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Luxury Camping: These are the 20 Best Glamping Tents!

By Alex Holmes


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Lotus Belle Glamping retreat in France / Airbnb

It’s that time of year when the weather is getting better, people’s moods are on the rise, and the official summer holidays planning begins. If you’re still undecided about what to do, here’s an idea for you: go glamping!

What is Glamping?

You might not be familiar with the term, but it really is self-explanatory. It is camping in style, or Glamour Camping. Glamping is a new form of luxury camping that has grown in popularity in the last couple of years, and it is predicted that it will become even more popular in the near future, seeing how people’s priorities have changed in the last year.

It takes your camping adventure to the next level with a higher quality tent made from top materials and eye pleasing aesthetics.

Glamping Tent Buying Guide

Glamping Tent Buying Guide
Heimplanet Cave Tent

When investing your hard-earning money into a glamping tent there are few things to consider, so take a look at this guide we made to facilitate your experience.

First of all, assess your needs: how are you planning to use it? Only once or twice a year for the occasional weekend away, or you’re planning to make it your second “home away from home” in your yard or on a leased summer campsite?

When looking to purchase a glamping tent there are the following factors to consider, in no particular order.

Types of Glamping Tents

Glamping tent airbnb
Glamping Poros, Lemoni, Belten / Airbnb


One of the more spacious tents, it looks like a teepee or a yurt. It uses a support pole in the centre which is held in place by tension cables, and this helps maintain its “bell” shape. Very easy set up, and can fit up to eight people.


Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent interior
Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

This tent looks like a cabin, but it is made from sturdy canvas, and it has four walls and a roof, hence the name. Also a very spacious option, they are also called safari tents or outfitter tents.


Teepee glamping tent
Baby Tipi Glamping Tent

Conically shaped, the teepee or tipi, is not as large as the previous models. It does regulate the temperature in the summer as well as in the winter, and the look makes it a favorite for many campers. Also easy to put together and to pack up.


Yurt glamping tent
The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch

One of the least portable tents, it is very comfortable for longer stays. Great for colder temperatures, their round shape makes them different from the typical tents.

Other Types of Tents

There are also the typical cabin tents, that are like traditional camping tents that fit more people, dome tents or the rooftop tents which are elevated from the ground.


Glamping Tago
Glamping Tago

This should be implied and it is something to consider. Are you a solo camper, or do you prefer to share your adventures in groups?

Depending on your lifestyle, consider the size accordingly. Even if you only go away with your significant other but you like to make it cozy and add a camping kitchen or a makeshift bathroom in your glamping tent, make sure your new shelter will be able to accommodate them.


Boutique Glamping Tent
Boutique Glamping Tent / airbnb

When looking at materials make sure the breathability, durability, flame protection, the packed weight, and of course the weatherproofing are all covered.

  • Cotton canvas is one of the more popular materials used on glamping tents, but the poles that keep it in place should also be heavy-duty and sturdy.
  • Waterproof materials that protect you from heavy downpours or wind have a downside: they are not very breathable, but the more robust canvas protects you from unexpected weather year-round. 
  • Faxed canvas is also a great option if you’re planning to use any type of heating device inside your tent.
  • Synthetic fabrics are more breathable for those humid summer nights, also great for those of you who like to pack up your tent and carry it with you.

Ease of Use

Fernweh Bell Tent
Fernweh Bell Tent interior

In general, glamping tents are a little more complicated to set up, but you can find several models that are pretty straight forward. If you only plan to put it up at the beginning of the season and take it down when the weather gets chilly this might not be a big issue for you, so that’s something to think about.

But if you like to go away almost every weekend to visit different places, you need a tent that is easy to set up and take down.

Other Glamping Tips

Other Glamping Tips
cottonbro / pexels.com

Depending on the type of activity you’re going for, the site where you’ll place your tent is very important. Accessibility to certain amenities should be taken into consideration, as well as the location, proximity to activities such as bike paths, swimming, or canoeing.

If you’re planning to bring your own power supply, make sure you choose an area that is not too windy or surrounded by many trees. You really don’t want to cause any damage while enjoying your convenient amenities.

