted on the wall with an extensible arm that can be moved to watch it both from the bed or from the desk. 

9. Small Video Game Corner

Small Video Game Corner
Naniwack / reddit.com

Sometimes all you need to make it a great room is the equipment, such as a great screen, a comfortable chair, and some accessories. A nice light, some glow-in-the-dark ceiling lights will elevate the look, while the matching speakers will improve the sound for a complete gaming experience.

8. Focal Effect Framing

Focal Effect gaming room
JHazes / reddit.com

Another clutter-free modern design, this simple yet elegant room allows you to enjoy your gaming in a minimalist environment. The dark main wall is beautifully decorated with white cabinetry and plants that surround the big screen monitor, and the matching speakers would blast the sounds of your games for an enjoyable experience.

7. Red Ambient Gaming Room

Red Ambient Gaming Room

Lots of gaming accessories are colored in red, so why not add some of the ambient lightings in the same color? After all, your gaming room is meant to boost your energy and passion for the game. Maybe consider soundproofing the room as well, it might get pretty loud!

6. Colorful Design

Colorful Game Room
leh0ang / reddit.com

The smart use of ambient lighting and the colors of the PC’s internals and the wallpaper make this gaming room setup simple, but so nice! Go all the way with a neon keyboard, some matching colorful storage boxes, and some great wall art would work as well. Add some stripped lighting around the desk, and you just created an intimate and colorful room.

5. Game Room Decorating

Game Room Decorating
oldgreg81 / reddit.com

For the videogame and superhero enthusiast, this game room is filled with figurines, toy cars and other superhero paraphernalia. Every square inch of this room is utilized and the gaming rig looks absolutely incredible.

4. Futuristic Gaming Station

Futuristic Gaming Station
martin_kr / reddit.com

The focus in this room is definitely the incredible gaming station, which is illuminated from the top with colorful lighting. The other important piece of this futuristic gaming setup is the super comfortable gaming chair that allows you to spend hours and hours unwinding after a stressful day. The massive screens and the speakers sum up the eye catching design of this gaming room. 

3. Space Themed

Space Themed Gaming Room
graveborn / reddit.com

This will make you feel as if you’re on a spaceship. Painted fake windows replicas, ambient lighting, and several seating options in front of a big-screen TV give this room a spaceship theme. Add some colored lights on the sides and recessed lights in the ceiling for extra effect.

2. Arcade Style Setup

Arcade Style Setup
stamoose / reddit.com

Even a big living room can be transformed into a cool video gaming area by adding two gaming spots, a desk that can play double-duty as a game console and home office, and, of course, a super comfy gaming chair for a complete look. The second part of this awesome gaming room setup comes with a racing chair and four screens for a proper racing experience. The controls and other accessories give it the gaming vibe you’re going for.

1. Man Cave Game Room

Gaming Room Man Cave
Wipspeed / imgur.com

This is the ultimate man cave. A haven for the gamers out there, this room is filled with multiple screens and speakers. The decor screams a gamer’s paradise, with the large desk, super comfortable chair, and a back wall filled with a mural, that’s complemented by lots of colorful lighting. Just don’t forget the soundproofing, and you’re all set!

gaming room setup

This sums up our favorite 30 gaming room ideas for 2021, but you can always come up with your own original ideas.

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