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EDC: The 20 Best Money Clips Right Now

By Brody Patterson


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Best Money Clips
The Ridge Wallet

EDC enthusiasts or not, everybody carries a wallet on them to keep their cards and cash at hand wherever they may go. But sometimes, a traditional wallet proves to be too much. It’s ugly, heavy, inconvenient and reminds everyone of the rat race they’re trying to get away from.

And this is where money clips and minimalist wallets come in to save the day.

No matter if you need something slim and elegant that doesn’t draw to much attention and fits perfectly with a fancy suit on a special night or you’re just looking to reduce that bulk in your pocket, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 20 best money clips right now:

20. Travelambo Money Clip Wallet 

Travelambo Money Clip Wallet 

The Travelambo Money Clip Wallet is a budget friendly, functional and stylish piece of gear. Built from fine grain cowhide leather with an ingenious carbon fiber ridged design, this wallet and money clip will last for a very long time.

It’s slim and lightweight, making for an excellent alternative to the traditional bulky wallet. As features, there are 3 card slots and one magnetic clip which can hold up to 30 folded bills, window for an ID card or driver’s license. For security, there’s also RFID blocking technology, so you can be sure no one’s going to steal your money from the cards.

19. Bling Jewelry Money Clip

Bling Jewelry Money Clip

A very elegant option comes from Bling Jewelry. The stainless steel Bling Jewelry Money Clip is a gorgeous minimalist looking money clip, perfect for those business trips or fancy nights out.

It’s sturdy and durable and can hold up to 4 credit cards and 15 bills and comes in gold, silver plating or black matte finish, making it a super attractive option. Did we mention it’s also a budget friendly option?

18. Vargo Titanium Money Clip

Vargo Titanium Money Clip

The Vargo Titanium is another elegant alternative to your traditional wallet. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but makes the money clip a stylish, extremely lightweight and elegant option to carry your money around.

Simple but attractive, it’s built from titanium with a clean metal patina with only the brand logo shown on the side. A clip that doesn’t aim to do anything else but keep your cards and money in place. And for a little under $20, we’d say it’s a very good choice.

17. Lever Gear ToolCard Pro With Money Clip 

Lever Gear ToolCard Pro With Money Clip 

A winner in terms of functionality, the Lever Gear ToolCard Pro is a super lightweight credit card-sized money clip wallet and comes with no less than 40 tools under its belt.

It’s made from 420 stainless steel and includes 24 wrenches, can opener, bottle opener, 3 screwdrivers, rulers, cord cutter, pry bar, bit holder, speed square, protractor and a removable money clip built right into the design. Would you need anything else? Well, for something more stylish, you should look at other options, but for the survival and EDC enthusiasts, this is the tool to have.

16. Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

Speaking of tools, Victorinox couldn’t have stayed out from this, so they came up with the Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip. Surprised? We’re not. The iconic multitool now has a new addition to its selection of gizmos, one that can hold your bills in place wherever you go.

It’s perfect for those who swear by and never leave home without the timeless Swiss Army knife.

15. Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Another unsurprising option for those who can’t leave home without a blade of some sort is the Gerber GDC money clip. Perfect for those tactical gear fans, the Gerber GDC comes with a hidden 1.75 inch fixed blade with thumb grip for firm control.

The other feature, the one we’re interested here, is the 3.6 inch integrated money clip which can carry up to 5 cards and enough bills to go about your day. It’s lightweight, it looks amazing, and most importantly , it’s covered by Gerber’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee so you can be sure nothing’s going to break.

14. Dango Pocket Clip

Dango Pocket Clip

Another tool that doubles as money clip comes from Dango. It combines a minimalist aesthetic with several functions, like bottle opener, keychain attachment point and belt clip.

The Dango Pocket Clip can hold up to 12 bills and is compatible with any of the brand’s M-Series wallets and even their MT04 multitool. The clip is made in USA from CNC-machined aluminum and stainless steel.

13. Forrest & Harold Money Clip Wallet

Forrest & Harold Money Clip Wallet

The Forrest & Harold Money Clip has a more traditional approach and offers 4 slide-out slots which can hold up to 8 cards and an ID pocket to hold your driver’s license.

It’s sturdy and functional and allows for keeping your cash both on the inside or outside the wallet. The money clip is removable, so you can use it separately. The F&H clip comes with 13 color combinations to choose from, so even the most picky out there can be sure they’ll find a look to suit their preferences.

12. Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold

For those looking for a classy and stylish all-leather option, the Ezra Arthur Fold is the perfect choice. Technically, it’s not a money clip, but it’s worth mentioning here as it offers the same minimalistic way to carry your bills.

Slim and small, the Ezra Arthur Cash Fold is made in USA from Chromexcel Horween leather and can hold up to 30 bills.

11. Storus Smart Clip

Storus Smart Clip

With a unique look and innovative design, the Storus Smart Clip is a beautifully crafted money clip. Sophisticated and with a curved wave-like design, it draws attention whenever you get it out to pay for something, so it’s the perfect tool for an special night out.

