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25 Best Beaches in Italy To Visit This Year

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Beaches in Italy
Positano / Letizia Agosta / unsplash.com

Ciao, Amico! Have you heard of the term “un colpo di fulmine“? When an Italian falls madly in love, he will shout it from the rooftops, because passion is the heart and soul of the Italian character. Maybe, for this reason, Italy intoxicates, empowers, and moves like no other place. Celebrated in many movies, Bella Italia is home to some of the world’s best art, ancient landmarks, and food.

Italy will enchant you with its ancient mysteries, the melody of its language, and its signature style of “la dolce vita“. Without a doubt, it is a rara avis, a feeling that makes even the aridest hearts fall in love. And it doesn’t matter what your idea of “amore” might be: wine tasting in Tuscany, a gondola ride in Venice, or watching the sunset from Chiaia di Luna’s views. Italy has it all.

And you will return for some more. You will crave its silky tiramisu, the soft chilly taste of gelato, the steaming hot melting mozzarella of a fresh pizza, the exquisite style of local boutiques, and the flawless sunlight strewing across olive trees. Not to mention, Bel Paese’s pristine shoreline is an invitation in and of itself. Italy’s crystal clear waters have a gentle song, a blue lullaby that talks to the heart without even murmuring a word.

Monterosso al Mare
Monterosso al Mare / pixabay.com

Italy’s coastlines are bounded by five seas: the Mediterranean, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, and Ligurian. Therefore, you are never far away from a beach in Italy, since almost every province, apart from Umbria, has sea access. This means that during summer, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, eat local seafood, and you’ll be amazed by how beautiful the emerald blue sea is!

It goes without saying, you don’t need an excuse to travel to Italy, but in the event you have to justify your (fabulous) decision, here are our top 25 breezy reasons to visit. Whatever your beach style might be, whether you fancy luxurious resorts or picturesque and historic locations, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs and tastes. The most difficult part? To settle upon one.

So without further ado, these are the 25 best beaches in Italy:

25. Spiaggia Delle Due Sorelle, Marche

Spiaggia Delle Due Sorelle, Marche
Riviera del Conero / wikipedia.org

Called after the twin stones rising from the sea, Spiaggia Delle Due Sorelle is accessible only by sea. The crystal clear water, the lurking mountain behind, and the virgin and wild environment make it one of the most favored destinations and the epitome of the Conero Riviera.

As picturesque as a postcard, we are certain that once you arrive, you will fall in love instantly.

24. Spiaggia Lido de Cefalu, Sicily

Spiaggia Lido di Cefalu
Spiaggia Lido di Cefalu / theworldofsicily.com

All across the Cefalu coast, several beaches intersperse with one another, presenting tourists with a variety of options and every type of solace. The Lido di Cefalu Beach looks like a painting, with different parts coming together in a beautiful way.

First-time visitors, as well as those who return year after year, will be amazed by the beauty of this beach.

23. Baia Delle Zagare, Puglia

Baia Delle Zagare
Hotel Baia Delle Zagare / booking.com

Italy’s environmental organization, Legambiente, awarded Baia Delle Zagare with three sails, an honor bestowed upon the most pristine beaches. It’s also known as Mergoli Bay because there are a lot of blackbirds, or “merlo” in Italian.

According to those who have visited Baia Delle Zagare, this beach is a tropical paradise. If you think heaven is clear water, white cliffs surrounded by trees, and rock arches that rise from the sea, you’ll definitely agree.

22. San Fruttuoso Beach, Liguria

San Fruttuoso Beach
San Fruttuoso Beach / neverendingvoyage.com

This serene and tricky-to-access location was an excellent place for monks to establish an abbey. The Monastery of San Fruttuoso is still present today, offering an enchanting vibe to the area.

As previously stated, San Fruttuoso has a lot of history, but it also brings a beach where you can relax and enjoy the sun, as well as traditional restaurants where you can eat local food made with seasonal ingredients.

21. Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa
Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa / beachsearcher.com

Cala Pulcino is a charming beach in Lampedusa, Italy’s largest of the Pelagie Islands. The beach is reachable via a trek over rocks and dense vegetation, but the chalky white sand, beautiful sights, and the infinite Mediterranean blue are good enough to justify the effort.

Unwind on the beach or wade into the isolated cove’s deep waters for an unforgettable experience.

