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The 25 Best Resorts in St. Lucia For Your Dream Vacation

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Resorts in St. Lucia
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Today we set sail for St. Lucia, a breathtaking tropical paradise lying in the core of the Caribbean Sea. Imagine the towering peaks of The Pitons rising into the sky, the grandeur of lush green jungles, and the hauntingly beautiful blue-green waves crashing off the coast.

The island’s charm, characters, traditions, and gastronomy merge to provide the ideal backdrop for the trip of a lifetime. Parallel in splendor to Helen of Troy, this tiny Caribbean island maintains a perfect ratio between a modern, tourist-friendly archipelago and a bucolic destination brimming with local appeal and unspoiled natural beauty.

From the vibrant, party-loving north to the easygoing pace of the nature-filled south, Saint Lucia is bursting with waterfalls, pristine stretches of beachfront, fresh seafood, and so much more. The one-of-a-kind mix of Caribbean, French, English, and African cultures creates an exceptional amalgam of traditions that will amaze and fascinate you.

Sugar Beach Saint Lucia
Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is far from a conventional spot. Wherever you are on the island, you will be rewarded with a soothing background of birdsong and jaw-dropping views. Her peaks, rainforests, ports, and historic places emit a feeling of the past, splendor, and genuine romance. Simply explore Saint Lucia’s secrets and allow her to captivate you.

When you reach Saint Lucia, you will discover that the island is not just gorgeous, but absolutely mystical. However, besides its outstanding charm, St. Lucia is also known for its bustling range of 5-star hotels and luxury resorts.

To help you plan your vacation, we’ve created a list of St. Lucia’s 25 best resorts, spanning from luxurious beachfront estates to dreamy retreats in the hills. These high-end establishments provide a slice of heaven for every guest. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

25. Bay Gardens Beach Resort

Bay Gardens Beach Resort
Bay Gardens Beach Resort

Vivid, energetic, spicy, and sassy, the Bay Gardens Beach Resort is located near Saint Lucia’s nicest coastline and features a pleasant, large swimming pool, inviting restaurants, and expansive rooms.

Six three-story accommodation units with tangerine and bright green accents are surrounded by well-maintained gardens, and the variety of amenities offered by this pretty resort is rather astounding for a mid-range facility.

24. Harbor Club St. Lucia, Curio Collection by Hilton

Harbor Club St. Lucia
Harbor Club St. Lucia

The Harbor Club St. Lucia is a marvelous complex with five high-end restaurants, four recreational pools, and a water taxi for access to secluded beaches and other attractions.

A sojourn at this captivating resort is defined by nautically themed suites and top-notch hospitality. Discover solace but also a slew of thrilling activities designed to keep you occupied during your visit.

23. Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort
Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Perched on a verdant hillside overlooking the emerald waters of the Caribbean, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is different than any other vacation spot you’ve been to.

Quiet and peaceful villas, world-class services, and welcoming St. Lucian friendliness await you at this enchanting refuge, which evokes the allure of a whimsical Mediterranean village. Besides, you may also find great casual restaurants, a lot of watersports options, and a well-equipped spa.

22. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa
Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

Situated high above one of Saint Lucia’s most beautiful beaches, the Ti Kaye Resort & Spa is an exclusive hideaway. Its adorable huts are first-rate, the ambiance is exhilaratingly laid-back, the food is fantastic, there is a quaint little spa, and the snorkeling and diving are terrific.

This adult-only venue is best for people who enjoy finding hummingbirds in flowers, watching fishermen in action in the bay, and taking in the sunsets that are out of this world.

21. Fond Doux Plantation & Resort

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort
Fond Doux Plantation & Resort

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is a 19th-century sustainable historical estate lying in St. Lucia’s center. This scenic resort is set within a 250-year-old fully operational plantation and boasts an array of distinctively furnished cabins, two on-site restaurants, and a smattering of alfresco swimming pools.

The establishment delivers to its guests a genuine farm adventure by allowing them to participate effectively in the day-to-day activities of the cocoa plantation. Hence, you will develop a true understanding of the whole chocolate production. So interesting!

20. Tet Rouge Resort

Tet Rouge Resort
Tet Rouge Resort

Tet Rouge Resort is a romantic hideaway perched on a hillside above Choiseul on Saint Lucia’s enchanting west coast. From the premises, you might trek up Gros Piton or slide down to a private beach. On the small deck, you can feast on home-cooked Creole delicacies while soaking in the outstanding sight of St. Vincent.

This captivating small facility was established by a Canadian family that has been running it with zeal and devotion, making Tet Rouge a place with an old-world warmth. As you might presume for a venue with only six rooms, amenities are sparse, but massages are available upon request, and charcoal can be purchased on the spot if you wish to fire up the BBQ yourself.

