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The 15 Best Golf Magazines to Follow

By Alex Holmes


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Many people make the wrong assumption that in order to enjoy reading a magazine you have to either be old-fashioned or you simply must have grown up reading them back in the good old days. This is very untrue to say the least as there are millions upon millions of people out there that still love to browse through the pages and inform themselves on the fresh content that the magazine has to offer.

Sure, print magazines are nowhere near as valued as they used to be in the past, they’re not even close to that level of popularity, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t currently millions of people buying them and patiently waiting for the next number to come out.

Many of the times, magazines are the only way for people to actually get into a new sport or to keep up with everything that’s going on. This is why for today we decided to bring you the 15 best golf magazines that you can follow to get into the plays.

Not every magazine we have in our list is meant for beginners, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll be unreadable for you. Don’t worry, we’ll mention whether this is a beginner-friendly magazine for every pick so you don’t end up wasting your money.

So, let’s just jump right into number 15 for now as we bring up one of the most famous and one of our personal favorites right here, aka:

15. Golf World

Golf World magazine

Golf World is without a doubt one of the oldest and most popular golf related magazines out there. It first came out in 1947 and it had a lot of different phases during which the creators tried to keep up with the ongoing trends, literally going from one style to the other every year.

Despite the fact that you can no longer get their physical magazine anymore as of 2014, their digital format is still going strong, and in it you’ll find a ton of useful information. For example, they talk all about the PGA and the LPGA Tours, and they even cover some local amateur events as well in order to spice things up.

They public a new issue every week too, meaning that they can tackle any breaking news as soon as it is released on the internet. This is one of those magazines that is both great for the newcomers and for the old timers that want to keep up with everything that’s happening.

Whether you’re a serious player yourself or if it’s just a hobby you want to follow in your spare time, Golf World is definitely going to be a good addition to your day as you sip on your morning coffee and scroll through their magazine.

14. Golf Australia

Golf Australia magazine

If you are based around Australia or if you’re just simply looking to get more invested in Australian golfing then Golf Australia should definitely be at the top of your list right off the bat.

While they do primarily center on Australian golf, they also cover a lot of international news as well, of course, often times talking about the best players and what they’ve been up to as of late. On top of that they offer dozens of courses and informational side stories which help the newcomer actually learn how to play the game better as they continue to read through their news.

Whether you’re in it for the tips, the videos, the podcasts or if you’re just looking to read about the best players continuing to kick ass as they play through the season, you should definitely add Golf Australia to your list.

13. Golf Punk

Golf Punk magazine

Going down to our third pick of the day we have Golf Punk, what many would consider to be one of the best magazines out there for the professional golfer.

While most other golf related magazines focus on teaching the newcomer to how play the game and how to become better at it after just learning how to play, Golf Punk takes this one step beyond by primarily focusing on teaching the amazing player how to turn pro.

This is a great magazine for those that are looking to hone their skills and make it big, as there are plenty of advanced information sprawled all over their magazine making it a must for the players that want to take that final step towards making it big.

Despite being a digital-only magazine, they are known for also offering exclusive information from players such as Max Faulkner, as he talks about his latest 148th Open Championship experience.

12. Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine

Being one of the few lasting magazines that can still be found in print is definitely quite an achievement to say the least, and it all delves back to the fact that Golf Magazine still has a ton of fans waiting patiently for the next issue to come out.

They talk about everything golf related, whether that is the equipment, the latest travel news or if they’re teaching the new players how to win against more experienced players. Essentially, they’re a jack of all trades that never stop amazing the readers with their insight.

They also get exclusive interviews with the best players in the world and they make them review top level gear like golf irons, drivers or putters, and so that you know that you get your money’s worth from your acquisition.

Overall, this is a great magazine even if you’re not all that great at playing the game yourself. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, except for those few parts during which it focuses directly on the pro players.

11. Inside Golf

Inside Golf Magazine

Yet another Australian based golf magazine, Inside Golf is an even more popular take on Australian golfers while also being referred to as the go-to for most Australian golfing fans out there. Regardless of whether you’re looking for industry news, product reviews, the latest scoops or giveaways, Inside Golf’s got you covered.

They have a plethora of information that you can siphon through, you can get exclusive tips and tricks from the best PGA players in the world and you can keep up to date with the latest competitions and tournaments out there, so you can also participate in them if you want to.

On top of all of that, as we mentioned previously, they also happen to deal with a lot of giveaways too, so if you want a chance to make it big and win top level gear then definitely get yourself the latest issue of Inside Golf.

10. Bunkered

Bunkered Magazine

Bunkered is a golfing magazine from Scotland that specifically targets newcomers, trying to teach the everyday person how to play, how to win and most importantly, how to never lose track of what really matters out there aka to have fun.

Let’s be honest here, if you’re just starting off in the industry, you’re going to find yourself overwhelmed right off the bat by just how many contradictions there are in the field. For example, some players will tell you a certain technique works while others will pan it out.

The great thing about Bunkered is that it knows how to filter through all of that, giving you the best content that your money can buy so that you know exactly what to do next. On top of that you can also tune into their podcasts during which you can hear famous golfing personalities such as Robert MacIntyre and Greg Norman talk about the ins and outs of the field.

9. Golf Tips

Golf Tips Magazine

The best part about Golf Tips is definitely the fact that while some of the tips that they offer are definitely tailored for newcomers and beginners, the fact of the matter is that they also bring in a whole new plethora of professional insight that will help even the most talented player out there get better at the game.