20. Vendicari Nature Reserve, Sicily

Vendicari Nature Reserve
Vendicari Nature Reserve / hotels.com

If you travel to the southeast of Sicily, the Vendicari Nature Reserve is a must-see. Farther away from the chaos, in this completely tranquil location, the sun’s haze draws out vibrant colors. On the horizon, the cobalt blue of the sky comes together with the sea’s turquoise, and the golden sand is complemented by tints of green with an enticing aroma.

Oh, and the sea, followed by the hot breeze, the sounds of birds, and the feeling of salt on the skin… Sometimes, words are not enough.

19. Cala Gonone, Sardinia

Cala Gonone
Cala Gonone / sardinianbeaches.com

Past and archaeological sites, cultures and craftsmanship, the breathtaking sea, and the Supramonte’s mountain wilds, cloaked in a shroud of scented trees, will transport you into a beautiful mythic world.

While visiting this region of Italy almost guarantees these types of views, the scenery of Cala Gonone is on a whole new level. Whether you wish to take in the surroundings from a moving vehicle, meander along the beach, or just have a meal while admiring these fantastic places, you are certain to be wowed by their spell.

18. Spiaggia Di Cavoli, Elba

Spiaggia Di Cavoli
Spiaggia Di Cavoli / hotelcernia.it

Cavoli was formerly a site for granite extraction and loading, a common occurrence in the region. However, since the 1970s, the shoreline of Cavoli has become the top choice on Elba Island, mainly for young people who jam the beach during the summer season.

Cavoli’s prime location, shielded from northern winds by Mount Capanne, ensures a relatively mild climate throughout the year, which means swimming is possible starting in April and May and continuing until October.

The perfectly clear sea meets the fine-grained sand, inviting all sea aficionados to take advantage of this natural setting and spend a full day in the sun.

17. Cala Tonnarella, Sicily

Cala Tonnarella
Cala Tonnarella / Francesco Alberti / beachsearcher.com

If you’re an adrenaline junky, ready and able to hike to an unbelievable beach location, then Cala Tonnarella is for you. Although not easily reachable, requiring an approximately one-hour hike from where you park your car, you shouldn’t let this discourage you. It will be worth all the effort as the views from Calla Tonnarela are certainly spectacular.

Walk your way past the well-preserved paths, taking in the idyllic scenery all along the way down to the cove, where you will be greeted by wildflowers and trees providing plenty of shade. While other beaches in this region of Italy can get crowded, Cala Tonnarella tends to be deserted more often, so take a break and savor the peace and quiet while listening to the sea’s music.

16. Isola Bella, Sicily

Isola Bella, Sicily
Isola Bella / wondersofsicily.com

Isola Bella, also generally regarded as “the Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, is a small island off the west shore of the Mediterranean Sea, nestled in a protected bay. With its incredibly clear blue waters, mountain peaks, and pine trees as a background image, it is a surprising location.

The name “Isola Bella” translates as “beautiful island.” To get there, you can walk to the small island via a sandbar that connects it to the mainland beach.

15. Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia

Cala Di Volpe
Cala Di Volpe / fathomaway.com

This famous tourist destination, located in the core of Costa Smeralda, is best described by dazzling views and immaculate beaches. Yes, this perfect vacation spot is brimming with celebrities and sights, and it is also home to some of the most prestigious Costa Smeralda hotels.

Provocative and unmatched is the show of colors on this beach, from the green on the hills to the golden sand and the sea’s turquoise hues.

14. Cala Brandinchi, Sardinia

Cala Brandinchi
Cala Brandinchi / Joselu Blanco / worldbeachguide.com

Accept and embrace the unknown at Cala Brandinchi. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Being among Sardinia’s most photogenic beaches, it is affectionately noted as “Little Tahiti” due to the spectacular shades of its waters.

This stretch of shoreline is at its best during the low season when captivating vegetation and sea clarity are at their peak. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

13. Spiaggia Di Tuerredda, Sardinia

Spiaggia Di Tuerredda
Spiaggia Di Tuerredda / Rick Ilmio / beachsearcher.com

Beautiful beaches that extend for miles and miles, with Caribbean-colored waters. Majestic dunes, natural works of art, forever subjugated by the pleasant winds of the southern Sardinian summer. Sugar-fine sands. Beach bars and delectable cuisine.

It’s easy to see why Tuerredda’s breathtakingly beautiful beach is often referred to as the “jewel” of Sardinia.