19. St. James’s Club Morgan Bay

St. James’s Club Morgan Bay
St. James’s Club Morgan Bay

Take a tennis lesson, a back-rub with a staggering vista, or just sit on your daybed and savor a Daiquiri. Families, couples, and singles all mingle harmoniously at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay resort.

Each restaurant has its own charm, from the rustic timber Tree Tops diner to the New England-style seaside Bamboo and the luxurious Le Jardin, complete with candlelight and haute cuisine. The Tranquility Body & Soul Spa offers a plethora of therapeutic massages, salon services, facial procedures, and day spa experiences for every taste and need.

18. Coconut Bay Beach Resort

Coconut Bay Beach Resort
Coconut Bay Beach Resort

Coconut Bay Beach Resort is a peaceful establishment with simple Caribbean-style decor and is one of the top all-inclusive resorts for families in Saint Lucia. The postcard-worthy coconut palms that gave the facility its nickname elegantly surround the area.

The main lounge room is furnished with several rattan sofas, basket sphere lampshades sway from the ceiling, and dazzling murals depicting St. Lucian settings adorn the concrete walls. Nevertheless, perhaps the most endearing spot is the three-house restaurant, made entirely of branches and wood.

Adults can repose in hammocks, show off their skills at watersports, and participate in a daily workout program, while children may enjoy the water park, petting zoo, and swim-up bar.

17. East Winds Resort

East Winds Resort
East Winds Resort

East Winds Inn does not attempt to rival St. Lucia’s mammoth all-inclusive resorts. Rather than that, the modest 30-room upper-middle-range refuge focuses on those seeking peace in an unobtrusive setting.

The East Winds is a well-managed, unpretentious, and completely serene retreat nestled on a dozen acres of lush, exotic grounds. However, the hotel is much more refined than the “mid-range” label implies, with exquisite cottages and upscale cuisine and drinks.

It lacks facilities such as a gym and a spa, but it makes up for this with a mellow atmosphere set within verdant gardens and amazing scenery.

16. Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort

Sandals Halcyon Beach – Saint Lucia
Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort

Halcyon is the smallest and most affordable of the three Sandals Resorts on Saint Lucia. However, it is also more private and tranquil. The all-inclusive property’s 169 rooms are built in a French-Caribbean design with raw stone walls and white-veiled windows.

Although the rooms are compact, they are charming enclaves for romance seekers. Guests can pick from deluxe, club, or butler-level rooms, but for an out-of-this-world encounter, choose the Beachfront Honeymoon Butler Suite with a private deck and a plunge pool.

Six specialty dining venues and seven bars are spread out across the resort, including an over-the-water restaurant that boasts fresh seafood, stunning views, and the quintessential Caribbean experience.

15. Marigot Bay Resort 

Marigot Bay Resort 
Marigot Bay Resort

Meandering up the hillside over Marigot Bay’s iconic Caribbean harbor, this upscale all-suite retreat will entice boat enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful and refined spot to recharge.

All accommodations are spacious and bright, with vaulted ceilings and kitchenettes. There are two pools on-site, and the incredible spa offers indigenous treatments harnessing volcanic sulfur mud, as well as efficient massages and deluxe cosmetic procedures.

Marigot Bay Resort & Marina puts at your disposal complimentary daily yoga and pilates, and weekly events include cooking demos and rum sampling. Reserve the Picturesque Treehouse for an exceptional dinner that involves a meeting with the head chef.

14. Rendezvous St. Lucia

Rendezvous St. Lucia
Rendezvous St. Lucia

Inaugurated in 1966, Rendezvous is a renowned all-inclusive, upmarket resort catering only to couples. Lying on the white-sand Malabar Beach near the main city of Saint Lucia, the 100-room resort is both private and majestic.

The property’s attractive bonuses encompass wonderful, extensive surroundings, a long, serene beach, top-notch amenities, as well as comfortable and elegant suites. The vibe is relaxed, low-key, and slightly retro; classical music is played during teatime, while a pianist performs at supper in the fine dining restaurant.

Whether this is your first or 50th year together, this quaint resort allows you to create blissful memories that will last forever. For example, on carpets on the beach, guests may sip champagne and watch the sunset while listening to a saxophonist play.

13. BodyHoliday Resort

BodyHoliday Resort
BodyHoliday Resort

BodyHoliday is one of Saint Lucia’s best-outfitted all-inclusive resorts, including a sprawling, multi-pronged spa center and an abundance of leisure pursuits. It embraces a posh look, with pink sun loungers, mahogany decks, and whitewashed walls. There is also an alfresco restaurant, a clubhouse area, and an infinity pool.

