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The 25 Best Motorcycle Jackets of 2024

By Vlad Craciun


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Best Motorcycle Jackets
Rev’It! Trench GTX Jacket

While in most countries, riding a motorcycle only requires a helmet and maybe a good pair of motorcycle gloves, wearing full gear is definitely recommended. And one of the pieces of gear often overlooked by many riders, especially in hot weather, is a proper motorcycle jacket.

Sure, it feels amazing to have a little bit of air current cool you down during a cool summer ride, but it would feel terrible to slide on your back with nothing but a T-shirt in between your skin and the asphalt.

Wearing a motorcycle jacket doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and surely you can get away with something stylish enough if that’s your main concern. There are plenty of options to suit every rider and riding style, you just have to find one. Well, that’s easier said than done, but in this article we’ll help you find one of the 25 best motorcycle jackets of 2024.

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Jacket

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Jacket
Dainese smart jacket

Choosing the proper motorcycle jacket isn’t as simple as choosing what T-shirt to wear for the day, but we’ve gathered a few tips to help you make your decision. Here we go:


Icon Upstate Riding Shirt
Icon Upstate Riding Shirt

First, you’ll need to consider the use case. Where are you going to use it will guide the rest of the features. Are you a track or a street rider? Do you need something that can withstand cold weather and rain or just something light for sunny days? The type of bike you ride is very important. Also consider your riding style to determine what features are important and what not.


Merlin Chase Jacket Material
Merlin Chase Jacket

Materials matter. Most often than not, the materials used will play an important role in the overall quality and durability of the jacket. Different materials have different breathability, weather protection and abrasion resistance.

For the best weather protection, you’ll probably want to go with a Gore-Tex membrane or similar. If you love leather, take into consideration that leather doesn’t breathe that well, an important thing in hot summer days.

Protection and Armor

Spidi AllRoad H2OUT Jacket Protection
Spidi AllRoad H2OUT Jacket

While some jackets come with only internal padding for protection, that is not enough. Most jackets today will provide elbow and shoulder armor, with optional spine and chest armor (often those come as separate purchases).

Track jackets will provide external sliders for added protection. Take your time an go through what type of armor different brands offer, and the level and certification of that armor.


Belstaff Ivy Jacket
Belstaff Ivy Jacket

One of the most important features when it comes to comfort, ventilation is something you shouldn’t overlook. Proper protection often comes with added layers which make for a warmer environment inside the jacket.

Look for mesh sections and flaps that can be easily opened and closed. One key aspect here is to look for something with exhaust ports as well, which will greatly improve overall breathability.


Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Jacket
Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Jacket

Layers will add to the versatility of a jacket. A modular jacket with removable liners will be better suited to many different riding conditions and climates.


REV’IT! Element Jacket Photo
REV’IT! Element Jacket

Riding in California will be different than a trip to Northern Europe, so choose your jacket according to the climate you’ll be riding in. This is a no-brainer, but it could easily make the difference between a pleasant riding experience or not.


Roland Sands Clash Jacket Photo
Roland Sands Clash Jacket

When it comes to features and functionality, there has been plenty of development in recent years, so do a little bit of research to see what different brands have to offer. From removable liners to electrically heated jackets and the most important of them all, airbag systems, you’ve got to see what’s available so you can take an informed decision.


Alpinestars Tech-Air 5
Alpinestars Tech-Air 5

Often neglected in the favor of style, visibility is an important aspect. Choosing a hi-vis (or high visibility) jacket can save your life in certain situations. Think rain, fog or riding at night, but not only that. Most drivers aren’t paying enough attention, so a very bright jacket can make them aware that you are on the road as well.

Fit, Weight and Adjustability

Fuel Discovery

With so many types of motorcycle jackets on the market today, you’re sure to find various shapes which may or may not fit you well. Going for a relaxed ride on a cruiser with a tight fit and cut jacket made for the track is a no-no, so make sure you get the right type of jacket for you.

Another important aspect here is weight. With all those heavy duty layers and armor, motorcycle jackets get heavy. Make sure you strike the right balance for what you need. Riding several hours a day with a heavy and uncomfortable jacket will get you tired quite fast.

