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The 20 Best Trench Coats for Women in 2023

By Georgiana Grama


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Burberry Trench Coats
Kate Moss for Burberry, lensed by Mario Testino

The trench coat is one of the best transitional pieces we are so looking forward to seeing this season.

This means that spring is finally here, and we can ditch our heavy winter gear to make room for our lighter, more versatile wardrobe.

Trench Coat History

History of Trench Coats

If you’re wondering where the trench coat originally came from, it’s actually quite an interesting story. It was first designed by the Brits, more specifically Burberry, for the officers to wear in World War I, hence the name. The shoulder epaulets, belt and buttons are what make this wardrobe staple what it is. A versatile piece, it can be worn by both sexes, but some that we will look at are mostly designed for women.

They can be used pretty much all year long, unless your winters are really brutal. But if the weather is not too harsh, you can add a few layers and use it in the colder months as well.

In order to make a good decision when investing in such a classic capsule piece, you want to consider the longevity of the material and quality of the craftsmanship.


Trench Coat materials

Some of the most used materials for the trench coat are cotton, wool, leather, silk, and gabardine. They all have their qualities, but if you want something long lasting and that will protect you from all types of weather, gabardine is the most sensible solution. Silk is a nice premium option for special occasions, but not the most convenient option for day to day.

Cotton is lightweight for the warmer spring or fall days, and leather, although looks great, can only be worn on dry days, but not so great when the temperature rises a little. And wool is great for colder fall or winter days, but not so much the rest of the year.


Best Trench Coats
Campaign for Burberry Heritage trench coats, lensed by Mario Testino

The type of closure you choose comes down to personal preference. Do you want a single-breast, double-breast, or just tie it back with a belt? In general, trench coats are oversized, so along the buttons, you might like to use a waist tie back.

The single-breasted option gives you a clean look, but the double-breasted trench looks more formal because of the wider overlap and the two rows of buttons.


Trench Coat History

Trench coats vary in length from the mid-thigh to full length. Once again, this depends on your height, the look you’re going for, and of course, your style.

For a more casual everyday piece you might opt for a shorter version, but for a more formal coat you might consider the longer one.


Colored Burberry Trench Coats
Naomi Campbell & Jourdan Dunn, posing for Burberry, by Mario Testino

This transitional piece looks better in the neutral and traditional colors such as black, navy, camel, khaki, or grey. Of course, any color or print is fine, but if you stick with the classics they will most likely fit with anything you already own in your wardrobe.

Here we have compiled a list of the 20 most popular styles of trench coats for 2023 that we think you might like.

20. Cuyana Classic Trench Coat

Cuyana Classic Trench coat

The classic design of this coat in a classic navy, makes this a timeless option for any woman. This is a great coat for any occasion, and you can throw it over anything. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or going to that after work dinner and drinks, you will do so in style.

This beige option is versatile yet classic, and it will pull together any look. It has a relaxed fit but a feminine design, and the water repellant finish makes this trench appropriate for any type of weather. Cuyana is also a sustainable company, so it is a great option all around.

19. Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat

Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat

Perfect for the busy, on-the-go woman who needs a good looking coat that is also waterproof. This modern trench has a zipper closure rather than the more traditional buttons, and even their pockets are secured with zippers for extra convenience.

The DWR coating is perfect for rainy days, and the removable hood is great for a versatile look. It comes in petite, regular, tall and plus sizes, which makes them a favorite model with women of all shapes and sizes. And it is perfect for travelling too!

18. J Crew Women’s 2011 Trench Coat

J Crew Women’s 2011

This is a classic double-breasted coat that comes in a vintage khaki color. The higher waist, shorter hem, and the underfelt collar are minor tweaks the company made to modernize this classic look.

Made from water-repellent cotton, it is a great option for a timeless look. Available in regular and petite sizes, it will fit the shorter woman who might have a hard time finding a coat that doesn’t swallow her.

17. Wantdo Double-Breasted Trench Coat


A staple in any women’s wardrobe, this affordable option is great for women who can’t just pick one style. This contemporary yet classic double-breasted coat is light enough for chilly summer evenings but warm enough for cooler temperatures.