However, this resort is focused on wellness and encourages guests to loosen up and adopt a laid-back Caribbean attitude. Its award-winning spa, which resembles a miniature Alhambra and comprises 36 therapy rooms, is a wonder to behold.

There is a myriad of exercises and therapies you can do, ranging from tai chi and meditation to yoga and Ayurvedic workshops.

12. Rabot Hotel from Hotel Chocolat

Rabot Hotel
Rabot Hotel

Rabot Hotel, which is owned by Hotel Chocolat, is a chic boutique resort nestled in the rainforest, offering amazing glimpses of the Piton peaks. Placed on a traditional cocoa farm, it includes a restaurant with inventive and exquisite cacao cuisine as well as colonial-chic suites.

Consider white wooden walls, dark wood furniture, brown board flooring, and whimsical cocoa bean paintings. Furthermore, each villa features a refrigerator stocked with prosecco and freshly crafted estate chocolates.

The restaurant serves some of Saint Lucia’s most creative dishes. Almost all meals, both sweet and spicy, contain cocoa, either as flavor in the manner of cocoa nibs or as chocolate. While this may appear to be a joke, it is not. Trust us, you will love it!

11. Cap Maison & Spa

Cap Maison & Spa
Cap Maison & Spa

Cap Maison, a plantation-type resort, is the most elegant spot in northern Saint Lucia, and with two outstanding haute-cuisine restaurants, it is the ultimate choice on the island for foodies. The clifftop setting is also an attractive feature, as is the beach, which is a small bay at the bottom of a lengthy set of stairs.

Wine connoisseurs will adore the walk-in wine cellar, which features an extensive selection of premium red and white wines that will impress even the most discerning palate. Additionally, Cap Maison distills its own rum, named Cap Maison Solera Rum. Dope, right? Expect to serve a lot of rum punch.

10. Calabash Cove Resort & Spa

Calabash Cove Resort
Calabash Cove Resort

Calabash Cove Resort and Spa undoubtedly has the wow element. When you arrive, you are greeted by a spacious foyer with tall wooden beams leading to the restaurant, which showcases unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea. You will simply have the impression of being at the prow of a ship.

Have a morning workout at the gym with stunning sea views, or swim up to the bar once your lengths are complete. If you have a good book, there are several enchanting areas to relax and enjoy it.

There is one noteworthy restaurant that vaunts an intriguing variety of eclectic gastronomy with daily shifting specialties. Lobster is frequently served, either barbecued, tempura-style, or baked.

9. Anse Chastanet Resort

Anse Chastanet Resort
Anse Chastanet Resort

Encased in a heavily forested domain, this idiosyncratic resort draws thrill seekers, dreamers, and divers, but also anyone who dislikes standard accommodations. According to architect and owner Nick Troubetzkoy, the fundamental concept of his design is that everything should be as merged as possible with the awe-inspiring native habitat.

In this manner, Anse Chastanet Resort lacks a plunge pool; to swim, one must enter the sea. Moreover, even though the 49 rooms vary in design and cost, they all lack a television or radio, with the goal being that you connect with nature and your lover. Through a nonexistent fourth wall, some of the most spectacular suites offer mind-boggling vistas of the beautiful Pitons.

8. Sandals Regency La Toc

Sandals Regency La Toc
Sandals Regency La Toc

The oldest of the three Sandals Saint Lucia Resorts, the 331-room adults-only La Toc resort is more rustic in character than its siblings. It is perched on 210 acres that wind their way through forested areas and over stunning hillsides to a half-mile of ivory beachfront.

Choose among a wide range of accommodation options, from oceanfront rooms to sumptuous Villa Suites on Sunset Ocean Bluff that come with butler assistance and 24-hour room service. Rolling lawns, a multi-service Red Lane Spa, three pools, and nine restaurants elevate this splendid resort to new heights of luxury.

7. Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa

Royalton Saint Lucia Resort
Royalton Saint Lucia Resort

If your definition of a perfect vacation includes lazing at an all-inclusive resort, Royalton Saint Lucia is an excellent choice. This humongous beachside haven near Castries is an attraction in and of itself, with sophisticated suites and so many fancy add-ons that you’ll find it hard to leave.

Meditate in one of the four on-the-spot pools, rent a hut with a concierge who will serve you prosecco and fruit trays, or enjoy your day in the spa’s hammam and steam room. Room service is provided 24 hours a day, and the resort’s 13 bars and 9 restaurants cater to every taste.

