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15 Incredible Underwater Hotels That Will Leave You Speechless

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Underwater Hotels
Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

When you’re off exploring the world, you always expect to experience something different, discovering new places and cultures that will help you create amazing memories. But let’s face it, most hotels where you’re going to stay are pretty much the same.

Unless we’re talking about some extraordinary eco hotels, cool micro hotels or charming European castles where you can spend the night, they’re all almost the same. Yes, some offer you very nice experiences, magical views, luxurious amenities and world class service, but in general they’re not all that different.

The ones on this list though are spectacular because they are built partially or fully under water, and they will literally leave you speechless. These underwater hotels take the expression “room with a view” to the next level and if you’re a big fan of water, sea creatures and marine life, this article is definitely for you.

Even though some of these hotels are still design proposals, most of them are already out there waiting for you and they probably offer the world’s most spectacular views. You can dine and be within feet of the underwater world, the only thing separating you could be big a glass window. Or better yet, you can wake up and go to sleep next to the creatures of the sea. Cool is not even a right adjective to describe the experience!

Here are the world’s most incredible underwater hotels that will surely give you some Insta worthy pictures and unforgettable memories!

15. Hydropolis, Dubai

Hydropolis Dubai
Hydropolis Concept

This project has been in the works since 2006, and once fully completed it’s supposed to be the largest and most expensive underwater resort in the world. The reason for several delays is cost, of course, but also location. The first site they were planning to build on was deemed unsuitable, and once the location was finalized the builders couldn’t get all the costs under way.

Hydropolis underwater hotel
Hydropolis underwater restaurant

Too bad, because the prospectus looks amazing. The above-ground portion will be shaped like a dome out of a sci-fi movie, and the 220 luxury suites will all be underwater. I, for one, cannot wait to see it come to fruition, even though chances are I won’t be able to afford it!

14. Lovers Deep Submarine from Oliver’s Travels

Lovers Deep Submarine
Lovers Deep Submarine

This submarine hotel is the perfect honeymoon spot for newlyweds that have a penchant for marine life. Water lovers will love to make this experience unique, and the Mile Low Club, who is in charge of this venue will cater to your particular needs.

Lovers Deep Submarine Oliver’s Travels
Lovers Deep Submarine Room / Oliver’s Travels

You will get your own personal chef that can create any type of menu you desire, you can opt for breakfast in bed, have rose petals on the bed and wait for you upon arrival, and the list goes on. For a pretty steep price, all of this is yours. You only live once though, right? Get married in a venue that will be a once in a lifetime adventure, and you will stand out of the crowd.

13. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Katafanga Island, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort Concept
Poseidon Undersea Resort

Another interesting proposed underwater retreat is the Poseidon Undersea Resort, not far from the island of Fiji. You can have a mermaid style wedding, spectacular views for your special day, and it will surely be an affair to remember.

Poseidon Undersea Resort
Poseidon Undersea Resort Rooms

To reach the resort you will ride in a submarine, and for some extra fun, you can even learn how to drive it yourself. I don’t know about you, but that sounds extremely cool. Who says you have to do things the traditional way?

12. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Maldives Spa

Although the rooms of this hotel are not underwater, all of their treatment rooms are. Their on-site spa, Huvafen Spa & Pearl, offers customers an array of treatments, but their massages are their most relaxing and enjoyable treats.

Huvafen Fushi Maldives restaurant
Huvafen Fushi Maldives restaurant

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as getting pampered while enjoying a view of the underwater world. Among other amenities available is a private white sand beach, an infinity pool, and first class snorkeling spots. A good option for your next vacation.

11. Subsix Niyama, Maldives

Subsix Niyama Maldives restaurant
Subsix Niyama Maldives restaurant

This underwater fine dining restaurant is located in the Niyama hotel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. To get there, you can take a speedboat from the mainland and descend a three-tier staircase. Enjoy a lovely meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, admiring the view while being surrounded by water.

Subsix Niyama Maldives
Niyama Maldives

Although the hotel is only partially underwater, the restaurant-bar area hosts parties and events a few times a month, and you can reserve it for your own private party. The idea of dancing the night away underwater sounds pretty spectacular, doesn’t it?

10. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida

Jules Undersea Lodge
Jules Undersea Lodge

Jules’ Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, is fully submerged underwater and that makes it very special. In order to get to it you have to know how to scuba dive and that is the only way to reach it. If you don’t know how to beforehand, you will have to take a course before reaching your accommodation. For the adventurers at heart, this is a dream come true.

Jules Undersea Lodge Exterior
Robert Holland/KRT

Once inside, the lodge has two bedrooms, even wi-fi, and if you want, you can get food to be brought to you by a “mer-chef”. And yes, they will have to scuba-dive as well to get to you. The mangrove lagoon that surrounds the lodge is surreal, and the hotel used to be a research lab once upon a time.

9. Utter Inn, Sweden

Utter Inn Sweden
Utter Inn

One of the most reasonably priced rooms you will get underwater is at the Utter Inn, which is located in Lake Malaren, near Stockholm. A simple yet romantic little getaway at an interesting little hotel makes for an experience you will enjoy. The underwater room can be reached by climbing down a hatch in the floor of the above water little red house.

Utter Inn underwater room
Utter Inn underwater room

The room has windows all round so you can feel close to the sea creatures, and the wooden deck is a nice spot to admire your surroundings and take in some sun.