If you’re planning to be away for a while, you should think about food storage. Some of the more permanent glamping solutions are equipped with some sort of cupboards or coolers where you can keep your food for days.

For many glamping is a way of life, and you will come up with your own personal tips and tricks as you go along. These are only guidelines, so take what seems more appropriate for you and your needs.

Now we will show you the 20 best glamping tents we found for you.

20. Glamping Hammock Tent from Lawson

Glamping Hammock Tent from Lawson
Glamping Hammock Tent from Lawson

We start off this list with a single camping hammock that is so cool for your solo adventures!

It is equipped with a built-in bug nest and an attachable rainfly for those unexpected drizzles. The support bar and the arched poles allow you to enjoy the views while being comfortable and secure.

19. Ozark Trail 20 Person 4 Room Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 20 Person 4 Room Cabin Tent
Ozark Trail 20 Person 4 Room Cabin Tent

Probably the least fancy model on our list, this is the largest by far. Perfect for large families or groups of friends that want to vacation together, the separations accommodate four separate rooms.

Weather resistant with windows that zip up to provide privacy and increase air ventilation, it is a practical solution for vacationing on a budget.

18. Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent

Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent
Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent

This large tent is equipped to be used in all seasons, so you can bring your winter heater and wood-burning stove. Spacious and durable, the waterproof XTC construction and heavy-duty steel frame is perfect for heavy winds or downpours.

The ventilation panels allow for fresh air to circulate, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

17. Heimplanet Cave Tent

Heimplanet Cave Tent
Heimplanet Cave Tent

This interesting shaped CaveTent looks like an inflatable igloo, and it fits up to three people. Made from nylon, this lightweight option is one of the few models you can carry with you.

It promises to withstand high winds, so you can set it up anywhere your heart desires, and it comes with a multi-chamber safety system that offers you emergency stability.

16. Winterial Teepee Tent

Winterial Teepee Tent
Winterial Teepee Tent

For glamping on a budget, this option works great in three seasons except for winter. Made from a lightweight 210T Polyester, it is easy to carry and to set up.

Durable, it will stand the test of time with its wind and weather proof material. The rain cap and built-in groundsheet offers you extra protection.

15. Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Wall Tent
Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

This easy to carry, store and set up canvas bell tent is the perfect getaway from home. It is made from breathable waterproof canvas, and it even has a fire retardant finish. It is spacious and comes with two layered windows and doors, which close with heavy duty zippers.

The high quality groundsheet will also keep water and bugs out so you can sleep in peace.

14. Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent

Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent
Big Agnes Bunk House 4 Tent

One of the more versatile options out, it works well for the road trips that take you from place to place without taking up too much room in your trunk.

On the smaller side, it’s good enough for 2-3 people, and it is great for stormy and unpredictable weather. The reinforced aluminum poles, the waterproof floor, a double wall construction are just some of the specs this tent offers you.

13. Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

White duck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent
Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

The vertical walls of this tent offers you more room than the traditional shaped tents. Made from water repellent material and reinforced with a sturdy aluminum frame, it is very livable in all seasons.

If you’re an avid camper, you might consider splurging on the heat resistant option that is perfect to use with a wood-burning fireplace.

12. Nemo Wagontop 6P Group Camping Tent

Nemo Wagontop 6P Group Camping Tent
Nemo Wagontop 6P Camping Tent

Great for a group getaway, this tent is easy to set up, thanks to the single wall design and the simple pole structure. The large windows offer great air circulation and views of your surroundings.

You can stand comfortably in this spacious interior, and the front vestibule offers you extra storage and living space.

11. CACKOK 4 Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

CACKOK 4 Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent
CACKOK 4 Season Cotton Canvas Bell Tent

This super breathable and water repellent tent is bell shaped, and it is large enough that can fit a queen sized bed and two smaller beds. This budget friendly option is great for families that enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer.

Roll up the sides, open the windows and allow the built-in vents to provide you with air circulation that make your nights comfortable.