Also, adjustability features on a jacket means that you can have a more accurate fit for your body size and shape, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Having said all that, it’s time to take a closer look at the 25 best motorcycle jackets right now:

25. Dainese Smart Jacket

Dainese Smart Jacket

While not technically a motorcycle jacket, the Dainese Smart Jacket is in fact a vest with integrated airbag system for riders. Thin enough to wear under a full motorcycle jacket, it reads the body tilt and change of velocity and direction to detect an accident.

When that happens, it inflates the airbag, protecting the rider 360 degrees, absorbing four times more force in the spine area than rigid armor can, and three times more on the other sides.

24. Icon Upstate Riding Shirt

Icon Upstate Riding Shirt Rollover

Designed with those casual hot summer day rides in mind, the Icon Upstate Riding Shirt is less than wearing a full motorcycle jacket, but more than riding without one.

Think comfy lumberjack shirt with motorcycle jacket protection and armor. The material is Icon’s Iron Weave Mesh and is very breathable, lightweight and provides high abrasion resistance. But there’s even more protection, with D30 armor for the back, shoulders and elbows.

23. Merlin Stafford Wax Jacket

Merlin Stafford Wax Jacket

The Merlin Stafford Wax Jacket offers a classic look at an affordable price without sacrificing protection. The materials and tech used are modern, and offers plenty of features such as vents at the chest and sleeve, with exhaust ports at the back.

The waxed cotton shell looks amazing and will protect you in rain. For added weather and cold protection, there’s both a waterproof membrane liner and an insulated one that can be zipped in when needed. One optional but important feature to consider is the Merlin Integrated Airbag that snaps inside, to increase the protection offered by the shoulder and elbow armor.

22. Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Jacket

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Jacket

For those looking for a sports jacket on a budget, look no further than the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0. It’s appropriate for both cold and warm climates, with a waterproof and abrasion resistant outer layer, zippered vents for adjustable ventilation and an additional inner liner for warmth.

Safety features come in the form of CE approved shoulder, elbow and back armor pads, though the back one could be better – replacing it might be a good decision. But at only $180, this jacket offers excellent value for money.

21. Alpinestars T-Faster Air Jacket

Alpinestars T-Faster Air Jacket

Another jacket that offers a great value for money is the Alpinestars T-Faster Air. Compared to the Joe Rocket above, this is designed for warm weather, having mesh panels to increase airflow.

Protection is good, with elbow and shoulder armor and optional back protector. Though mostly black, it comes in different versions with several high visibility stripes.

20. Rev’It! Trench GTX Jacket

Rev’It! Trench GTX Jacket

Probably one of the best all round motorcycle jackets out there, both in styling and features, the Rev’It! Trench GTX comes with a Gore-Tex membrane inside the outer shell, making for perfect weather protection.

Active chest vents with oversized zippers and magnetic anchors, and exhaust vents behind the shoulders make for excellent ventilation when needed. A zip-in liner will provide extra warmth and the CE Level 2 armor for elbows and shoulders provide adequate protection. Also, there’s plenty of storage space due to the many pockets the Trench comes with.

The price could have been lower, but with all the features, it’s hard to find a fault with this jacket.

19. Dainese Super Speed Summer Jacket

Dainese Super Speed Summer Jacket

Among the best overall options when looking for a slim fit summer jacket, the Dainese Super Speed Summer Jacket has a lot to offer at a good price point. It’s textile only, with mesh panels, so you benefit from great breathability, and comes as a lighter version of Dainese’s premium racing jackets.

Perfect for the warmer climates, with hot weather all year round, this jacket also comes with serious protection. Made from tough materials like Duratex and Boomerang, it also features EN 1621.1/97 standard composite protectors with aluminum inserts for shoulders. It also has a back pocket for optional G1 or G2 back protector and front pockets for chest pads.

18. REV’IT! Component Jacket

REV’IT! Element Jacket

An interesting option for those in need of something that doesn’t look like a motorcycle jacket while it offers both the protection and features of one, the Rev’It! Element Jacket is the one to go for.

It’s abrasion resistant due to the 750D Cordura Ripstop, waterproof, stretchy and comes with impact protection for elbows and shoulders on the inside. For ventilation there are zippered pockets on the chest, forearms and bicep area.