6. The Landings Resort and Spa

The Landings St. Lucia
The Landings St. Lucia

The Landings St. Lucia is best described as mesmerizing. This beautiful place is akin to a modern temple, and it’s all about giving tourists a real Caribbean experience on a smooth beach just a few steps from Pigeon Island’s natural reserve.

Dine barefoot on the white-sand beach at the Caribbean Callaloo restaurant or drink champagne on the Beach Club’s wooden platform before retiring to your expansive suite. Expect a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer, a living room, a furnished patio with views of the harbor or sea, and maybe even a jacuzzi tub.

Resort apartments are offered for purchase to those who cannot get enough of this vacation delight.

5. Serenity at Coconut Bay

Serenity at Coconut Bay
Serenity at Coconut Bay

This adults-only spot is a resort within a resort at Coconut Bay Resort & Spa on Saint Lucia’s southern shore. It is the only premium all-inclusive establishment within an hour of the airport, meaning you will be drifting in your private swimming pool well before others arrive.

Serenity at Coconut Bay is the iconographic Caribbean cove for romance aficionados. For example, a bespoke butler will help you with everything from reservations to in-suite spa services, with complimentary champagne on your terrace, to a dreamy moonlight dinner.

The Greathouse Restaurant combines the grandeur of a magnificent Saint Lucian home with the best of global gastronomy, a comprehensive wine selection, and fine cocktails. There is no doubt that you will have a fantastic time here!

4. Ladera Resort

Ladera Resort
Ladera Resort

Ladera Resort is one of the most fascinating places in the Caribbean. Unwind in rooms made of stone and wood that are completely open to the outside world, or hang out over your plunge pool to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Pitons.

This adults-only sanctuary exudes romance on every level. What was once a cocoa farm has been turned into an amazing tropical paradise awash in color and fragrance. As soon as you walk into the resort, you will be pampered like royalty, from the peppermint-infused towel to your neatly turned-down bed.

Papaya, orchids, grapefruit, hibiscus, pineapple, and bougainvillea provide the backdrop for a hidden spot where you can savor authentic Creole cuisine and sunset cocktails.

3. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort
Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Several million dollars have been invested in restoring what was once a sugar plantation into Sugar Beach Resort, a sleek and polished upscale retreat. Nestled between St. Lucia’s landmarks, this high-end resort holds one of the Caribbean’s most distinctive locations.

The Sugar Beach 5-star resort boasts 96 rooms, bungalows, villas, and cottages, all with white-on-white interiors and each with its swimming pool and garden. Additionally, there is an infinity pool and a forest spa with treehouse therapy gardens.

Each booking includes a personal butler, which means you can immediately hit one of the two pristine beaches as your butler unpacks your stuff, makes dinner plans, and delivers you a refreshing Mojito.

2. Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande St. Lucian – Saint Lucia
Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Regarded as fairly close to a picture-perfect postcard, the Sandals Grande St. Lucian resort features amazing vistas of volcanoes, tranquil ocean breezes, and a mile-long beach nestled on its own peninsula, near Pigeon Island, a famous cultural treasure.

The youngest of St. Lucia’s Sandals resorts, this first-rate sanctuary is a 301-room, adults-only retreat that is Eden as it was supposed to be, overflowing with natural glory, steeped in tradition, and dripping with genuine charm.

The resort has six pools, five jacuzzis, and endless opportunities for land sports, water sports, and scuba diving. Indulge yourself with excellent cuisine at 12 on-site restaurants, including an authentic English pub.

1. Jade Mountain Resort

Jade Mountain Resort
Jade Mountain Resort

Glamorous? Definitely. One-of-a-kind? Totally. Expensive? Without a doubt. Jade Mountain is our conquering hero for the most visually captivating hotel in Saint Lucia. Once you arrive, you’ll see that the resort’s hospitality, cuisine, and originality all work together to make it a memorable and charming place to stay.

This sophisticated refuge is concealed on a mountaintop, and its expansive suites offer dazzling views of St. Lucia’s iconic Pitons and the ocean through a cutting-edge, open-front wall.

Developed by designer and co-owner Nick Troubetzkoy, this impressive concrete tower resembles a contemporary architectural construction and would not appear out of place in a blockbuster movie. However, abundant exotic vegetation relaxes the sight and vibe of the facility.

All in all, this is a fairly elite resort where serenity is valued (there are no TVs, radios, or children) and romance is the norm.

Final Words

Jade Mountain Resort beach
Jade Mountain Resort beach

It is said that everyone desires to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. However, occasionally, paradise can be found right here on Earth. All you need to do is book a flight to Saint Lucia and pick the perfect resort. Luckily, you have plenty to choose from.

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