They’ve been on the market for nearly 30 years now and they still have both a physical and online version that you can go for. On top of that, they don’t just focus on golfing as a whole, they also take in other topics such as mental tips and they even offer fitness advices which are meant to help you get better at the game and improve your life too.

Couple that with the high-quality golf equipment and accessories reviews and you have yourself a top tier quality magazine right here. While it does appeal to the newcomers out there, as mentioned previously, it also offers top tier tips that will definitely help you improve your game.

8. Today’s Golfer

Today’s Golfer Magazine

Despite the fact that this magazine started off as just a UK-only magazine that you could get on the side of the road, it quickly rose to fame because of its incredible takes and its incredibly high-quality tips and tricks that they offered with every new issue release.

As time moved on, Today’s Golfer also added an international version to the mix, making it quite versatile for the people out there that love to collect these magazines and read them in their spare time.

Their physical magazine has also been praised a lot over the years because of its incredibly premier quality imagery and its overall great design choice.

At the end of the day this is both a great magazine for beginners and it can also help the professional player get a better feel for the game even after having played it for so many years. Remember, you’re only as good as your ability to adapt to the game over time.

7. Kingdom Magazine

Kingdom Magazine

Arnold Palmer was one of the most successful American golfers of all time. During his prime he is known for having won several Tour Championships around the 50s and 60s.

After he retired however, he decided that it was time to spread the word and get everyone more accustomed to how the game was really meant to be played. So, he figured he’d start off by bringing his A-game to the list, and so he spewed a lot of information that many have considered to be quite groundbreaking at the time. That’s how Kingdom Magazine came to life. 

Despite the fact that he is only releasing 3 or 4 issues a year, each and every one of them is known for literally revolutionizing the system as we know it, and because of this most people absolutely cannot wait to get their hands on the latest scoop.

6. Golfweek

Golfweek Magazine

Despite the fact that it’s been around since 1975, Golfweek has really managed to withstand the test of time by always changing it up and keeping in track with every news outlet out there so that they never miss out on anything.

What sets them apart from most other golf magazines out there is the fact that they cover everything related to golfing, whether that is the pro tournaments, the rookie matches of the week or even just casual college matches that would otherwise get no recognition whatsoever.

They also offer insight into top-of-the-line news which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Needless to say, it’s not hard to see why they’ve been at the top for so long.

They are pretty much the go-to for everyone that’s fascinated with the sport as they always bring something new to the table and it always sticks. So, regardless of whether you’re a professional golfer or if you just want to read up on what’s happening in the game, this might very well be the best choice for you.

5. Golf Styles

Golf Styles Magazine

The problem with golfing is that a lot of the times it only focuses on the men in the industry that have made a name for themselves. While we can understand focusing on the pros as opposed to the amateurs, such a discrimination is definitely not something that we’d ever want to condone.

This is why we fully support Golf Styles, as they try their hardest to include at least some of the top women golfers in the world, trying to showcase the fact that while the sport may be male-dominated, that women can also be top tier players as well. They mainly focus on Ohio, New Jersey, Atlanta, Virginia and Philadelphia, but when the time comes, they can also cover several more local matches as well.

They represent a premium golfing brand which is why it can be a bit pricier, but if you have the money and the interest for it definitely go for the newest scoop that they have to offer, we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

4. Women’s Golf Journal

Women’s Golf Journal

While Golf Styles does love to delve their toes into the female golfing niche, Women’s Golf Journal fully embraces it by simply targeting the female audience only.

This might be quite a niche to say the least, but as mentioned previously there are plenty of amazing women golfers out there that deserve a lot more attention and they are aptly getting it thanks to this amazing magazine.

They offer both American and UK related news and they also showcase the secrets for success that you can follow through every week in order to get better at the game and show the world just how good of a golfer you really are.

3. Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly Magazine

Golf Monthly offers everything that you could ask for from a golfing magazine and more. Regardless of whether you want exclusive content from professionals or if you are mainly looking for the breaking news in the field, Golf Monthly has got you covered.

Their only real problem is the fact that it is quite an expensive magazine to get into. But, the good news is that you can get it both in print and in the digital version so at the very least you can take in the comic’s beautiful artistry as you lay down on your chair without having to spend any extra time on your computer.

2. Golf Digest

Golf Digest Magazine

Golf Digest is a great choice regardless of whether you’re a beginner or if you’re been playing for over a decade now. They release around an issue per month and they also offer some critical insight into the tournaments around the world so if that sounds like your cup of tea definitely give them a shot.

Also, they have this separate section that goes by The Loop which is what many would consider to be the best part of their magazine. It’s where they talk about sports, entertainment and basically whatever else they have in mind. It’s honestly a fun addition to their quips and tips.

1. Links Magazine

Links Magazine

This right here is in our opinion the best bi-monthly golf magazine in the world: Links Magazine. We say this because the magazine offers both practical and engaging content that will suit any golfer out there.

While they mainly focus on top of the line, serious information, they also offer some relatively tame content that the beginner golfer can also enjoy. They offer plenty of international news and exclusive information on new developmental golfing gear.

On top of that the magazine is very cheap and they only publish 5 issues per year so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with Links Magazine.


playing golf
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While there are definitely many more golf related magazines out there, these are by far our personal favorites out of the bunch. If you think we missed out on any quality magazine out there you can always let us know and we’ll keep that in mind moving forwards.

But regardless, thank you for reading this far and we wish you good luck ahead with your golfing. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, just remember to always have fun as you play your heart out on the field!

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