10. Kampa Hayling 6 Air Pro

Kampa Hayling 6 Air Pro
Kampa Hayling 6 Air Pro

Made from waterproof polyester, Pvc and polycotton, this inflatable eight person tent is very easy to set up. It provides you with ample room for all your extra accessories, and your whole family and/or friends can fit in and enjoy playing games indoors on rainy days.

The separations provide some privacy and the front canopy is perfect for some together time.

9. Canvas Camp Patrol Deluxe Tent

Canvas Camp Patrol Deluxe Tent
Canvas Camp Patrol Deluxe Tent

This is the best looking A-frame glamping tent we found. It is not only attractive to look at, but it is also breathable and waterproof, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the weather.

The integrated mesh windows provide you with air circulation, and the durable ground sheet and the doors that zip all the way to the ground will keep all unwanted visitors out.

8. PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent

PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent
PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent

Constructed from durable canvas that is protected by a waterproof coating, this heavy-duty material works well in high winds or rainy areas, even in snowy weather.

The mesh side windows and the top air vent provide you with breathability, and the stove pipe vent is made for a wood stove you might need if you’re camping in winter.

7. Dream House 4-Season Tent

Dream House 4-Season Tent
Dream House 4-Season Tent

Another tent that is appropriate for all seasons, this classic wall tent made from canvas is on the larger side. It can fit up to eight people, but if you want to keep it cozy just put in two queen sized beds for a more intimate setting.

The weatherproof coating offers extreme protection from high winds or heavy downpours year long. Another plus is a very easy set up.

6. Life inTents Fernweh Bell Tent

Life inTents Fernweh Bell Tent
Life inTents Fernweh Bell Tent

In the yurt shape, this might not seem like the luxury tent you were imagining, but do consider all the commodities this tent provides you with. Made from waterproof cotton canvas, this four season shelter has room for a winter heater or a wood stove.

This screened door, windows and walls that roll up, it provides you with practicality and comfort for your next adventure.

5. Mongulai Camping Yurt

Mongulai Camping Yurt
Mongulai Camping Yurt

The least portable tent on this list, it does offer many other benefits such as a super sturdy and durable construction. It does also take quite a long time to set up, but for a semi-permanent glamping getaway it is definitely worth the effort.

It offers great protection from all mother nature decides to send your way, and the wooden lattice offers you a homey vibe. Compatible with a wood burning stove, you can take advantage of it year long.

4. Inflatable Bubble Glamping Tent

Inflatable Bubble Glamping Tent
Inflatable Bubble Glamping Tent

Made from clear PVC, this tent looks just like a bubble. For those of you who love to wake up with the sunrise and enjoy star gazing, this is made for you.

You and your significant other can spend a romantic weekend enjoying the outdoors, but don’t go too far off the grid, because you need your portable power to keep the bubble inflated.

3. Cocoon Tree Pro

Cocoon Tree Pro
Cocoon Tree Pro

For you and your significant other, this super cool tent is very different from others we looked at. It is made from waterproof cotton to keep you dry, and you can place it on the ground or suspend it in the air.

Keep in mind you should choose trees that can support more than a ton of weight, and it will be the prettiest summer accessory you’ll sport this season.

2. Baby Tipi Glamping Tent

Baby Tipi Glamping Tent
Baby Tipi Glamping Tent

For a glam backyard addition, you can make this typical tipi structured tent a nice event centerpiece. It can fit 20 people standing up while mingling at your party, or for the traditional camping purpose it sleeps eight.

Made from waterproof canvas, this lovely 21 foot in diameter tent is the perfect option for a luxe experience. Just add some decorative accessories and you’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

1. Lotus Belle Glamping Tent

Lotus Belle Glamping Tent
Lotus Belle Glamping Tent

Looking to make a statement? The Lotus Belle Tent provides a well grounded stable tent that up to six people can enjoy with peace of mind. If you prefer doing things with a lot of glam, this canvas tent is built for you.

Fire, rot and water resistant, along with the velcro ground sheet keeps those crawlies away from your shelter. The PVC window layers provide you with views of your surroundings, and the roof vents keep things cool so you can sleep comfortably.

There are many beautiful options that allow you to go glamping in style, so grab one quickly before they sell out.

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