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The Best Snowboard Brands of 2024

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Best Snowboard Brands
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One of the most fun winter sports, snowboarding is among those activities for which you definitely need the right gear, and the most important one here is the board itself.

But choosing a board in the myriad of options you’ve got today is far from easy.

There are plenty of snowboard manufacturers, each with their own particularities and styles.

Technology has come so far that there aren’t huge differences in between manufacturers, but that means choosing the right one for you and your style of riding has become more difficult.

Then there’s the snowboard shoes and bindings, no to mention the rest of the gear. So there’s a lot to think about.

But that’s why we’re here. We’ve gone through what the market has to offer and came up with a list of the 20 best snowboard brands you should check out in 2024 before prepping for hitting the slopes in the coming winter.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

20. Thirtytwo


In the industry since 1995, Thirtytwo specializes in manufacturing snowboard boots and outwear, always striving to offer the best comfort and innovating technologies to their riders, among which are Scott Stevens, Chris Bradshaw, and Walker and Simon Chamberlain.

They’re some of the riders that get to test Thritytwo’s products first, so if they approve, you can bet they’re good enough for you as well. For those concerned, they also use eco friendly materials.

One thing to note is that Thritytwo is owned by Sole Technology, the same group that owns the Etnies skate shoes brand.

19. DC

DC Snow

Mainly focusing on snowboarding shoes, DC are always on the lookout for ways to improve their products’ design and performance. They’ve delivered some revolutionary and high performance snowboard products over time, so they’re legit.

They believe that every snowboarder is important, no matter if he’s a pro or a beginner, so they’ve got no specific focus regarding their client’s skill level. That means everybody can find their snowboard shoes here.

18. Switchback

Switchback Snowboard Bindings

Switchback has a different approach in that it offers fully customizable binding, thus suiting every rider’s particular needs. There’s a wide range of available colors for each of the binding’s components, reaching an unbelievable 15,000 color variations.

Their bindings come without screws, and use the KISS approach for their design and manufacture, making them stand out from the crowd. On the other hand though, expect higher than average rates, so make sure you with your wallet ready.

17. Union

Union Bindings

Union is another snowboard brand worthy of attention, as they focus on offering the best possible product in each price category. They use innovative methods and technology, so you can rest assured you’re going to get superior products.

Their products are also oriented towards every type of riding and for any skill level, so no one’s left out. They’re well known for their snowboard bindings, with various features and styles. There’s all-mountain, freestyle, youth, and you can even find bindings for split-boards as well.

16. Bataleon

Bataleon Snowboards

Bataleon is an industry leader when it comes to 3D technology, the company’s their own patented 3D base geometries (3BT) used for their snowboards. In addition to that, they’ve also perfected the triple base technology, crafting boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points.

For the non-techy people out there, when a snowboard is turned, there’s a torsional twist force in the nose and tail of the board, fighting against the snowboarder, making the board harder to turn.

To make turning easier, the 3BT technology from Bataleon counteracts that torsional twist by lifting the edges outside the contact points, thus making for a more efficient turning of the board. In a few words, snowboarding becomes more playful and forgiving.

The Bataleon boars are all handmade in Austria, so expect nothing but the best of craftsmanship and materials used.

15. Nidecker

Nidecker Snowboards

Started by the Swiss entrepreneur Henri Nidecker, the eponymous snowboard brand began in 1887 as a small factory that made agricultural equipment for the Swiss farmers located near Lake Geneva. Five decades later, the factory would produce its first snowboard.

They haven’t stopped ever since, and nowadays, Nidecker are developing and prototyping snowboards for various other snowboard companies.

They were the only ones to craft a steel-edged shred stick, and also a snowboard called “Gun” for its pointed tip and straight sidewalls, developed specifically for the Hawaiian surfers in the ’50s.

14. Lobster

Lobster Snowboard

Started by snowboarding brothers Halldor and Eiki Helgason in 2011 in Iceland, Lobster was the only way they could create their very own boards exactly how they wanted, incorporating their styles and graphics.

Lobster snowboards grew big enough to serve others as well, and they started using the same Triple Base 3BT technology Bataleon uses. All is well with Lobster when it comes to manufacturing boards, but the prices might be a little too high for some riders.

13. Rome SDS

Rome Snowboards

Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) is located in Waterbury, Vermont, and was founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who both used to work at Burton. They saw the need for high-end, high-quality boards and gear, so they started their pursuit.

Driven by the passion for the sport, the freedom and the fun snowboarding provided, they began crafting some of the most impressive boards out there. Their focus has always been on doing things differently, and their line of rocker-camber hybrids have amazed the snowboarding community.

Among other technologies, they’re using Hot Rods, which run through certain sections of the board, giving it various properties such as responsiveness, power, snap, and pop.

You won’t go wrong for trusting Rome SDS with your fun on the snow.

12. Jones

Jones Snowboards

Jones Snowboarding was founded by the freeride legend Jeremy Jones, and his true love and passion for snowboarding can be seen in the brand’s creations. Besides that, the brand is also focused on protecting the resources of our planet.

