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These Are The 15 Best Outdoor Magazines

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Best Outdoor Magazines
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Printed magazines might not be as popular as the digital ones nowadays, but the outdoor magazine category is totally different. Just the photography alone is worth keeping your subscription for, not to mention the helpful hacks and interesting stories you might pick up along the way.

The outdoor magazines offer you an experience like no other magazines, and the readership consists of mostly males. Not to be politically incorrect or offend anyone, but it is a fact. So guys, this article is aimed mostly at you.

Whether your passion is fishing, hiking, or skiing, there’s a magazine out there for you. The publications we gathered here are well established, and you will see why they are so popular. Some are award winning publications that are worth every penny, from the high quality of writing to the excellent aesthetics.

There are some print options, although most of them offer both print and online publications, all up to you what your preference is. There are also strictly online magazines, for the ones who don’t like getting too much paper in the mail. But trust us, some of those are so beautiful, they feel like art expositions. You can always choose the online ones after, but try at least one or two print copies first.

From hundreds of publications available, we had a daunting job cutting down to only 15, but they are all truly something special.

Let’s take a look at the 15 best outdoor magazines you should get right now.

15. Outdoor Photographer

Outdoor Photographer

As the title suggests, the magazine is about outside photographs, and they come from all over the world. Outdoor Photographer is full of beautiful pictures taken by professional photographers that are well seasoned in the outdoors lifestyle. They also feature articles about how to get your best shot, with practical tips on lighting, locations, and timing.

They advise you on the gear you need for your particular needs, the best lenses to invest in, and other interesting and informative tips. They offer print and digital subscriptions, so everyone can opt for what better works for them. It covers basically all your needs when it comes to outdoor photography.

14. Another Escape

Another Escape

As the name implies, Another Escape will allow you to escape your daily grind. The bi-annual publication offers such a visceral experience, you will look forward to the day it arrives in the mail. The storytelling is powerful and it celebrates the passion of the people behind them. The outdoor lifestyle magazine is a sustainable printed journal that is inspired by the environment and regenerative living.

It will open your eyes to the other possibilities nature offers us, but that we have forgotten throughout the years. Reconnect with nature through the beauty of the pages before you, and your sense of adventure will be awakened.

13. Roads & Kingdoms

Roads & Kingdoms

One of the best travel magazines to exist, this award-winning publication has gained their top spot thanks to a high standard of journalism. With collaborators and photographers that have traveled the world, Roads & Kingdoms brings you all the information you need before you venture out into the world. And they do it so beautifully.

With visually enticing articles and carefully curated photographs, you will appreciate the stories as well as the art. Anything to do with life, ranging from where to eat, where to find the best coffee, or what exhibit is in town that you must absolutely attend. They will guide you in the right direction, while describing it accurately.

12. Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Established in 2012, this little boutique publication is a favorite of many. It is a blend of graphic design principles, remarkable photography, and interesting writing. It certainly feels more like an art collection than a magazine. If you like exploring the creative side of travel, you will surely appreciate Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

The carefully curated collection of adventure mixed with gastronomy pieces will appeal to the intrepid explorer of lifestyle travel brands. You can look forward to an amazing magazine four times a year, one that will bring you far away through gorgeous photographs. Their immersive adventures will unfold before your eyes in the form of stories told through beautiful images.

11. Life & Thyme

Life & Thyme
Life & Thyme

Another publication that launched in 2012, Life & Thyme is one of the most aesthetically pleasing magazines on our list. If you appreciate amazing travel photography and are a foodie at heart, give this one a try. With a major focus on gastronomy and recipes, the daily publication will introduce you to the individuals behind the scenes that are responsible for creating these mouth watering recipes.

As they cater to the culturally curious, you will find stories on the customs of local chefs, their upbringing, and all the other interesting facts that are centered around food. Their contributors are from all around the globe, and their inclusive conversations and critical thinking encourage cooperation and sharing.

10. Ski Magazine

Ski magazine

For the men (and women) who can’t get enough of skiing, Ski magazine offers all there is about the beloved winter sport. Most places in the world have only a few short months where you can enjoy this sport, so maybe that is what makes it so much more appealing. The alpine enthusiast will love a subscription to this publication, even in the warmer months.

When out of season you can get tips and tricks about your next ski vacation, and any new gear that might be in style for the upcoming season. The bi-monthly issues give you lots of information that will come in handy while you’re heading out to the slopes, or simply planning to. Get yourself in shape with the fitness tips you read about, check out the new gear, and read all about your favorite sport all year long.

9. American Outdoor Guide

American Survival Guide

For the outdoorsman that is into survival skills and an enthusiast for off the grid living, this magazine is all about that. Initially called American Survival Guide, this publication is your monthly resource with plenty of tips on what it takes to survive in the wild. If you love spending time in the wilderness and think about getting away from civilization, even if just for pretend, then this is a great read for you.