12. Isola Di Spargi, Sardinia

Isola Di Spargi
Isola Di Spargi / residenzelevele.it

This planet is quite amazing when you take a look at it without a filter, just bare eyes and an open mind to the splendor of its reality. In the northeastern part of Sardinia, between many islands of the Maddalena Archipelago, is an unspoiled paradise of sincere beauty, with fine sand beaches and an exotic look.

Spargi is a symbol of Maddalena National Park’s most natural and wild nature. It is almost completely uninhabited, with a lot of vegetation, rivers, and species of animals that are protected by the park’s authorities.

11. Baia Dei Turchi, Puglia

Baia Dei Turchi
Baia Dei Turchi / perledipuglia.it

Have you ever visited a beach that is notable for both its affluent history and its natural marvels? If you said no, then Baia Dei Turchi is the best option for you.

The divine white beach is undeniably one of the most wonderful spots in Puglia, thanks to the crystalline waters and awe-inspiring panorama.

10. Roca Vecchia, Puglia

Roca Vecchia
Roca Vecchia / trovaspiagge.it

Could this be the world’s most ravishing natural pool? If you merely look at photos of Roca Vecchia, you’ll see why it’s so popular. It has some of the most beautiful geological features and breathtaking places you’ll want to spend the whole day at.

The Grotta Della Poesia (Cave of Poetry) is indeed the area’s greatest asset. As the saying goes, it was the favorite swimming site of a princess who fascinated poets as they captured a glimpse of her having fun in the waters, thus giving its name.

This astonishing, naturally-formed pool has been named one of the “10 Most Beautiful Natural Pools in the World” by National Geographic.

9. Cala Rossa, Isola Di Favignana, Sicily

Cala Rossa
Cala Rossa / youknowboat.com

The world is never on hold; it is always galloping fast. So be prepared. And then go. Travel the world. There are places on earth that are truly one-of-a-kind, and Cala Rossa is one of them, a magnificent mineral cove with azure waters.

It got its name from a major battle in which many Phoenicians died, coloring the sea red with their blood. After that, it was constantly referred to as the “Red Cove.” Cala Rossa provides great swimming and scuba diving prospects, particularly near Grotta Azzurra, Grotta dei Sospiri, and Grotta degli Innamorati. What have we told you? Everything in Italy is about love.

8. Chiaia Di Luna, Ponza

Chiaia Di Luna
Hotel Chiaia Di Luna

Chiaia di Luna beach is one of the most famous and attractive seashores on the Italian island of Ponza, located in the province of Lazio. All visitors to Ponza, but especially those who own a boat, are drawn to the huge, pure cliff face that plunges into the clear blue waters below.

Sad to say, but for several years, entrance to the beach, either from the passageway or the sea, has been prohibited owing to the increased risk of rocks falling. Visitors can only marvel at the half-moon-shaped wonder from afar.

It is deemed one of the most dreamy, romantic, and breathtaking sights in Italy at sunset, whether from the sea or the viewpoints above.

7. Scala Dei Turchi, Sicily

Scala Dei Turchi, Sicily
Scala Dei Turchi / lavalledeitempli.it

Amongst the other stairs you’ve seen before, this is undeniably the most peculiar. You’ve probably guessed that it is not a real ladder, but an impressive stretch of seashore that has turned into an emblem of Sicilian coastal tourism due to its unique feature.

Also acknowledged as the Turkish Steps, this natural rock structure is located on Sicily’s southwest coast, near the town of Realmonte and just a few kilometers from the world-famous historical landmark of Agrigento. If you desire a better view, follow the route that leads to a nearby beach, from where you can appreciate the gorgeous white cliff range.

6. Spiaggia Dei Conigli, Lampedusa

Spiaggia Dei Conigli
Spiaggia Dei Conigli / Tom Sparma / beachsearcher.com

Spiaggia Dei Conigli’s (Rabbit’s Beach) turquoise waters and white sands have earned it a place among many of the world’s finest beaches. In fact, its scenery is similar to that of the Seychelles and the Caribbean, but somehow more expressive and endearing.

Contrary to popular belief, this small patch of rocky and untamed land is utterly bereft of rabbits. It is more likely, however, to come across a sea turtle laying eggs. Excluding the name, what makes it a dream come true is the victory of nature’s grandeur, the charm of the beach, and the incredible crystalline blue water that converts it into a natural pool.

