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The 20 Best Driver Shafts You Can Buy Right Now

By Brody Patterson


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Best Driver Shafts
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If you’re in the market for a driver shaft you should know that not all of them are the same. This is a mistake that a lot of beginners make, as they believe that the only real difference between driver shafts and golf irons is in the price tag.

What they don’t realize is that picking the wrong driver shaft for you can seriously impede your ability to perform on the field which is why you should always take a longer time examining which one you’ll be going for at the end of the day.

It’s not just about the stiffness you like and whatnot, and that price tag can actually be justified by a variety of different reasons that we’ll delve into as we continue on this little guide of ours.

But alas, what is the purpose of this article in the first place? Why are we here, taking your valuable time away from you? Well, we’re here mainly just to direct you towards the best driver shaft that you can afford, and on top of that we want to educate you on what makes for the perfect shaft and whatnot.

So, for now let’s start with a simple guide on how you can do this on your own before we delve into what we would consider to be the 20 best driver shafts on the market.

How to Find the Perfect Driver Shaft for You

Fujikura Ventus Shafts
Fujikura Ventus Shafts

The Shaft Material

The reason as to why the shaft material is so important is because, based on the material you choose, the weight will differ drastically.

So, for example most drivers out there come with a standard graphite shaft which is perfect for your swing, anything other than that is going to make it harder to swing properly. Although more expensive than steel shafts, it’s very good for boosting the distance of your swing.

It’s also the more preferred version for seniors and high handicapped users all around the globe.

The Shaft Flex

The flex of the shaft is one thing that most people don’t take into account. Believe it or not but most golfers do prefer their shaft to be extremely stiff since stiff means that it will be a lot easier to aim with.

Go for an extra-stiff shaft if you want to swing at over 110mph, but if you want something that will help make the experience easier then definitely go for something that has a bit of a bend to it.

This is again, the perfect choice for seniors or high handicapped users since it pretty much helps them get past that 80mph area that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.

The Shaft Length

Usually, this depends on the person that’s actually using the driver, but for the most part most men agree that 45 inches for a shaft is more than enough while for women, since they are typically shorter and have shorter arms, 44 inches sounds about right.

Just remember that the longer the shaft is the faster your swing will be. The only downside to this is that you lose the precision as the length of the shaft increases. So, just think this through, what do you lack in the most?

Is it the speed of the swing? If so then go for a longer shaft since that will make you way stronger on the pitch. But if you don’t have the most accurate shot then you should probably go for a shorter, stubbier shaft instead. It’s all about balance really, and once you’ve found the perfect one for you it should be clear sailing ahead.

The Shaft Weight

As mentioned previously, the heavier the shaft is, the more consistently you’ll be able to hit your shot and the more powerful your shot will be.

But, if you go for a shaft that’s made up of a lightweight material such as graphite for example, you’ll get a lot less spin and speed out of it but it’ll also be better for you if you’re injured or if you want to go for tighter shots.

The Speed

If the length is what makes the speed of the swing, then why aren’t all shafts three meter long? This is because the longer the shaft is the harder it is to swing properly meaning that you won’t be able to be as accurate with it.

Most experts agree that hitting the ball around half an inch off the center you pretty much miss out on 7 percent of your carry distance. Just think about that when you consider the speed you need and the speed you want for the shots you take.

The Kick Point

When it comes to the swing itself, we can’t ignore the downswing and the impact because that’s really what swinging is all about.

If you want to get a good trajectory on the hit then you’ll need to go for a kick-point that matches your required swing. For example, a low kick point is perfect for hitting the ball higher while a higher kick point is perfect for faster and lower ball swings.

The Torque

In case you didn’t know by now, the torque is essentially just the twisting of the shaft. In order to choose the perfect torque for you we will be using the degrees unit so you can have an easier time at the end of the day.

So, what exactly are you looking for when it comes to the torque? Essentially, if you go for a more twisty torque you will be getting a slower and more accurate swing, but if you want to go all out and increase your swing speed you will want the resistance to be a bit higher as in a lower torque overall.