They write about real, practiced survival skills outdoors, but also some life saving knowledge for in and around the home. You can learn about building adequate shelters, growing and storing- your own food, home defense, and other similar skills.

8. Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine

Geared mainly at backpacking adventures, Backpacker Magazine is a publication that has been around since 1973. An easy to read and informative publication, they cover subjects ranging from everything outdoors, the gear you need, how to prepare for your adventures, and so on.

If you’re not the best at packing for outdoor trips, the magazine offers comprehensive gear guides, tips on outdoor clothing and much more to help you along. You will also find the best National Park guides reviewed, with tips and tricks, such as the best time to visit them, costs, and other practical information you might need.

7. Modern Huntsman

Modern Huntsman

Thanks to their artistic approach to outdoor spaces, Modern Huntsman sets itself apart from other similar magazines. This bi-annual publication focuses on adventure, but culture as well. Their stories dig a little deeper into the subject at hand, so you will get an in-depth, hard -hitting story that will capture your attention. Paired with pleasing aesthetics and a redefined narrative on hunting, you get an honest look at what your favorite hobby represents.

The stories are told from unaltered perspectives of diplomatically minded individuals, who are able to bring out constructive conversations on the topic. Each issue features a favorite artist, they offer a digital copy as well, and they even have a podcast about the subject.

6. Fly Fisherman

Fly Fisherman

This bi-monthly publication is all about fly fishing and all that entails. This hobby, or shall we call it passion, is considered partly science. The fly fishing enthusiasts are a group of dedicated sportsmen that are always eager to learn more about this sport. No matter how long they’ve taken up this activity, there is always something new and interesting that comes up. And this publication covers all grounds.

Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced fly fisher, there’s content on Fly Fisherman that surely gears to you. You can learn about the history of fly fishing, traditions associated with it, but also a lot of practical information. Read about how to make a rod or fly tying, among many other useful tips.

5. Sidetracked


Since their launch in 2011, Sidetracked has gained a wildly committed following. It is probably due to their sensational stories that are accompanied by the out of this world visuals. The well structured workflow is also one of their strong suits, and readers always look forward toward their next issue with anticipation. One of the most beautiful magazines available, the content they produce is also timeless.

You will feel connected to the subject matter, that’s how well their stories are presented. You will get inspired to plan your next outdoor sporting or adventure trip, and learn how to structure it well after reading their editorials. Significant issues are tackled as well, so you get the whole picture of what expeditions are all about.

4. Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure

For those planning a trip, Travel & Leisure is renowned for giving the best advice to probably any destination around the world. They include super useful information about how to book your trip, the best time of the year to visit certain locales, tips on food, customs, etc. Basically everything travel related, you will find here. It is a publication that has been around the longest of any other magazine on this list.

Their first edition came out in 1937, and they are still one of the top rated travel magazines in the world. Not only will you get the travel bug, but if you prefer a simple fishing or camping trip, they got you covered as well. It is a highly valuable resource for anything pertaining to the outdoors and travel destinations.

3. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal

An approachable way to describe adventure is what the editors at Adventure Journal strive to achieve. And they are mighty successful at that, we might add. Through essays, reports and photographs that explore outdoor culture, you will get a sense what outdoor lifestyle is all about. This strictly online publication offers readers in-depth reads about biking, boating, climbing, and all other outdoor activities you can think of, in a well structured manner.

Accompanied by amazing photographs, they also share recipes, give tips about some unconventional pets you might consider buying, among other unusual topics you never even dreamt of. Their blog is also varied, and their contributors are mostly writing from first hand experience.

2. Powder

Powder magazine

Appropriate for the winter months we find ourselves in at the moment, Powder magazine is geared mostly towards winter sports. The readers can enjoy a vast collection of editorials, visual materials and write ups pertaining to sports such as skiing, snowboarding and such. Their art director should be the one who gets most of the praise though; the artistic illustration, design, and photography of the magazine is like no other.

You will enjoy visual aesthetics that bring you a unique approach to winter’s beauty, and you will gain a new appreciation for all the cold season has to offer. Established in 1972, this monthly publishing sets themselves apart with some strong writing, great design, and amazing aesthetics.

1. Outside

Outside magazine

This is the quintessential magazine for the adventurers in the crowd! The publication offers content ranging on a wide variety of outdoorsy activities such as camping, biking, hiking, running, skiing, and snowboarding. Whether you’re a summer or winter sports lover, or all of the above, they have something that will surely interest you. Outside Magazine has been around since 1977, thanks to its faithful readers.

The magazine has been bringing readers information pertaining to gear and adventures monthly since its beginnings. But you will not get the curated, boutique-like publication like some of its newer counterparts. Just the same old no-nonsense practical information for anything outdoor related. In the last few years they have been geared towards the online readers as well. Afterall, they have been around for so many decades because of their ability to change with the times.

Here are the 15 best outdoor magazines we recommend for the outdoorsy types. There are a lot more, but you can start off with these. If you feel it’s not enough, you can expand your search once you’ve explored those options.

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