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The Best Luxury Hotels in Tuscany in 2024

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Best Luxury Hotels in Tuscany
Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel

In the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun“, actress Diane Lane portrays a novelist who hastily purchases a property in Tuscany in an attempt to reinvent her life.

So, she begins an affair with the legendary Italian cuisine, architecture, and scenery, which are the true characters of the film. It’s an easy story to understand for any person who has explored the area.

The gorgeous Chianti wineries and the picturesque cypress trees that populate Val d’Orcia are the first images that probably come to mind when thinking about Tuscany.

OK, let’s be honest: most of Italy is, to say the least, idyllic.

However, these undulating hills, kilometers of vineyards, and out-of-this-world sunsets are the soul of “la dolce vita.” This is THE place to pause and take a deep breath.

Tuscany is a photographer’s dream, and it’s best explored slowly.

Here, the pace of life is behind time as many of the area’s quaint villages have not changed in generations.

The Chianti, Maremma, and the Montepulciano-Montalcino axis are the best places to enjoy the iconic Tuscan scenery.

Mornings in Tuscany
Mornings in Tuscany / Photo by Engjell Gjepali / unsplash.com

These gorgeous Medieval walled towns are the most serene locations imaginable, full of stone lanes and old towers.

Therefore, when you enter the walls of San Gimignano or Montepulciano, you may feel as though you have just stepped into a different era.

Yes, Tuscany is beautiful, compassionate, wonderfully imperfect, and generous, offering itself to you.

However, the adventure of visiting Tuscany would be incomplete without sampling the local cuisine. And typical Tuscan recipes are worthless without a glass of Chianti Classico or Brunello di Montalcino.

Here, the cuisine is a big deal, love! This is the place to explore the good life, as it is full of adventure and pleasing to the senses.

Como Castello del Nero hotel
Como Castello del Nero

Staying in a luxury hotel or a charming villa in Tuscany will allow you to unwind and really take in the seductive ambiance of this place.

Why not let your concierge organize a truffle search during your vacation?

Or spend a half-day helping to pick grapes. Or what about trying saffron harvesting or cold-pressing olives? You’ve heard the saying, “Grow an appetite in order to satiate it later,” haven’t you?

Still and all, each region of Tuscany has its own unique character. And despite the difficulty of compiling a best-of list in the world of travel superlatives, the following are the top 24 luxury hotels and villas in Tuscany.

24. Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais

Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais
Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais

A charming cypress-lined road leads to a priceless jewel with historic roots, tucked away in the Chianti hills of Tuscany. A magical paradise that has been hidden within a medieval village, overlooking a fabulous landscape of verdant vineyards and olive groves, and guarded by a tower, sits solemnly over Siena. Welcome to Borgo Scopeto Wine & Country Relais!

Even though the rooms bear the hallmarks of an enthusiastic modern decorator’s eye, as you wander the corridors and the premises of this awe-inspiring facility, you can almost fathom yourself as a noble person from the 14th century.

23. Hotel Certosa di Maggiano

Hotel Certosa di Maggiano
Hotel Certosa di Maggiano

The former Carthusian abbey of La Certosa di Maggiano, turned into a luxurious retreat by Relais & Chateaux, is tucked away in a beautiful part of Tuscany, just one kilometer from Siena. The hotel’s 17 guest accommodations range in size, design, and theme, but they all provide classic amenities befitting a five-star establishment.

The restaurant “Il Canto” is another multi-sensorial experience that will precisely match your search for happiness, elegance, and nature with an appealing environment and delicate sophistication that is brilliantly portrayed by chef Paolo Lopriore.

22. Borgo San Felice

Borgo San Felice
Borgo San Felice

The San Felice Wine Resort epitomizes everything that is wonderful about Tuscany and is situated in the core of Chianti Classico amidst vineyards and olive groves in a well-preserved medieval borgo. It is the kind of place where time stands still, where guests may unwind and recharge in an atmosphere that is quintessentially Italian.

The menu of Il Poggio Rosso, a fine dining establishment, features a variety of gourmet dishes, while the wine list boasts over 500 different labels. On the other hand, Osteria del Grigio, a more laidback venue, serves up contemporary takes on Tuscan fare for both lunch and dinner.

21. Vitigliano Relais & Spa

Vitigliano Relais & Spa
Vitigliano Relais & Spa

Vitigliano, an ancient Roman village, was first mentioned in historical records in 1085 and was home to the powerful Verrazzano dynasty for 400 years; today, it is one of the most opulent Tuscan rural mansions, complete with a separate spa facility and a church.

