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The 12 Best Car Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

By Alex Holmes


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Best Car Accessories

Most of us living in big cities spend a lot of time in our cars, and what better way to make our days in traffic better than to be prepared for anything and make our cars as comfortable as possible. Although in the past year a lot of us have started working from home and we don’t have that daily commute anymore, we still use our cars for many reasons.

Whether it’s for the weekly errands, or for a quick getaway, we still need a few accessories in our cars. Some of us do work on the road and spend a good part of the day in our cars. But for some people nothing has changed in these last couple of months and still have to drive to work every day – we’ve got you all covered in this article.

Those of you who own fully equipped luxury cars that already come with dozens of features built-in might not have any use for some of the items we’ve found for you, but we guarantee that you will find this list interesting nonetheless.

There are so many gadgets out there available for our cars and most of them we don’t even realize we need. We all have some of the most obvious accessories, like a phone charger or a mount, but there might be a thing or two in this list that might be new to you, so we put together this guide for you.

Without further ado, here are the 12 best car accessories:

12. CARhandGEL Dispenser

CARhandGEL Dispenser

As the world has imposed new regulations on us in this last year, we found this little thing, that’s probably the most suitable car accessory for today’s strange world. Halmo’s sanitizing gel dispenser is the new must-have for your car. It fits perfectly in most cup holders, and if you wish to gift it to someone they can customize it with a name or logo.

11. Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display

Hudway Cast Heads-Up Display

Just like the high-end vehicles on the market at the moment, you can turn your smartphone into a heads-up display, or HUD. With Hudway, there is a transparent screen that projects the GPS on the windshield in front of you, so you don’t even need to take your phone out.

Whether you own an Android or an iOS device, they are both compatible with this cool gadget, so you can still control features such as calls, texts, or music.

10. Custom Car Mats

Custom Car Mats

In addition to a cool head up display, there are many other items that you can add to your car to make it feel more premium, such as custom car mats. With the ability to choose between many different colors, materials, and even to add your name to the bottom corner, this is a fun way of showing off your own personal style.

Custom Car Mats

9. Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo

Thule Motion XT XXL Rooftop Cargo

Whether you’re going on a road trip or you just have hobbies that take up a lot of space, this 22 cubic feet cargo box is a lifesaver. Easy to mount, it is made out of a hard shell material that can stand in any type of weather. It also comes with a torque indicator that clicks into place, and dual side openings for easy access.

8. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner from ThisWorx

ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

This compact car vacuum is perfect for keeping your car clean, especially if you have young children or pets. It plugs into your 12-volt outlet and it comes with an extension for those hard to reach places, even your trunk. Since it can pick up both dry and wet debris, your car will always be mess-free.

7. Anker Roav Viva Pro Car Charger

Alexa-Enabled Roav Viva Car Charger

This is the newest addition to the Alexa-enabled gadgets. A dual-port USB device that plugs into your cigarette lighter, it comes with voice-control navigation, hands-free calling, as well as music streaming. But the sweetest part is that you can remotely control your home’s smart devices from your car! If you were in a rush in the morning and forgot to turn off your lights or your garage door, you can now do it with Alexa’s help.

6. Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

From ZUS, here comes a must for your car: a tire pressure monitor. Not only convenient but also a safety feature, the monitor can be accessed from your phone. Thanks to an innovative AccuTemp Algorithm it detects slow leaks, so you can take care of them before you get a flat tire. It also has a built-in USB port for charging other devices and an anti-theft locking system.

5. Noco Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Noco Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

This compact 1000-amp device is a powerful battery booster, portable power bank, and a LED flashlight in one. The safety technology it comes with provides spark-proof connections, and it is powerful enough for gas engines up to 6 liters, and diesel engines up to 3 liters. Compact yet powerful, a lifesaver on those cold winter mornings.

The Noco Boost Plus gb40 can jump start a dead battery in just a matter of seconds and it could do it up to 20 times on a single charge. It has received extremely good reviews from top automotive websites like TopGear, Road & Track, MotorTrend, Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics, just to name a few. 

4. Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

This little gadget is multi-purpose and convenient, try to get your hands on one. It can inflate car and bike tires, balls, or inflatable toys, and it can recharge in your cigarette lighter. It is equipped with an OLED display which makes it very easy to read, intuitive buttons, and a thermostat that regulates the cooling fan.

3. Dualshine Car Visor Sunglass Holder

Dualshine Car Visor Sunglass Holder

This car visor sunglass holder from Dualshine is wrapped in leather and is equipped with a built-in sponge so your glasses don’t get scratched. Super easy to install, just clip it on your sun visor. The design is pleasing to the eye with its minimalist style and the one-hand maneuverability makes it an unobtrusive accessory.

2. Crosstour 1080p Dash Cam

Crosstour 1080p Dash Cam

These days a dash-cam is a must. This affordable dashcam from Crosstour records 1080p videos and comes with a 3 inch LCD screen on the back. Some of the features that make this particular model so popular are the 170-degree wide-angle lens, a built-in G-Sensor that detects sudden collisions and protects footage from being overwritten. It also powers off automatically, has on/off audio, a motion detector, and records in a loop.

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1. Maxboost Magnetic Phone Mounts

Maxboost Magnetic Phone Mounts

This is by far the cutest little accessory that you can mount right on your car vents. We feel like we stop breathing if we do not have access to our phones 24/7, so by sticking a magnetic plate on the back of your phone or inside your case you can mount your phone right in front of you for easy access. Equipped with 4 powerful magnets, a rubber claw for the car vent, and a 360-degree swivel, you’re all set.

We are certain at least one of those gadgets caught your attention, so go shopping!

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