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The 25 Best Single Speed Bikes You Can Buy in 2023

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Single Speed Bikes
State Bicycle Core Line / Jeffrey M. Olsen

For the urban dwellers who are environmentally friendly, riding a bike around town is definitely the best mode of transportation.

There are many types of bikes available on the market, all with different purposes. If you live in a city and you use it for your daily commute to work or school, or simply for leisure, especially off-terrain, your needs will be different.

Why should you consider buying a bike?

Why should you consider buying a bike
Octane One Kode Commuter Single Speed Bike

One of the most important reasons why you should consider a bike is that you save on hefty car payments, insurance, parking fees, maintenance, not to mention that you avoid creating pollution.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is another great reason for opting to turn your car in for a bike. Europeans, in particular those from the Scandinavian countries are big fans of bicycles, and they are also considered some of the happiest people on the planet.

Exercising elevates your mood, not to mention that your physical shape will improve. There are more benefits to exercising than constraints, so maybe it’s time to consider making this investment. The most interesting option? Single speed bikes! 

Types of Single Speed Bikes

Types of single speed bikes
Retrospec Mantra Fixed-Gear Bike

If you’re a novice looking to get your first adult bike, the information on bikes and single speed bikes in particular can be very overwhelming. Assess your needs first, then compare between the following types of bikes.

  • Single speed bikes are more appropriate for city life, because they are not only less expensive than other models, but they are also low maintenance. They come with only one gear, without any shifters.
  • The fixed rear wheel, or the fixie, which basically means that the drivetrain is connected to the rear wheel.
  • There are also single geared bikes that come with the “flip flop” hub, or a double-sided hub which goes back and forth between the single gear and the fixie.
  • The track bikes are used for racing, and they usually come with a flip-flop hub.
  • The single speed track bike is the track bike equipped with a flywheel.

How to choose a single speed bike?

How to choose a single speed bike
Surly Bikes Lowside

It can be a bit tricky to choose a single speed bike, since the single gears and the fixies are almost identical, so we suggest you ask the opinion of a professional, but we tried to break it down as simply as possible for you.

When choosing a single speed bike, consider the right gear for your needs. If you have to go up and down hills on a regular basis, the true single speed is best because the wheels can turn by themselves without the need for you to pedal all the time, so you can get a break every now and then.

Compare the gear ratio, tire width and wheel size. For example, for every day commuting try to stick around 70 gear inches, for many hills on the daily aim for a smaller gear, but if you ride it on mostly flat terrains, you can go up a bit.

We’ve made a list with some of the most popular single speed bikes that are available on the market in 2023, so let’s take a closer look at the best options right now:

25. State Bicycle Core Line

State Bicycle Core Line

We start off the list with a great starter bike from one of the most popular up and coming bike brands. State Bicycle’s Core Line is the perfect option for a novice who doesn’t need too many fancy specs for their first bike. For quality price ratio it is worth considering.

The frame is made from quality steel, the rack fender and bottle mounts, along other details, are customizable. The 46x16t gear ratio has a flip flop fixed /freewheel hub, so you can switch between single gear and fixed.

24. Electra Bike Cruiser 1

Electra Bike Cruiser 1

For those lazy afternoons when you feel like cruising and enjoying the scenery, this is the bike for you. The unisex steel frame adorned with the moustache bar handle bar and the bullhorn bars is the epitome of laid back.

The extra wide tires allow you to ride in comfort, and the low gear ratio and coaster brake make riding this bike a smooth experience.

23. Pure Cycles Original Series

Pure Cycles Original Series

The Original Series from Pure Cycles is an affordable and easy to maintain single speed bike. Made with a steel frame, two water bottle bosses, a rear rack and fenders, this model comes in several sizes.

There is only one front brake, but the rear brake is optional if you need it. This model also comes with a flip flop hub, and the gears vary from 40×16/15t or 44×16/15t.

22. Genesis Flyer

Genesis Flyer

This bike is perfect for the weekend rider that loves to slow down and take in the sights. It comes with forward-facing dropouts and provides neutral handling, the downside is that it has low gears.

But that makes for a comfortable and smooth ride, so it isn’t all that negative. The 42x17t gearing is nice for hills, and there is a fixed/freewheel hub that you can change up.