8. Reef Suites, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Reefsuites Whitsunday Islands
Reefsuites Underwater Room

The Whitsunday Islands in Australia offer you some great adventures. The Great Barrier Reef is easily one of world’s most popular tourist destinations, but if you want to be at one with the sea, try to book a stay at the Journey Beyond Reef Suites. 46 Miles from Queensland, you will get the opportunity to snorkel the reef, after which you can get some dinner under the stars.

Reefsuites Whitsunday Islands Australia
Reefsuites Aerial View

Then, to end the day, you can retire to your private room which is located below deck. The floor to ceiling and wall to wall windows offer you a 360 degree view of all marine life has to offer.

7. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, Key West, Florida

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel
Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Key West will soon be home to one of the most amazing hotels in the United States. Planet Ocean Underwater would be located 30 feet below the surface, and you will be able to access it via a glass elevator that takes you down to your room. All the while you’re staying there you get a panoramic view of the aquatic life surrounding it.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Room
Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Room

You will get a guided tour by a marine biologist, who will teach you about marine life. The only thing is that you need to reserve your spots fast, because only 90 couples will get the privilege of staying at the Key West location. After that, the hotel will move on to different locations such as Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

6. Al Mahara at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

Al Mahara Restaurant Burj Al Arab
Al Mahara Restaurant at Burj Al Arab

Another wonder venue from Dubai, Al Mahara is easily one of the most outrageous restaurants in the world. If you can afford it, this amazing place could be the cherry on top of an unforgettable vacation to Dubai. With luxury suites that are all two stories high, not to mention some high-end amenities, you will get pampered for your entire stay at Burj Al Arab.

Al Mahara Burj Al Arab
Al Mahara Underwater restaurant

The on-site restaurant, Al Mahara, serves some of the best seafood in the world, while being surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling aquarium. If you don’t take our word for it, give it a try. Another pretty amazing feature the hotel is famous for is that they rehabilitate Hawksbill turtles right on the premises.

5. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Underwater Suite
InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Underwater Suite

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental luxury resort was built in 2018 inside an abandoned quarry. 30 miles from Shanghai, this wonderland boasts amazing views of the surrounding natural scenery. These unique accommodations offer you two underwater floors with several Underwater View Premier suites for an unforgettable experience.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Underwater Room
InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Underwater Suite

From their two-level Duplex suite you can feel as if you’re in an aquarium yourself. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to snag one of the suites though, their restaurant, Mr. Fisher, is found one floor below water. That way you will at least get to dine while admiring the underwater world.

4. The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Manta Resort Underwater
Manta Resort Underwater

This resort in Tanzania offers you your own private floating villa called the Underwater Room, which you can access by boat from the mainland. It is on the west coast of the Pemba Island, within the resort’s perimeters, but you get your privacy since it is not attached to the main building. You are literally floating in the middle of the ocean!

Manta Resort Underwater Room
Manta Resort Underwater Room

There is a landing deck equipped with a lounging area and a bathroom, and you can go up to the rooftop for sunbathing or stargazing at night. Your bedroom is located below deck, and it has a 360-degree view of the underwater life. There are many types of exotic fish, octopus, and squid that live there, so your view is truly marvelous.

3. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa Underwater Room
Resorts World Sentosa Underwater Room

This large resort has a little something for everyone on your list. From four amusement parks, a casino, a cruise ship, a museum, to the seven hotels that are located on the same property, you will have plenty to explore. But the piece de resistance is surely the Ocean Suites, which are just like two-story townhouses, but underwater.

Resorts World Sentosa Underwater
Resorts World Sentosa Underwater View

They have an above ground patio with jacuzzi on the upper level and the private underwater suite on the bottom. Home to the world’s largest aquariums, you can gaze at the 40,000 types of fish and other sea creatures from your bed and get a view of the Singapore Strait.

2. Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Atlantis the Palm Underwater Suite
Atlantis the Palm Underwater Suite

Everything in Dubai is expensive, and so are the two suites that are underwater at Atlantis, The Palm. You get to choose between the Neptune or the Poseidon, and they both include free airport transportation, a free 30 minute personal training session, and 24/7 in-room dining. With amazing views of the Arabian Sea you might not want to leave your room.

Atlantis the Palm Underwater Suite Bathroom
Atlantis the Palm Underwater Suite Bathroom

The Ambassador Lagoon is the resort’s aquarium that has over 65,000 sea creatures, and you can gaze at them through the floor-to-ceiling windows of your underwater rooms. The resort is built on the Palm Jumeirah man-made island that looks like a palm tree. The accommodations are super luxurious, which may justify the steep price. Up to you to decide!

1. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Underwater villa
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Underwater villa

The first ever underwater hotel villa, Conrad Maldives‘ two-story villa called Muraka (or Coral, in Dhivehi) is set at 16 feet underwater below the Indian Ocean. Their above water bungalows have been around for years, but the underwater villa was constructed in 2018. While staying there, make sure you dine at their famous Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, an all-glass dining establishment that is submerged in water.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island underwater restaurant
Conrad Maldives Rangali Island underwater restaurant

Treat yourself with their locally sourced seafood options for a culinary delight. Above ground, the views of the Indian Ocean are breathtaking. The three-bedroom suite that features an underwater bedroom is a real treat for marine life lovers.

I don’t know how you feel about spending a night underwater with the fish, but it sounds like a once in a lifetime experience, one you will never forget. All these places sound pretty amazing, and if you can swing it, why not? Enjoy all that life has to offer, we only have one life to live. Let us know if you ever visit any of these places, we’d love to hear from you!

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