Vitigliano is situated on a hillside in the Chianti area, halfway between Florence and Siena, and offers a mind-blowing, unimpeded birds-eye outlook from dawn to sunset and a picture-perfect vista from every room. If you’re seeking a well-appointed Tuscan villa, search no further than this one-off resort.

20. Hotel le Fontanelle

Hotel le Fontanelle
Hotel le Fontanelle

You may begin your incredible adventure in Tuscany right here at Hotel le Fontanelle, where you’ll find the true essence of Chianti. Nestled in a secluded part of the Chianti Classico region, encircled by verdant vineyards and olive trees, it is the perfect place for people in search of a respite from the stress of modern life while still being close enough to major cities.

Let the chef introduce you to the real flavor of locally sourced ingredients and authentic Italian cuisine at the main restaurant, La Colonna. Just outside the venue you will find the Belvedere Terrace, where you can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Chianti hills with your special someone.

19. The St. Regis Florence

The St. Regis Florence
The St. Regis Florence

The St. Regis Florence, nestled in a building that was designed by one of the Renaissance’s foremost architects, Brunelleschi, and situated right in the heart of the city’s heritage area, provides guests with a spectacular stay in a prime location near the Arno River. The hotel is as Florentine as it gets, and each room boasts a particular charm.

Begin your essential historical visit to Florence right in the foyer of the 1432-built St. Regis building. In terms of entertainment, your butler will gladly tell you stories about illustrious guests such as the Maharaja of Kolhapur, Madonna, or Keith Richards.

18. Castello di Vicarello

Castello di Vicarello
Castello di Vicarello

It is hardly surprising that the amber-hued structures and scented grounds of Castello di Vicarello look like they were sketched by an Italian artist, as their bucolic elegance dates back centuries ago. Despite its beautiful aura, the hotel is deeply embedded in the wavy and lush land on which it is set.

This refuge is a unique boutique hotel that resides gracefully amid the Tuscan valley and embodies the sense of blending cutting-edge refinement with simplicity. Castello di Vicarello is surrounded by fields, olive plantations, vineyards, and woods that cover a vast area, providing guests with complete privacy, first-class accommodation, and delicious food.

17. Villa Grey, Forte dei Marmi

Villa Grey, Forte dei Marmi
Villa Grey, Forte dei Marmi

The small seaside town of Forte Dei Marmi in Tuscany has long attracted the aristocrats of Europe for summertime or weekend getaways in its sumptuous villas, due to its picturesque location between the rocky Apuan Alps and the turquoise sweep of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Villa Grey is one of these places, and it gives you a taste of the traditional “dolce far niente” lifestyle.

This seaside premium hotel has tranquil accommodations with hardwood flooring, contemporary furnishings, and glimpses of the sea or the mountains. Enjoy an espresso or prosecco while lazing in your private tent and staring out over the water, or rent one of the hotel’s bikes and discover the area’s landmarks.

16. Badia di Pomaio

Badia di Pomaio
Badia di Pomaio Resort

Although Badia di Pomaio is not the only former monastery in Tuscany to be turned into a hotel, it is among the most magnificent and well-known.

Tucked up in the hills above Arezzo, this villa has a perfectly classic exterior thanks to the nonpareil architecture, but the interior is where designer Ilaria Miani really shines, effectively balancing the earthy elements with sharp, dramatic accents.

The top-notch restaurant delivers modern takes on classic Tuscan dishes, the bar creates one-of-a-kind drinks, and the room is as comfortable as it is elegant. Therefore, those who enjoy the finer things in life will definitely feel at home here.

15. La Pescaia Resort

La Pescaia Resort
La Pescaia Resort

Absorb the middle ages, savor the finest countryside, and experience the unbelievable intensity of Tuscany at La Pescaia Resort. Run by a young family and with only 9 rooms and 2 apartments, the ambiance here is always intimate and laidback.

Overall, a vacation at La Pescaia Resort is more like spending time at the quiet house of some close friends than at a hotel and offers an abundance of seaside and rural activities, as well as a genuine calm you will surely adore.

14. Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort

Argentario Golf Resort and Spa
Argentario Golf Resort and Spa

The peerless five-star Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort is headquartered on the former island of Monte Argentario, which is now connected to the Tuscan mainland by three viaducts that form two lagoons. The setting is majestic, and the resort’s vistas over the 18-hole golf course and the Orbetello Lagoon are simply jaw-dropping.

This upscale retreat is a glorious victory of styling and coziness throughout. Its spectacular entry, the striking central staircase, and massive windows give a sophisticated appearance to the vivid blue Tuscan sky and Mediterranean landscapes, while the 73 rooms and suites boast snazzy, modern interiors that are magnificently decorated.