As the seasons change, this great transitional piece will be your best companion. The anti-wrinkle material is great, and makes this lower priced coat look more expensive than it is.

16. The North Face City Breeze Women’s Rain Trench Coat

The North Face City Breeze Women’s Rain Trench Coat

This is a sportier version of the trench, and the weatherproof material makes this perfect for the adventurous type, or for someone who lives in a very rainy climate.

Definitely a casual option, the adjustable waist will flatter any figure and give it a more feminine look. And it comes with a zipper instead of the custom buttons the classic trench comes with. It’s available in various colors, and regular and plus sizes as well.

15. Barbour Findhorn Waterproof Trench Coat

Barbour Findhorn Waterproof Trench Coat

This belted trench coat by prestigious clothing brand Barbour is a great option for rainy days. It has a hood and a hidden button slit that will give you a more feminine look. The asymmetrical wrap font gives it a modern edge, and the tech shell is windproof and weather resistant while remaining breathable.

The removable belt, epaulets, wing lapels, and snab-tab cuffs are just some of the features that make this a classy trench. This is a great coat for everyday wear.

View price at Barbour

14. Off-White Patch-Embellished Oversized Trench Coat

Off-White Patch-Embellished Oversized Trench Coat

This oversized trench was taken to a different level by Virgil Abloh, the name behind newcomer Off-White. He dropped the waist belt and the shoulders, and the sleeves are dramatically longer than most.

The signature industrial yellow lining and embellished patches of the brand are present, so you can be sure it’s an original design. A cotton-blend beige material and the dramatic oversize make this a fashionable option for those who are not traditionalists at heart.

13. Max&Co Denim Trench Coat

Max&Co Denim Trench Coat

This is a great option for the fashionistas out there. Dare to break away from the monotonous traditional trench beige with this gorgeous denim option. This dark-blue generous fit and balloon sleeves will suit anyone, and make them stand out.

The notched lapels that are more seventies are a nice touch to this youthful take on a classic. The double-breasted silhouette and the blue gabardine accents make this a versatile piece that will upgrade any wardrobe.

12. Banana Republic Water-Resistant Classic Trench Coat

Banana Republic Water-Resistant Classic Trench Coat

This Sherlock-Holmes look-alike is so chic, it will instantly bring you a touch of class. This coat boasts all the traditional details of the military original model, but transformed them to fit in our era.

The water-resistant cotton twill is treated to keep the rain out, and it is lightly lined to bring you extra warmth. The secured compartments that are on the inside front pocket will keep your small valuables safe, and the extra chest pockets are very convenient.

11. Madewell Sedgwick Camel Trench Coat

Madewell Sedgwick Camel Trench Coat

Madewell offers this stylish trench in the popular camel color. This lovely shaped coat is made from lightweight cotton twill, but unfortunately not the water resistant one. Not for rainy days, you can make a fashion statement on drier days.

Wear it open or closed for versatility, you can remove the belt and the belt loops as well if you choose to. Layer it over anything, this easy and unstructured coat is a no-fuss wardrobe addition for a clean pulled-together look.

10. Rejina Pyo Hadley Cotton Trench Coat

Rejina Pyo Hadley Cotton Trench Coat

If you happen to be bored with the traditional look of the basic trench, this will surely please you! The dramatic wide sleeves, combined with the minimalist single-breasted shape create the optical diversion you crave.

The sash belt gives it a kimono-type look that stays in place due to the stiff cotton-twill material this coat is made from. The elasticated back waist and pleated storm flap create an interesting look from any side.

View price at Rejina Pyo

9. Sandro Vino Belted Satin-Crepe Coat

Sandro Vino Belted Satin-Crepe Coat

This beautiful coat from Sandro is a real work of art. The plisse satin skirt adds drama and flare to this gorgeous version of the trench. Perfectly suited for a special event or an evening out, when we will be allowed to again, that is, you will turn heads once you enter a room.

The crepe upper part is cut to perfection and has all the traditional trench details, while the movement that the satin creates at the bottom part is a unique feature this coat offers. Tie your waist with the embroidered belt and you will enhance your A-line shape in style.