Their lineup consists of boards for everyone, but they really shine in the backcountry board department. Theirs are some of the boldest you could ever find on the market, a perfect choice for big mountain and powder days.

11. Rossignol


Rossignol’s story began in 1907 in the French Alps as a high quality ski manufacturer. The first Rossignol snowboard came only in 1987, but they’ve already accumulated plenty of experience in the snow sports industry, and also benefited of the experience of some of the best freeride snowboarders in the world, with Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, and Xavier de Le Rue to name a few.

Their exquisite craftsmanship and innovative concepts can be seen in their snowboard line as well, with L.I.T.E. frame for shock absorption, RadCut for a superior edge hold, or the Reverse Directional Flex for a different power dynamic than traditional boards can offer.

All in all, Rossignol is a very good choice.

10. Never Summer

Never Summer

The Never Summer story started back in 1991 in Denver, Colorado, and their name tells everything. They love winters and the fun they bring, and that can be seen in the passion and craftsmanship they put into creating some of the most high quality boards on the market.

With an emphasis on research and development, Never Summer manages to come up with boards that push the limit on what’s possible on the slopes. No matter what your preference is, from all-mountain to freeride, freestyle, or powder, they’ve got you covered.

9. K2

K2 Sports

K2 Sports is a tried and true snowboard company, with its headquarters in Seattle, focusing on developing only high quality and durable products stemming from creative ideas and using of innovative but sustainable materials.

It’s an outdoor brand many cherish and love, and that’s because they keep on doing the right things for their clients.


Ride Snowboards

Known as one of the best snowboard brands out there, RIDE has always focused on building cutting edge boards with advanced technology and premium materials only, while staying true to their customers’ requirements.

The company was started in 1992 in Redmond, Washington, and has always stayed true to its original vision of delivering superior and technically advanced boards and related gear. Their team of snowboard professionals have pushed the limits, and today, RIDE is seen as one of the snowboard industry’s leaders.

7. Salomon

Salomon snowboards

Salomon Snowboards is part of the larger Salomon group that started its journey back in 1995 in Annecy, at the base of the French Alps. Their story began as a ski manufacturer, but they quickly grew in other sports, including snowboarding.

Today, Salomon offers some of the finest boards in the industry, especially their line of split boards, which many top snowboarders swear by.

They’ve always sought to be on the cutting edge of snowboard technology, and some of their boards are unique in the world. If you think split boards are advanced since they split in two to allow the rider to easily go up the mountain, they also offer a split board model that splits in four, so it becomes even easier to carry.

The only thing with Salomon’s split boards is the cost, making their boards a good fit for professional snowboarders and less for the beginners.

6. Nitro

Nitro Snowboards

Nitro is a brand that puts the people and the snowboarding community first. It’s their belief and one that have followed since their inception in 1990. As they say, the company is rider owned and operated, so they’ve got skin in the game.

Their suppliers are also family owned and operated brands to ensure the maximum quality for their products. Another positive thing about them is that they believe in diversity, so they create boards for every type of rider, novice or pro, so nobody should have any trouble finding their favorite Nitro board.


CAPiTA Snowboarding

After starting in a garage in Seattle, CAPiTA has established their base camp in the Austrian Alps shortly after and have quickly become one of the most loved brands by their customers.

Many top riders in the world who’re pushing the limits on the slopes prefer CAPiTA for their boards, and that should tell you enough about their quality and performance.

4. GNU

GNU Snowboard

Founded back in 1977, GNU have become known all over the world for their handmade snowboards, with bold graphics and innovative designs. Their focus on weird and innovative pursuits has led them far since their inception.

Today, they’re well known for their outrageous boards, pioneers of the deep, carving sidecuts. All of their boards have been and continue to be built by snowboarders, driven by nothing but passion, quality, crazy experimentation, and technical innovation.

3. Lib Tech

Lib Tech

Lib Technologies have managed to become one of the best all-around snowboard companies, offering some of the boldest and brightest designed boards on the market.

Part of their team is comprised of artists such as Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, and Matt French, so creativity is a big deal for Lib.

When it comes to technology, Lib Tech leads the way as well, with innovations like their state of the art reverse camber concept, leading to progress in the industry.

2. Burton

Burton Snowboards

Born out of the sheer passion for snowboarding in the snowy paradise of Northeastern Vermont, Burton is one of the best known snowboarding brands on the market. The brand’s founder, Jake Burton Carpenter, is known to have created the first true snowboard back in 1977.

Small in its beginnings, Burton moved from crafting boards in the barn and selling them in the living room to the full-fledged organization it is today. They’re keeping themselves in front of the industry, leading its progress while keeping their customers and team of riders as happy as possible during wintertime.

1. Arbor

Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Collective are known for their superb craftsmanship and their unbelievably beautiful boards. Technology-wise, they’re ahead of the market, with Parabolic Profiles, Grip Tech, and Power Ply Technology as some of the things they’ve developed in order to maximize the potential and performance of their products.

Besides the well crafted snowboards, one of Arbor’s mission has been to become one of the most sustainable brands out there, and they’ve managed that by having a minimal impact on the environment through the use of innovative materials and planting more than 350k trees in Hawaii.

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