Again, it’s all about the balancing of it all, if you want a proper shaft you will need to find that perfect balance that fits you and you alone, while we can indicate the best drivers on the market the results may differ for you personally.

But alas, with that being said, let’s jump into our next segment which is our personal top 20 driver shafts that we believe will improve your swing drastically:

20. Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft

If you’re a relative newcomer on the field then this will be the best choice for you without a doubt.

It’s 45 inches long with a regular flex and a low to mid kick point so it’s literally perfectly balanced for anyone that’s just getting started.

19. Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver/Fairway Shaft

Project X New Even Flow Blue 6.0 Driver Fairway Shaft

This is a very consistent driver shaft that will not disappoint. It is primarily made out of graphite, and it has a length of around 46 inches with a mid-kick point.

What really sets this shaft apart however is its stiffness, this is one of the stiffest shafts your money can buy for you.

18. Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft

Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft

If you’re looking for a hybrid golf club then this right here should top your list. It has an easier swing ability and it is the preferred shaft for anyone that’s just getting into the game. It has a senior flex and a mid to high kick point.

On top of that it’s also a graphite build, so you already know you’re getting a high-quality item right off the bat simply off of that info alone.

17. Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced CB Driver Shaft

Accra New Tour Z 85 Counter Balanced CB Driver Shaft

The reason as to why you would go for this shaft is definitely the fact that it has a fully customizable flex that will make it so that you can get the perfect shaft for you.

Couple that with its low to mid kick point and its graphite built and this might very well be one of Accra’s best shafts up to date.

16. MCA-Golf New Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD 70 TX Driver Shaft

MCA-Golf New Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XD 70 TX Driver Shaft

If you are a senior or just can’t generate all that much power nor want to, then this might be the choice for you.

If your swing is anywhere below 85mph then this lightweight and flexible shaft will be your perfect companion moving on.

15. Aldila RIP X 75 Stiff Shaft

Aldila RIP X 75 Stiff Shaft

If you want a stiff shaft then this variant from Aldila will definitely do the job for you.

Being one of their most popular shafts up to date, it’s pretty clear that Aldila have pretty much revolutionized the game for many years now and will continue to do so if they keep on releasing high quality shafts such as this one.

14. TPT Red Range Shaft

TPT Red Range Shaft

Commonly referred to as TPT’s best shaft up to date, there are very few reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to get this shaft right here and right now.

The only one we can even think of is the price tag, but if you can get over that aspect, we fully recommend it because it’s worth it for both newcomers and experts in the field.

13. UST Mamiya LIN-Q Purple Shaft

UST Mamiya LIN-Q Purple Shaft

Despite being yet another relatively expensive shaft, it more than makes it for it by being commonly referred to as the go-to in terms of golf shafts out there.

It is perfect for players that want stability and power, which works perfectly for UST since that’s what they’re all about.

12. Graphite Design Tour AD XC Shaft

Graphite Design AD XC Shaft

As opposed to the other shaft we talked about above, this right here is what we would refer to as the company’s strongest shaft simply because it is unmatched in terms of absolute driving performance.

As long as you can afford the price tag, this is one shaft that will get you swinging for the victory from the very start.

11. Mitsubishi Diamana ZF Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana ZF Shaft

Stability is key in getting that perfect swing which is exactly what ZF does best.

Most players that have tried this variant of Mitsubishi’s Diamana series find it hard to actually use anything else afterwards since it’s such a perfect shaft to use.

10. Accra RPG Tour Shaft

Accra RPG Tour Shaft

This right here is one of the most popular driver shafts in the whole world. Regardless of whether you prefer your shaft to be long or short, this makes for the perfect choice because of how perfect it is built.

The flex type is R-X, and the length is a tad bit longer than the average, standing at 46 inches in total. Although we don’t know the kick point nor the weight of it, we can say that it is the preferred shaft that most pro players out there have been using for many years now.

9. KBS TD Driver Shaft

KBS TD Driver Shaft

Despite the fact that it only hit the market a while back, this is already one of the best driver shafts on the market simply for being one of the lightest and easiest to handle shafts in the world.