8. Prada Double-Breasted Leather Trench Coat

Prada Double-Breasted Leather Trench Coat

This timeless leather coat from Prada is an investment piece. Once you acquire this coat for your wardrobe, you will cherish it for life. Although on the pricey side, you will get your money’s worth, because you will want to wear it every chance you get. It is tailored in Italy and boasts a double-breasted silhouette.

The high-quality leather feels soft, and the coat is lined with a satin-twill material, which makes it perfect for colder weather. Finish off the look with the buckled belt, and you will feel chic and confident.

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7. London Fog Double-Breasted Trench Coat

London Fog Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Back with a classic looking investment piece, this coat offers you everything you need to in a trench coat. Its mid-thigh length is perfect for a traditional look, and the removable hood is convenient for wetter weather, but gives you the option to go classy when it doesn’t rain.

Its beautiful button detailing brings a trendy touch, and the weather resistant yet light material is perfect for spring or summer as well. A true classic for anyone looking for a transitional piece.

6. Bottega Veneta Belted Wool Coat

Bottega Veneta Belted Wool Coat

Although we’re in spring and we can’t wait to put our winter coats away, we need you to take a look at this beautiful wool trench coat from Bottega Veneta. Another investment piece that is worth your while, this single-breasted coat might make your colder months a little more bearable.

Made in Italy from high quality black wool, its strong shoulders and the sash belt will enhance your silhouette. The quality of the material combined with the classic hue makes this a perfect timeless addition to any wardrobe.

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5. Gucci Oversized Cotton-Blend Trench Coat

Gucci Oversized Cotton-Blend Trench Coat

This beauty from Gucci comes in a cool green shade. The best oversized option out there, from the outside it has an androgynous boyfriend look. But once you open it, you will notice the beautifully decorated detachable wool vest lining that is designed with pretty colorful flowers.

The button-fastening epaulettes, storm flap and the belt that will cinch your waist gives it traditional trench details, while combining feminine and masculine styles perfectly.

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4. Lark & Ro Women’s Light Trench Coat


After all these designer trench coats, here’s a super affordable option, from Lark & Ro. Made from a lightweight material, this trench coat will keep you warm on cooler days, while the fitted style will flatter your figure. The water resistant material will keep you from getting wet, and you will do so while looking very fashionable.

Every woman should have a light trench coat in their closet, which will pull together any look in seconds. Layer it over your favorite tee and jeans, or over that dress when going for dinner and dancing and you will always look chic.

3. Gabriela Hearst Leather-Trimmed Cashmere Trench Coat

Gabriela Hearst Leather-Trimmed Cashmere Trench Coat

For anyone that can afford it, this trench is a real treat for anyone with great fashion sense. This sleek black cashmere outer piece will surely be the star of your wardrobe. The perfect length of this coat is defined with intricate leather trims all over to create great details to an already amazing coat.

Made in Italy from cashmere, its double-breasted silhouette, the shoulder epaulettes and cuff tabs are the mandatory trench details, and you can finish off the look with a self-tie belt.

2. Loro Piana Cashmere Trench Coat

Loro Piana Cashmere Trench

This classic camel coat has all the basic features you expect from a trench coat, but the quality of the materials and the superior craftsmanship make this an investment piece for anyone’s wardrobe. Loro Piana takes pride from their prized baby cashmere that is sourced from the mountains of Mongolia and Northern China.

Tailored with the best materials in the world in their Italian atelier, this classic model is single breasted, belted at the waist, with traditional epaulettes, cuff tabs and oversized pockets.

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1. Burberry Kensington Heritage Trench Coat

Burberry Kensington Heritage Trench Coat

Burberry is not the quintessential trench coat brand for nothing. They are, without a doubt, the leaders of the trench coat since they first brought the trench coat on the fashion scene.. When you think of trench coats, Burberry is the first name that comes to mind.

This iconic brand offers you the best of the British elements that make the traditional trench, but with the flare of the fashionable modern woman. The beige color, military-style epaulettes, and the perfect length make this coat a long lasting piece that will never go out of style.

If there’s one item you should invest in for your wardrobe, it is a great trench coat. We offered you a few options that you can choose from, and we’re sorry if it makes your choice harder as they are all great.

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