13. Borgo Pignano

Borgo Pignano
Borgo Pignano

The millionaire owner of this charming estate, Michael Moritz, and its charismatic general manager, Luciano Lusardi, have developed an almost unparalleled country house on 750 acres of organic farming, where butterflies bolt over spreading lavender and birdsongs provide the background music.

As an avid art enthusiast and aspiring amateur artist, Moritz’s perspective gives this Tuscan getaway a touch that others lack. At the blissful Borgo Pignano you will be surrounded by the old-world elegance of Italy, but the modern comforts you need will never be forgotten.

12. Monteverdi Tuscany

Monteverdi Tuscany
Monteverdi Tuscany

Monteverdi Tuscany is a statement of passion, elegance, and genuineness. This awe-inspiring hideaway is not simply a hotel; it is a part of a medieval hamlet overlooking Val d’Orcia, complete with middle-age cobblestone alleys, a historic church, and a tranquil pool.

In the expansive, lush gardens, where guests relax by the pool, chef Giancarla prepares farm-to-table meals with herbs, oils, and vegetables harvested directly from the yard.

11. Adler Spa Resort Thermae

Adler Spa Resort Thermae
Adler Spa Resort Thermae

This health-focused thermal complex, which is a sister establishment to many hotels in the Dolomites, blends exceptional amenities, impressive cuisine, and the magnificent backdrop of the Val d’Orcia. The Adler Spa Resort Thermae is placed just beyond the charming village of Bagno Vignoni, which has been acclaimed for its hot, healing waters since Roman times.

Focusing on natural and locally found resources, the food is top-notch, and the menu includes the restaurant’s own olive oil and fine wines, along with a range of delectable homemade pastries and focaccia baked with organic wheat nearby grown.

10. Hotel Il Pellicano

Hotel Il Pellicano
Hotel Il Pellicano

A luxurious hideaway perched above a secluded beach, Hotel Il Pellicano’s 50 Tuscan-style accommodations and Michelin-starred restaurant make it the quintessential Italian holiday destination. This sanctuary is nestled among the serenity of the cypress trees and the freshness of the sea, just outside the splendor of the yachts of Porto Ercole.

The Il Pelicano Beach Club is one of the area’s most stylish gathering places, thanks to its prime location on the Mediterranean Sea. Head to Pelligrill and lie out on the deck with an Aperol Spritz in hand as the sun goes down, and you’ll understand why the elite love to keep this place just for them.

9. Como Castello del Nero

Como Castello del Nero
Como Castello del Nero

Como Castello del Nero is a medieval fortress in the Tuscan countryside, not far from the cultural centers of Florence and Siena. This ancient, 740-acre estate is centered on a 12th-century castle covered with Renaissance paintings and decorated in modern style, with furnishings by Paola Navone.

At the on-site Michellin-stared restaurant, Chef Giovanni Luca di Pirro delivers the raw ingredients and flavors of Tuscany to the plate with refined, savory renditions of traditional recipes such as Panzanella salad with green peppers and raw scampi seasoned with olive oil.

This majestic, brown-hued estate exudes sophisticated yet rustic Italian appeal and is flanked by groomed landscaped gardens and large fields with views of cypress trees, faraway hilltop villages, and highlands covered in vineyards and olive groves.

8. Grand Hotel Continental Siena

Grand Hotel Continental Siena
Grand Hotel Continental Siena

The elegant and charming Grand Hotel Continental in Siena is set in a splendid palazzo from the 17th century. Every stay here is converted into a one-of-a-kind adventure by the property’s architectural beauty, historical splendor, and impeccable service. It is one of the most renowned hotels in the city and the only five-star boutique hotel in the historic district.

The Palazzo was a wedding present from Pope Alexander VII to his niece Olimpia, who married a Sienese nobleman. Conceived as a symbol of love, it has housed the historical characters that have made Siena remarkable for ages.

On an exceptional site, the hotel is only a few feet from the majestic Cathedral and the Piazza del Campo, which annually hosts the city’s famous Palio race.

The Sapordivino restaurant provides a culinary experience at the pinnacle of Italian gourmet manifestation, with a refined menu where guests may enjoy the original flavors of Sienese gastronomy in its purest form.

7. La Bandita Townhouse

La Bandita Townhouse
La Bandita Country house

This is a typical story: a husband and wife get tired of the hectic pace of city life and decide to establish a small boutique hotel in a more serene area. In this case, though, the main characters and their backgrounds are interesting in and of themselves: the husband was a high-ranking executive at Sony Records, and the wife was a travel writer.

The 12-room La Bandita Townhouse is set within a Renaissance-era palace that was formerly a monastery. It features sleek, minimalist interiors, streamlined bathroom fixtures, and a state-of-the-art lighting system.