21. Retrospec Mantra Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike

Retrospect Mantra Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike

Another entry-level bike, the Retrospec gives you lots of bang for your buck. The durable steel frame comes with built-in sprockets, and it is equipped with multiple mounts for your accessories.

The flip flop hub allows you to make it either a fixed or single-speed bike. The caliper rim brakes, 28mm Kenda commuter tires, along many other specs make this an interesting option.

20. FabricBike Light Single Speed Bike

FabricBike Light Single Speed Bike

Just like the name suggests, this model is one of the lightest single speeds on the market. It does come equipped with a flip flop hub though, so you can convert it into a fixed gear from a 16t single speed.

This model is great for long distances, but not so great if you need to make lots of turns on your commute. The 25c Kenda tires and the 43mm wheels offer you great comfort on the road, and the aluminum frameset is great for aerodynamics.

19. Creme Vinyl Uno Single Speed Bike

Creme Vinyl Uno Single Speed Bike

Vinyl Uno, made by Dutch brand Creme is a single speed that is on the larger side. The 46/17t flip flop gear allows you to change it up to a fixie, but if you’re planning on riding it on hills you should consider investing in a larger sprocket and a longer chain.

The light yet robust steel frame and fork, the thick wheels and the riser flat bar provide you with comfort while riding.

18. Fuji Feather Single Speed Bike

Fuji Feather 2020 Single Speed Bike

The perfect blend between a modern bike with a retro vibe, this bike from Fuji Feather is a comfortable yet hardy ride with its Chromoly steel frame and fork. The keirin-style handlebars make it a pleasant ride for the city.

Unfortunately there’s no fender mounts, so watch out for those outpours. The flip flop hub gives you the option to take it for a spin on the track with its 16t freewheel.

Fuji Bikes

17. Octane One Kode Commuter Single Speed Bike

Octane One Kode Commuter Single Speed Bike

This is a great all around versatile bike that allows you to ride on city streets or the track, even on uneven terrains if you so choose. Riders enjoy the pannier and bottle mounts the steel frame comes with, and the fenders allow you to ride in the rain.

Another cool option is the mechanical disc brakes, and the 40c Kenda Kwik tires offer you the option to switch to a drivetrain.

16. Mission Bicycle Lumen

Mission Bicycle Lumen

For the riders that go from day to night, this matte black model from Mission Bicycle Company is the coolest one yet. The reflective coating the bike comes with will keep you safe at nights, and you get to customize the specs depending on your preference.

The Cromoly steel frame is guaranteed to offer you a durable bike that’s guaranteed for 50 years.

15. Shinola Detroit Arrow

Shinola Detroit Arrow

This Detroit company brings you this glorious single speed bike. The True Temper design and the TIG hand welded steel frame offer you comfort on the road, along with amazing handling.

This low-maintenance 38/18 gear bike comes with a custom chain guard Tektro caliper brakes, along many other cool specs. And it’s American made!

14. Cinelli Tipo Pista

Cinelli Tipo Pista

Cinelli is a great brand for the cyclists out there, and this model made from Columbus alloy tubing is equipped for sharp handling. The bike comes with both front and rear brakes that are removable if you decide to go racing.

The gearing of 48×17/18t also comes with a flip flop hub. Lightweight, it is easier to maneuver on treacherous terrains as well as for everyday commuting.

Cinelli USA

13. Genesis Day One Single Speed Bike

Genesis Day One 10 Single Speed Bike

For a great investment, consider this option from Genesis. The Cromoly steel frame and fork are sturdy and long lasting which offer you years of enjoyment. The 42/17t gear is perfect for balancing speed as well as hilly grounds.

The mechanical disc brakes, the mounds for the panniers, the full-length mudguards and 35c tires are all great specs this bike offers.

12. All-City Super Professional Singlespeed

All-City Super Professional Singlespeed

One of the most attractive bikes out, the Master Dropout uses a thru-axle which can convert the bike from a single speed to a geared one. With the CX geometry the brand uses on its bikes, it is equipped to handle any terrain.

The 44x18t gearing along the 45c tire clearance makes this a comfortable ride, and the 44t chainring uses the Omega MegaExo crank. The steel tubing , the rack and fender mounts and the provisions for the disc brakes are all cool specs.