17. Fuel Discovery Jacket

Fuel Discovery Jacket

The Fuel Discovery comes as a wonderful retro style motorcycle jacket designed for the scrambler rider who loves to have fun both on and off-road. Made from a waxed heavy duty cotton canvas outer shell with inner CE Level 2 armor, this jacket features plenty of protection while not looking bad at all.

16. Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket

Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket

Designed with the café racer craze in mind, the Schott 118 Perfecto, as the name implies, aims to be the perfect casual riding jacket on the market. The brand’s legendary heritage and the unmatched style still amazes today among the many high tech choices on the market.

It offers a simple, no non-sense design, with two zippered pockets for the hands and one chest pocket, plus a warm flannel lining for comfort. There’s not much else to brag about except the excellent style. Sure, it’s not your heavy duty riding jacket, but a superb option for your Sunday morning café racing.

15. Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket

Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket

Considering the price and everything it offers, the Firstgear Kathmandu Jacket is a worthy option for the adventure rider on a budget.

Designed with cold weather in mind, this jacket features a Hypertex waterproof exterior shell with 420 denier ripstop nylon, so it’s durable, lightweight and weatherproof. There’s D3O T5 CE armor on the shoulders and elbows and an EVA back pad for spine protection. The jacket is extremely adjustable no matter your body shape and fit.

Among other features, you can count an under-helmet rain hood, a 1.5 liter hydration pack and plenty of vents for those warmer days. All in all, it’s one of the best four season riding jackets out there.

14. Furygan Crow Leather

Furygan Crow Leather

The Furygan Crow Leather is one of the best track riding jackets you could have today. It’s built using the same technology and materials as the suits worn by MotoGP riders, so expect top quality and performance.

To name some of the features, we’ve got high abrasion resistant leather with water repellent treatment and Kevlar reinforcements, plus SAS-TEC internal armor and external aluminum sliders on crucial areas.

13. Jane Kingsland Parka

Jane Kingsland Parka

The Kingsland Parka from Jane Moto comes as a stunningly stylish piece of garment, with all the perks and features of a motorcycle jacket.

It’s made from a specially treated 8.50 oz waxed canvas and comes with an additional wind resistant nylon liner and weather flap, so you can expect full weather protection. There’s also D30 armor on the elbows, shoulders and back for maximum protection.

12. Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Jacket

Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Jacket

Built for off-roading, with ventilation and hydration in mind, the Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Jacket is one of the best choices for the adventure or touring rider as well, given its advantages.

With an internal hydration system that can carry up to 3 liters of water, excellent ventilation, room for plenty of body armor and super comfortable fit, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider it.

11. RS Taichi RSJ832 GMX Arrow Leather Jacket

RS Taichi RSJ832 GMX Arrow Leather Jacket

Another high quality, professional, racetrack ready jacket is the RS Taichi RSJ832 GMX Arrow Leather. It’s built from 1.3 – 1.4 mm thick cowhide leather which makes it very resistant to abrasion, with additional protection coming from the Knox armor on elbows and shoulders, the TIPS shoulder sliders plus the race hump on the back.

Despite its race focused design, this is a good option for street riders looking for performance.

10. Rev’It! Stealth 2 Hoodie

Rev’It! Stealth 2 Hoody

Despite looking like a casual urban wear hoodie, the Rev’It! Stealth 2 Hoody is a lot more than that. It’s a technical jacket with a tactical cut inspired from military gear, made from a Cordura stretch denim shell with a laminated Hydratex 3L Pro membrane for protection from the elements.

The jacket features double layered PWR overlays on the elbows, with extreme resistance to abrasion. There’s also a detachable thermal liner for those cold days and laminated reflective sections for higher visibility.

9. Helite Leather Airbag Jacket

Helite Leather Airbag Jacket

The Helite Leather Airbag Jacket comes with a stylish vintage design and something to up the game for classic motorcycle jackets: an airbag system. Yes, you read that right.

The full body airbag is inflated via an integrated CO2 cartridge, offering 360 protection. But that’s not all, as the jacket also comes with Knox CE Level 2 shoulder and elbow armor and SAS-TEC Level 2 spine protector.