Able to hold up to 5 cards on one side and 30 bills on the other, the Storus Smart Clip should be enough when you want to leave your usual wallet at home.

10. Filson Deer Money Clip

Filson Deer Money Clip

The Filson Deer Money Clip shares the brand’s heritage and the spirit of the American West, so you can expect nothing less than quality and style.

Handmade from solid brass in the USA, the clip features a welded copper buck silhouette and comes in limited edition, so hurry up.

9. Viper Titanium Money Clip

Viper Titanium Money Clip

With a titanium construction, the Viper Titanium Money Clip is a sturdy, highly durable and fatigue resistant clip able to hold up to 60 folded bills without you ever worrying of them getting loose.

8. Viosi Money Clip Leather

Viosi Money Clip Leather

Viosi comes with a full leather money clip option that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a hybrid between a money clip and minimalist wallet combining the functionality with a superb classy look.

The clip is magnetic and firm enough to keep your bills secure, while making it super easy to grab your cash when you need them. There are also three card slots and two larger slots for more than your cards and cash.

7. Tightwad Money Clip

Tightwad Money Clip

Made from superior Toray carbon fiber, the Tightwad Money Clip is extremely light and looks gorgeous. Designed to be simple and flat and with a guarantee that it’ll never break or stretch with use, this is a wonderful and very simple to use option.

Sure, $80 might sound like too much for some, but given the quality of the materials used, we’d say it’s quite an affordable one.

6. TUMI Ballistic Etched Money Clip

TUMI Ballistic Etched Money Clip 

Coming from a renowned luxury brand, it’s no wonder the TUMI Ballistic Etched Money Clip is a high class piece of gear. With a superb design, steel crafted and finished with the brand’s proprietary ballistic nylon etching, this TUMI money clip is an excellent accessory that fits any fancy wardrobe no matter the occasion.

It’s chic, practical and rugged and will hold your money with class and style.

5. The Ridge Wallet + Money Clip

The Ridge Wallet + Money Clip

The Ridge Wallet and Money Clip is a marvelously crafted hybrid wallet and money clip. Lightweight and stylish, it can hold up to 12 cards inside an RFID blocking expandable track and several bills on the external money clip.

The Ridge comes in quite a few design options, with aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber and forged carbon as the choice of materials, and a myriad of colors and patterns to match anyone’s style preferences.

4. Saint Laurent Logo-Engraved Gunmetal-Tone

Saint Laurent Logo-Engraved Gunmetal-Tone

While simple and minimalist in appearance, the Saint Laurent Logo-Engraved Gunmetal-Tone money clip is a statement of luxury and extravagance. And the Saint Laurent Paris logo engraved on one side is there to make that statement.

The scratch resistant finish in gunmetal matte black is simply superb, making it look classy without being over the top. The clip is slick, with two by seven centimeters in dimension, fitting perfectly into any pocket, being it a high class suit or blue jeans. But given the $195 price, skip the jeans and go for something to match the class.

3. Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone Money Clip

Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone Money Clip

Crafted from brass with a beautiful silver finish and stunning design, the Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone is quite a sight. It’s tough and resistant and is sure to last you for many years.

While the main feature, that of holding your bills together doesn’t differ much from the other options on this list, it has something that differentiates it from any other clip we’ve seen, and that is the latch that securely closes the clip so you can be sure you’ll never accidentally lose your money while in a hurry.

And speaking of losing money, the Dunhill Engraved Silver-Tone comes as a more serious investment than the other money clips on this list, so make sure it’s the right one for you.

2. Berluti Leather and Silver-Tone Money Clip

Berluti Leather and Silver-Tone Money Clip

The Berluti Leather and Silver-Tone money clip is another high end option for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It’s an example of excellent craftsmanship that combines traditional materials like leather and the modern look of metal.

The brown leather will age beautifully, getting a superb patina, while the silver finish will complement it perfectly, so you can be sure the looks will just get better over time.

Most probably not an option for the EDC enthusiasts who look for a simple and efficient tool rather than a fashion statement, but for sure it’s a wonderful choice for those that want to expand their fashion accessories with something unique.

1. Kingsman Deakin & Francis Rose Gold Money Clip

Kingsman Deakin & Francis Rose Gold Money Clip

Beautiful, simple and elegant, the Kingsman Deakin & Francis Rose Gold money clip is a lot more than that. It’s the quintessence of fashion in a small piece of gear. The sterling silver clip is absolutely gorgeous with its rose gold plating and the subtle Kingsman logo.

Born from a collaboration between the English jewelers Deakin & Francis and the spy movie Kingsman, the clip is part of a collection inspired by the style and exclusiveness found in the film.

At $375, it’s nothing close to a budget option, but for those who can afford it, it’s going to be a timeless piece of EDC gear ready to draw the attention of everyone at the bar when buying that gorgeous lady a drink.

There are probably thousands of money clips on the market right now, so it’s pretty hard to pick only 25 of them. But we’ve looked at the products with the best reviews and picked only la creme de la creme for you. Which one do you fancy?

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