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10 of the World’s Most Incredible Micro Hotels

By Vlad Craciun


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The minimalist trend ‘less is more’ gains ground in the travel and hotel industry with novel ideas taking over the traditional approaches when it comes to how space in a hotel room is used and what travelers are being offered for their money.

With the advancement of technology and the way information goes around nowadays, more and more travelers are getting smarter at how they spend their money while on vacation. Meet the budget travelers. They no longer want to sleep in fancy hotel rooms, and won’t waste their money on something that doesn’t add value to their travel experience. We all know that at the end of the day, we don’t care about what’s on the walls, how ancient and fancy the furniture is or how huge the room. All we care about is to get a good night’s sleep, so we can start exploring more as the sun comes up, right?

While normal hotel rooms, as we know them for decades, are large and wasteful, this new trend of micro hotels makes use of every space and at the same time offers a better alternative to travelers in terms of budget and to businesses in terms of costs and space alike.

Micro hotels can pack more rooms in the same space, thus increasing the total capacity while at the same time decreasing the overall costs. Space-saving innovations combined with glistering design, luxury amenities and a lower price make for the perfect combination. At least for the non-claustrophobic travelers out there.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the World’s Most Incredible Micro Hotels:

10. Nine Hours – Futuristic Pod Hotel in Japan

Nine Hours

Designed as a compact urban stay for business travelers, Nine Hours is an unusual sight on the hotel market. The pod hotel looks like it’s taken out of a sci-fi movie of some sort, with pods which remind you of a spaceship traveling to the end of the universe.

Though it looks uncommon, the hotel is created to offer a quick overnight sleep, with all the comfort one needs. The name comes from the fact that the usual business traveler spends an average of 9 hours in the hotel room before traveling to his next destination, so that’s how the idea started. Nine Hours provides its guests with all the amenities that can fit in a capsule, such as a comfortable mattress, pillow, sheets, towels and bathroom items.

9. Container Hotel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Container Hotel

It’s not your usual hotel and it’s surely not for everyone, but it’s a trend that’s growing bigger and bigger nowadays. Container houses are on the rise and though it might sound like something dubious, a container hotel will surprise its guests with all the amenities they can wish for, plus an impressive and unique design.

One such hotel and the first one of its kind in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the Container Hotel in Jalan Delima. It was inspired by the Japanese philosophy and concept of living in style in a compact space, and it offers that in brightly colored freight containers, a fun and distinctive experience perfect for short stays in Kuala Lumpur.

8. Tubohotel – Pod Hotel in Rural Mexico


Located in a peaceful setting in a rural area of Mexico, next to a national park, the Tubhotel is a stunning approach to lodging, offering an incredible stay in concrete built tubes.

Featuring no more than queen beds, under-bed storage space, desk lights and bathroom houses with private showers, toilets and hot water, the Tubhotel gets more close to camping than to a classic hotel experience, but that’s exactly what they wanted to offer in that serene, untouched corner of Mexico.

7. The Pod Hotel – New York’s Original Micro Hotels

The Pod Hotel

The trend of micro hotels in New York City took birth back in 2007 with the opening of the first pod hotel. With rates at a fraction of what normal hotel rooms cost in the city, The Pod Hotel targeted a different type of traveler.

They offer rooms that come with a variety of choices over bed setups, either with bunk beds, single beds, queen beds, full beds, mini bunks and shared and private bathrooms depending on the room type. The rooms have an intelligent design, one that’s very well thought out, taking maximum advantage of the little space and today’s technology. There’s a special place for everything you might have with you on your travel.

6. Rolling Huts Micro Hotels – Tiny House Camping in Washington

Rolling Huts Micro Hotels

The complex Rolling Huts in Washington looks more like a modern lodge type of camping than your usual hotel. The huts come on wheels but expect as much comfort as in a proper hotel room.

They have all the features a traveler might need, such as sleeping platforms for two persons, a fireplace, modular furniture that can transform into another sleeping area if needed, microwave, small refrigerator and of course, WiFi. Each hut comes with a portable toilet outside and there’s a separate barn outside that provides full bathrooms and showers for everybody on the campground.

5. Koyasan Guest House Kokuu – Koyasan, Japan

Koyasan Guest House Kokuu

A very simple and modern lodging, the Koyasan Guest House Kokuu is built in a minimalist style and offers capsule style rooms that come with everything one needs for a night there.

The establishment is run by a family and features a common area where they provide guests with breakfast, dinner and drinks. The entire space is painted white, making for a soft and cozy atmosphere. The simple yet spacious rooms come with reading lights and electric sockets for all the technology needs of the modern traveler and space for luggage.

4. YOTEL Hotels – Micro Hotels Chain

YOTEL Hotels

Part of YO! Company, YOTEL is a global compact luxury hotels chain born out of the idea of creating a small and efficient living space inspired from the first class lounges in airliners and from the Japanese capsule hotels.

Most of their hotels are situated around airports, offering their small but comfortable rooms for as little as 4 hours to travelers who need a quick rest between flights. Free WiFi, workstations and monsoon showers are some of the features, and in locations like New York City, there are even VIP rooms available, with private terraces and different sized beds.

3. Crane Hotel Faralda – Amsterdam

Crane Hotel Faralda

Situated in one of the most unusual places one would ever think of finding a hotel, the Crane Hotel Faralda is built inside a – as the name implies – crane. With three European Hospitality awards already at its belt, the Crane Hotel is Europe’s most unique hotel experience.

Once a dilapidated scrap, it’s now a hidden gem in Amsterdam which offers a sensational sleeping experience, with a total of three luxury hotel suites and a Jacuzzi on the top of the crane. The unique project posed a lot of technical problems but the finality exceeded any expectations, as the hotel is very sought after. Oh, and before booking, just make sure you don’t have fear of heights, since this old harbor crane is 164 feet high.

2. Snoozebox – Mobile Luxury Micro Hotels


Snoozebox is a very different approach to the world of micro hotels. It’s mobile. It was created to provide luxury accommodations during all kinds of festivals and events all over Europe.

A room in Snoozebox comes with a comfortable bed, flat screen TV, air conditioning, a personal safe, free WiFi, a wet room complete with shower, toilet, towels and toiletries. What else could you possible wish for? A different horizon every couple of mornings, perhaps?

1. Hoshinoya Fuji – Japan

Hoshinoya Fuji

Situated in a gorgeous location in a Japanese national park, on a hill overlooking Lake Kawaguchi, the Hoshinoya Fuji is one impressive minimalist resort which offers a jaw-dropping sight to any guest who might chose it for his or her stay.

The minimalist interior of the timber cabins, with private balconies and fireplaces for comfortable sunset gazing at the stunning view of Mount Fuji in the distance, plus the compact furniture and modern design of the rooms make Hoshinoya Fuji one of the most impressive micro hotels in the world today.


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