However, most of the facades have been kept, giving the place an instant picturesque charm and the feeling that its appearance is an important part of the town’s character, which it is. And if you want something even more special, they also have a charming Country house a few minutes away, when they also host weddings. 

6. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Set amid Renaissance-time Palazzo dela Gherardesca and a former monastery, the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is pure extravagance and a living shrine where you’ll encounter authentic architectural features, such as the loggia with bas-relief fresco and stucco in the foyer; a palatial ballroom, and a gorgeous 11-acre private garden with sculptures and a hundred-year-old trees.

The Four Seasons Hotel Florence is a retreat in the truest sense; it is a home to return to for relaxation and replenishment after seeing the city. Moreover, the hotel’s service epitomizes the Four Season benchmark in every facet; little is too difficult for the staff to arrange, whether you want to take a hot-air balloon ride from the hotel or a sunset cruise along the Arno.

Unwind amidst magnificent paintings and sculpted vestiges, surrounded by natural light and garden views. Sip espresso beneath magnificent trees, relax by the outdoor pool or indulge in Italian spa mysteries.

5. Borgo Santo Pietro

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro
Borgo Santo Pietro

At Borgo Santo Pietro in Palazzetto, manicured lawns straight-out-of-a-Degas-masterpiece and a pond with a dam make this resort excellent for anyone looking for an authentic Italian vibe.

Claus Thottrup purchased the 13th-century Tuscan home, along with the farmland and a bakehouse, as a nuptial gift for his wife Jeanette, and they have turned it into a wonderful retreat.

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities to delight your senses here, whether you love wild river swimming, hiking, biking, aromatherapy classes or cooking classes.

4. Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco
Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco

When Massimo Ferragamo purchased this sprawling property near Montalcino in 2003, he got a sprawling property in Montalcino, with one of the longest living vineyards in the area, as well as acres of olive trees, truffle-abundant woodlands, and enough territory to make the private, invitation-only 18-hole golf course seem just like a splash on the scene.

At Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, you will find a fantastic array of activities and jaunts crafted for a variety of preferences and feelings, from cultural horse races and trips to iconic movie sets to bike outings through phenomenal panoramas and wine-inspired spa days.

The resort’s two exceptional restaurants, as well as its organic vegetable farm and cooking school, have earned it a reputation as a top destination for foodies.

3. Castello di Velona

Castello di Velona
Castello di Velona

Back in the 11th century, Castello di Velona was constructed as a medieval fortification atop the ancient Via Clodia, which linked southern Etruria to Rome. The preserved watchtower from the 12th century is a memento of Siena and Florence’s intense animosity.

Simply put, Castello di Velona represents a thousand years of history united with artwork, nature, elegance, fine taste, and fashion. The hotel’s wine and cuisine selection truly fulfills the body and soul, both in the traditional Velona Lounge and the contemporary Settimo Senso Restaurant.

The Brunello di Montalcino, produced from 5 hectares of vineyards on the property, tops the wine list and may be savored in the glass-domed Cloister, the heart of Castello di Velona.

2. Toscana Resort Castelfalfi

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi
Hotel Il Castelfalfi

The dreamy village of Castelfalfi is home to a five-star facility with the same moniker, a retreat that exemplifies the Italian quality of life and has the potential to become a beacon for high-end travel in Tuscany thanks to its 10,763.910 square foot spa and 27-hole golf course.

Everything about Castelfalfi’s service is top-notch, from the warm clothes and welcoming cocktails offered at reception to the helpful employees at the spa and restaurant. There are a wide variety of options for those who are interested in being physically fit, such as gyms with fitness instructors, yoga and pilates classes, organized hikes, biking, and tennis.

The Via del Sale restaurant promises a wide variety of Tuscan and worldwide-inspired dishes as well as a vegan menu, which is not a fair assumption in an area that is still especially keen on meat. You should try the beef fillet with foie gras and truffle. Out of this world!

1. Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel

Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel
Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel

After ascending into the mesmerizing rolling hills, when you first see this ancient castle, it will be looming over a scene of lush fields and towering trees. As you walk up to Castello di Casole‘s opening gates, you’ll be able to smell and feel the seductive charm of rural Tuscany.

This legendary medieval hotel and its surroundings are nestled in a picturesque nature reserve in the Tuscan hills between Siena and Florence. Choose from one of the 39 elegant rooms and suites, some of which offer a private garden or terrace. After you get settled in and feel rested, you can go to the heated infinity pool to relax and look at the beautiful rolling hills.

The cool air inside is a nice break from the hot Tuscan sun, and the exposed wood and earthy colors bring to mind a golden age that matches the surrounding area, which used to be an entire Tuscan hamlet with a school, a priest’s house, and a lemon orchard.

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