8. Roland Sands Clash Jacket

Roland Sands Clash Jacket

Another well made and stylish motorcycle jacket with a classic appeal to it is the Roland Sands Clash. Coming in black, oxblood red or brown, and with an asymmetrical main zipper, this jacket is made to impress more than anything else.

The 1.1 mm thick cowhide leather was oiled and waxed to offer protection against elements, while underneath it comes with RSD armor for shoulders and elbows for crash protection.

7. Spidi AllRoad H2OUT Jacket

Spidi AllRoad H2OUT Jacket

Built for versatility, the Spidi AllRoad H2OUT Jacket can be easily adjusted for any conditions. It features a PU coated polyamide Tenax fabric outer shell with a waterproof H2Out membrane which can be worn under or over the main shell, plus a quilted 100 gram liner for warmth.

Other features include CE Level 2 armor for shoulders and elbows, neoprene collar inserts, 3M Scotchlite reflectors, carabiner attachment, waterproof pockets and zippers, magnetic neck closure. It’s a jacket many adventure riders will probably love.

6. Alpinestars Oscar Charlie (Tech-Air)

Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Tech-Air

Probably one of the best retro jackets on the market today, the Alpinestars Oscar Charlie (Tech-Air) follows the cafe racer design loved by many while integrating all the modern technologies for a high level of impact protection.

The full grain leather is reinforced with the Bio Light elbow and shoulder armor and an optional Nucleon back protector as a separate buy. Another option, also available as a separate buy, for improved protection is the Tech-Air wireless smart airbag system.

5. Merlin Chase Jacket

Merlin Chase Jacket

Simple and straight forward but no less impressive, the Merlin Chase jacket offers a great value for money with its superb vintage design and modern materials and safety features.

With certified CE Level 2 armor for elbows and shoulders on top of the abrasion resistant 1.2 – 1.3 mm cowhide leather construction, protection is more than adequate. The four zippered pockets also double as ventilation, while a 100 gram thermal liner can be added to further increase warmth.

4. Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Gore-Tex Jacket

Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Gore-Tex Jacket

For those who can afford it, the Dainese Carve Master 2 D-Air Gore-Tex jacket is one of the finest on the market today. A heavy duty jacket made from Dainese’s proprietary Mugello fabric, with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, it’s ready for many types of climates and weather conditions.

The armor is a special composite covered with 3D-Stone Fabric – a high tensile twisted nylon, but the most important safety feature is Dainese’s D-Air smart wireless airbag system, which can deploy in only 30 milliseconds in case of a crash.

3. Dainese Tuono D-Air Jacket

Dainese Tuono D-Air Jacket

Another top choice from Dainese, this time for street and track riders, is the Tuono D-Air Jacket. It makes use of the same wireless airbag system as the previous entry to offer some of the best protection available today.

The Tuono jacket features Dainese’s high end D-skin 2.0 full grain cowhide leather, with Pro-Armor panels which follow the body shape of the rider for increased comfort.

2. Belstaff Ivy 2.0 Jacket

Belstaff Ivy 2.0 Jacket

A top shelf option aimed at classic motorcycle and cruiser riders, the Belstaff Ivy 2.0 is made from 1.0 – 1.1 mm Bull leather, which is stronger than your average cowhide and offering better protection.

The Ivy 2.0 jacket comes with zippered cuffs, collar snaps and enough ventilation options. The fit is relaxed and comfortable, with a cotton and viscose liner. The lower back, shoulders and elbows come decorated in diamond quilting, with vintage nickel hardware and embroidered logo on the left sleeve adding to the overall superb design.

1. Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

Klim Adventure Rally Jacket

Klim is one of the best known manufacturers of adventure gear, so it’s no wonder their Adventure Rally Jacket sits in top. With amazing quality and impressive durability, this jacket is a must have for any serious adventure rider.

It comes with a three layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell, plus Armacor and Gore-Tex Talisman Superfabric in key slide areas and one of the best protective armor on the market: the D30 Xergo for elbows and shoulders, and D30 Viper Pro on the back.

In terms of comfort, it has stretch panels at the shoulders for unrestricted mobility and moisture wicking mesh internal liner with microfleece lined collar for thermal comfort. The jacket is also very adjustable and includes a three liter Hydrapack reservoir, plus 3M Scotchlite reflective strips for higher visibility.

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