11. Ribble Urban 725

Ribble Urban 725

For the commuter who likes to ride on different terrains while doing it in comfort, this customizable option from Reynolds is a great choice. You can change it up between freewheel or fixed due to its 40c rubber clearance.

You can choose the specs that you want before ordering the bike according to budget and needs, but the basic model is great just as is.

10. Cinelli Tutto Plus

Cinelli Tutto Plus

This commuter, CX racer and hauler all in one, make this one of the most versatile bikes out. You can adapt it depending on your needs, so it is a good investment to make if you like to engage in different types of riding.

The frame allows you to put 45c tire gravels, and it is equipped with v-brake studs, perfect for racing. The rear hub allows you to pick different gears when you get more daring on the road.

Cinelli USA

9. State Bicycle Elliston Deluxe

State Bicycles Elliston Deluxe

One of the single-speed hybrid bikes with pannier racks at the front and rear at an affordable price, you will adore the classic look of this bike. The frame mounted bottle opener, with its brown leather seats and grips give this bike an elegant allure.

The chain guard and fenders allow you to keep things neat, and the freewheel hub is great for easy stopping.

8. Surly Bikes Lowside

Surly Bikes Lowside

This model from Surly bikes is one of the best rated single-speed mountain bikes. This is a unique model that you don’t see often, a fixie mountain bike. The extra large tires and the hydraulic disc brakes make it trail ready.

Along other cool specs, you will appreciate the dropper post compatibility this offering brings you.

7. Salsa Cycles Stormchaser

Salsa Cycles Stormchaser

This single speed gravel bike from Salsa Bikes is a sturdy but lightweight bike that can handle whatever mother nature decides to throw your way. The Vibration Reduction System and the Teravail Rutland tires make this bike a smooth, comfortable ride.

It has lots of lovely features, with the water-bottle mounts among the favorites, but many safety features as well.

6. All-City Cycles Nature Cross

All-City Cycles Nature Cross

This single-speed Cx shows you that you can ride cyclocross at a single speed. Requiring minimal maintenance, this durable all-terrain bike is built from A.C.E. steel and features a Columbus Futura Cross carbon fork that allows for 42 mm tires.

Combining gravel riding and inner-city style, this model from All-City is a great option for the racers out there.

5. Surly Steamroller

Surly Steamroller

This is one of the most versatile fixed gear framed bikes that you can use for commuting while taking back gravel roads, and you can even go racing on the velodromes. Steamroller has been making some of the best bikes on the market without modifying too much throughout the years.

The 38c tires allow for a comfortable ride, and the rear fenders and the 120mm hub spacing of the track dropouts make it convenient for everyday riding.

4. Trek Superfly SS

Trek Superfly SS

The Trek bikes are well-known for being competition bikes, but this model is a great entry-level one. Offering excellent durability and performance, the hydroformed aluminum body allows you to speed, even on treacherous terrains.

The Thru-axle is adjustable, the wheels are Mustang Elite Tubeless rims, and the 29×2.20” tires are Bontrager XR2 Expert. The Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes offer you safety while you’re getting your adrenaline going.

3. Larry vs. Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike

Larry vs. Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike

Copenhagen duo Larry and Harry Bullit have designed this one-of-a-kind statement of a bike. Straight from Denmark, this single-speed is perfect for those who really do not want to use a car for anything, not even errands.

It is built strong enough to carry a couple of hundred pounds of cargo, so you can ditch your car for good. Perfect for families as well.

2. Niner One 9 RDO SS

Niner One 9 RDO SS

Now we’re getting to a category of single speeds that are in a class of their own. This model from Niner Bikes is as aggressive as they get.

Specs galore, we could do a whole article on the One 9 RDO, but the only thing you must know is that it’s one of the fastest on the market, and the carbon chassis is a welcomed upgrade from the original One 9.

1. Brompton, The Bike

Brompton, The Bike

This is definitely one of the more different looking bikes on the market. It is a folding bike, which makes it the perfect companion for the city dwellers. It can be used on public transit and it fits under your desk, and due to its light weight it is not a chore schlepping it around everywhere.

The small wheels allow for fast acceleration and ease of maneuvering on busy streets. You can customize the gears, accessories and riding styles to make it your own.

We have looked at many models that are great for lazy days, for the city dwellers, the commuters, or even the competitive natures out there. Which one suits your needs best?

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