It has a low to high kick point and a weight of only 46g if you choose to go for the lighter version. If you want a heavier one you can go for the 81g version. Length wise you’re looking at around 45 inches, with the option to go for a 46 incher too if you want to.

8. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Shaft

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Shaft

If you want more power and at the same time, a lower flight level, then this right here will definitely be the perfect choice for you.

This one was specifically made for those that like to swing all out, for the people that are not afraid of putting their backs into it and going for the swing of their life every time.

The weight and length reflect this perfectly as you’re looking at a 64-88g shaft with around 46 inches to back it up.

7. Aldila Rogue Black Shaft

Aldila Rogue Black Shaft

This is one of the most consistently used shafts in the world and for good reason too. This Rogue Black Shaft excels thanks to its incredible advanced carbon fibers construction, making it also one of the most versatile mid kick point shafts in the world.

It’s also very easy to handle at only 56-86g, with a total length of around 46 inches in total.  The torque is also worth mentioning, standing at around 5.2 to 2.7 degrees.

6. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Shaft

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Shaft

Definitely one of Mitsubishi’s top shafts out there, this is a perfect choice for those that want a counterbalanced design that also makes for the perfect companion for the strongest player on the pitch.

Definitely on the heavier side, this shaft weighs around 54-95g and it has a total length of 46 inches making it the perfect choice for the Viking warrior that wants to get that hole in one all across the field in one go.

5. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft

If stiffness is what you’re looking for then definitely go for this shaft. It is by far the stiffest shaft that HZRDUS have ever made and on top of that it’s also specifically made so that you can get a proper good swing without having to put too much back into it.

With a length of 46 inches and a total weight of 61 to 74g, this is one compact and easy to use shaft that you won’t regret buying.

4. Aldila Rogue Silver Shaft

Aldila Rogue Silver Shaft

Let’s be honest here, it’s Aldila so you already know you’re getting your money’s worth right off the bat from them.

This premium shaft perfectly reemphasizes this by offering you a perfectly balanced shaft unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It has a high kick point, which is always worth mentioning, and a total torque of around 3.7-2.7 degrees.

This is also a 46 incher and a 61-82g shaft, so definitely keep that in mind before buying it.

3. Mitsubishi Diamana DF Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana DF Shaft

This is by far one of the most trustworthy shafts you can ever get simply because it perfectly combines the power, speed and stableness that you want from a good shaft.

This is another 46 incher with a total torque of 4.7 to 2.9 degrees and a total weight of 54 to 88g. Couple that with the fact that this is a mid to high kick pointer and you’ve got yourself one of the best shafts on the market for sure.

2. Fujikura Ventus Black Shaft

Fujikura Ventus Black Shaft

If you want to shoot for the fastest ball speed you can possibly hit, then this is the perfect shaft for you. On top of being a little weightier than most other shafts out there, sitting at around 58 to 85g in total, this is also expertly built to the point where it’s impossible to hit the ball slowly using it.

On top of that its design is just downright badass, and couple that with the fact that you’re looking at a 46 incher and you should already know you’re looking at one of our favorites right here.

1. Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series Shaft

Mitsubishi Diamana D+ series Shaft

While most shafts on this list try to be the best at one aspect of the shooting, we personally believe that this right here is one of the few that manages to succeed in every category on the market.

It has the perfect weight of 55 to 85g, the perfect length of 46 inches and a mid to high kick point that’s unmatched in our honest opinion.

Couple that with its incredible torque choice of 6.1 to 2.9 degrees and you absolutely cannot go wrong with this shaft right here.


While we definitely have our preferences laid out in front of your very own eyes, we can safely say that none of the picks above would be bad for you. If anything, choose any of them and you’ll see yourself getting better at the game in an instant.

While the player is definitely still the most important part of the game though, we all have to say that the shaft makes enough of a difference to the point where you should always go for the best when it comes to that match, regardless if it’s a casual or professional match you’re getting ready for.

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