Add your snorkeling equipment and discover the local aquatic wildlife, or spread out a blanket and soak up the sun.

5. Spiaggia La Pelosa, Sardinia

Spiaggia La Pelosa
Spiaggia La Pelosa / sardinianbeaches.com

Do you know those documentaries with shots so striking that end up making you wish you’d packed your suitcase, although you’re still on your couch? No more excuses! La Pelosa is one of those places. Here, the shoreline meets the water’s edge as if they were playing an everlasting game, where regardless of who wins, they are still in love with one another.

Located on Sardinia’s northwest coast, Cala La Pelosa is a tropical heaven. Situated on the coast of Stintino, it continues to astound tourists and locals alike with its strikingly clear waters. This small beach is beyond belief, and its picturesque configuration makes it an ideal spot to unwind on a warm summer day.

4. Marasusa Beach, Tropea, Calabria

Marasusa Beach
Marasusa Beach / Alex Baganets / pixabay.com

Located near the “toe” of Italy, Tropea is a charming old town immersed in the Mediterranean Sea. With its softly white sands, serenely clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking cliffs, Marasusa Beach looks forward to meeting you. And what a scenic view! In one way, you have shimmering Tyrrhenian waters; in the other, an idyllic town so lovely that it blows your mind.

It’s not only a first-class location for those seeking to sunbathe there, but it’s also a gorgeous spectacle to behold in the evening when it’s all glowing. This vibrant beach town does become packed with people in July and August, so if you value your privacy, May, June, September, and October are good alternatives.

3. Spiaggia Di Atrani, Campania

Spiaggia Di Atrani
Spiaggia Di Atrani / thatraveller.com

Speaking to your heart as a poem does, Atrani is the right place to explore if you want to discover what Italy is really about. While this village is only a drive away from Amalfi, the popular and buzzing holiday destination, it has remained untarnished by mass tourism, making it one of Italy’s best-hidden gems.

It is a former fishing village nestled between the sea and a rock wall, with a distinct charm that deserves to be recognized. Caught in bygone days, Atrani is the perfect spot to get a taste of Italy as it used to be. Consume the same foods as the locals, sip the same beverages, and pay the same prices. Is there anyone who requires a more powerful reason to go?

2. Spiaggia Di Sansone, Elba

Spiaggia Di Sansone
Spiaggia Di Sansone / infoelba.com

A sturdy candidate to win “Best Beach in Italy”, Spiaggia di Sansone is a little piece of heaven located on the shores of Portoferraio. On the road to Enfola beach, just before the Viticcio intersection, you might find the so-called “ne plus ultra”.

Sansone’s distinctive vibe is enhanced by a thin swath of wonderful felsite pebbles that are almost blinding in their brilliance, which contrasts with the taupe highlights of its transparent waters. For this reason, once you lay eyes on Spiaggia di Sansone, you will disregard the 15-minute stroll along a twisty path it took to get there.

1. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia

Cala Goloritze
Cala Goloritze / Yesuitus2001 / wikipedia.org

We must confess, it was hard to determine which was the greatest beach in Italy. After numerous disagreements and changes in the ranking, we found the Holy Grail. Apart from the yacht-botherers, where sea and mountains coexist gracefully, you can pursue delightful solitude, and there you might find a hidden treasure: Cala Goloritze.

Sharp rocks rise into the sky over the eastern Sardinian coast of Italy, where this pristine and untamed beach sits. The truth is, Cala Goloritze leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of its visitors. Perhaps also because it’s not effortless to get there. Due to the fact it is kept safe from all possible pollution sources, there are only two ways to reach it: trekking or sealing.

Cala Goloritze Sardinia
Cala Goloritze aerial view / strictlysardinia.com

Dominated by white sands, the beach’s dampened tones at sunset are the colors you might only dream about. Cala Goloritze’s water is instantly deep and unbelievably clear, making it an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. It was formed in 1962 by a landslide and is best known for its massive 143-meter-tall limestone apex that goes up above the lagoon.

That being said, for most of us, the quick and chaotic waves, the pitiless sun, the salty air, and the sand beneath our feet represent the pinnacle of stress relief. Thankfully, from cool, enchanting coves to charming fishing villages and long swaths of sand that wouldn’t feel out of place, not even in the Bahamas, Italy has beaches for every state of mind.

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