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The 25 Best Jeans Brands for Women in 2023

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Jeans Brands for Women
AYR Denim

Every single human being on the planet has at least one favorite pair of jeans they can depend on. Jeans are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe, a go-to for many occasions.

You can dress them up, you can dress them down, whatever your mood or lifestyle, jeans will always fit in. This time we’re focusing on women’s jeans brands that are considered the best this year.

There are many brands that are becoming more sustainable as the years go by. They use better dyeing techniques that don’t use as much water and harsh chemicals as the first pairs were made back in the beginning of times.

What Makes a Great Pair of Jeans Really Good?

What Makes a Great Pair of Jeans Really Good
Rag & Bone

First of all, the craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques are primordial when deciding on a pair of jeans that will look amazing and last a long time.

Then of course the materials used are also important. Some jeans brands opt for more natural fibers of pure cotton and use very little dyes, while others blend some more flexible materials such as polyester along with the cotton. While some source the very best vintage fabrics money can buy, therefore their prices are also higher.

But the best factor that makes jeans be and feel amazing, is how they work for you and your body type.

Some women spend decades finding that one pair of jeans that seems to be made just for them. It can be daunting for some people, but should be a fun chore.

How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans?

How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Lots of trial and error, that’s for sure. Some brands may fit some women like a glove, while others don’t flatter their shape at all.

Sizes differ from brand to brand, so trying them on is a must. One rule of thumb when it comes to sizing is to be able to fit two fingers at the back. Anything more than that is too loose, and less would be too tight. It’s normal for the waistband to fit tighter when you first buy them, as they will loosen with every wear.

You also want to try them on with different shoes, so you can get more wear out of them.

That pretty much covers it. Of course the actual design or brand is also important to some people, but the choice comes down to personal preference.

When it comes to style and price, that varies from person to person, so we tried to include a variety of options.

Let’s take a look at the 25 best jeans brands for women in 2022.

25. Trave Denim

Trave Denim
Trave Denim

A refreshing brand that brings a refined silhouette to your denim collection. Each piece is carefully designed, but most importantly, logo-free. All their jeans have a clean, effortless look to them.

They will look good on special occasions, as well as for everyday wear. If you’ve never heard of them before, check them out.



This super cool denim brand understands the female body, and they design jeans that flatter all curves and body shapes. Using locally sourced premium materials, GRLFRND‘s denim ages beautifully.

The more you wear them the more comfortable they feel, and you will cherish them for a long time. A high-quality brand that doesn’t break the bank.

23. Warp +Weft

Warp +Weft
Warp +Weft

A family-owned company that has been using their own methods for over 30 years, this brand of jeans makes great denim from scratch at their eco-friendly mill. Warp +Weft is a great brand to consider, especially since their commitment to fair trade conditions is very impotent to them.

Another plus is that their jeans fit nicely in any body shape, and are super comfortable.

22. Still Here New York

Still Here New York
Still Here New York

The jeans from brand are designed in New York, but they’re actually handcrafted in Los Angeles. Focusing on sustainability and novel manufacturing methods, Still Here New York will bring you great quality jeans that are made to last.

Their signature hand-painted stripes are becoming well-known on the denim market, and each piece is individual and tells its own story.

21. 3X1 Denim


Designer Scott Morrison, who launched this luxury denim brand in 2011, has big plans for the new year. He’s planning a 3X1 Denim relaunch that will surely amaze you, and you won’t be able to resist.

This New York based company brings you some classic timeless pieces that will uplift your wardrobe. Finest fabrics and great craftsmanship is what you can expect from the brand.

20. Tu Es Mon Tresor

Tu Es Mon Tresor
Tu Es Mon Tresor

Finding their inspiration from classic vintage denim, this brand hand-finishes all their jeans, for a unique look. Locally made in northern Japan, their designer Aimi Sahara puts a lot of personal touches to their collection.

Tu Es Mon Tresor‘s focus is on high quality products that feel comfortable to wear all day long. Built to last, they are an investment worth considering.

19. Boyish Jeans

Boyish Jeans
Boyish Jeans

Focusing on sustainable denim, Boyish creates beautiful jeans that are the perfect mix of modern with a vintage twist. One of their major contributions is reducing their carbon footprint.

They use a third of the water most companies use when producing one single pair of jeans. If that fact alone is not impressive enough, try their different styles, they will surely please you.

18. AMO Denim

AMO Denim
AMO Denim

This LA-based brand was founded by Kelly Urban and Misty Zollars. They are happy to bring women jeans that work for them and their bodies. Their charity work is also impressive, not just their designs.

The duo chooses a different charity to work with every single year, so they always give back to the community. Effortless chic, by women for women who get it.

17. B Sides Jeans

B Sides Jeans
B Sides Jeans / net-a-porter.com

Founders Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily pay close attention to details, which are very important to them. They create beautiful pieces from imperfections, and their signature is the patchwork.

Their inspiration is seeked from antique pieces, which makes their jeans one of a kind. Their materials for B Sides Jeans are sourced from family-run mills in North Carolina.

16. AYR Denim

AYR Denim
AYR Denim

AYR, or All Year Round, is a female-owned and founded brand that launched in 2016. The small team designs and creates timeless pieces that are an alternative to fast fashion, as they claim.

Each piece is well thought out and the materials are of the highest quality. A great brand to encourage, especially if buying local is important to you.

15. Triarchy


Triarchy creates some great jeans from eco-friendly denim that is crafted from a blend of cotton and tencel. The flexibility of the material allows for extra movement, therefore their jeans are super comfortable.

But what sets the brand apart are their high ethical standards of manufacturing, and their traceable carbon footprint.

14. SLVRLake Denim

SLVR Lake Denim
SLVR Lake Denim

This luxury denim brand offers some great jeans that are made for all body types. The company owned by an LA-based couple creates impeccable fitting, timeless, high quality jeans.

Although on the pricier side, they are worth every penny. If you’ve heard of the movie ‘The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants’ , you’d swear they were wearing a pair of SLVR Lake jeans.

13. AGolde


The brand is focused on comfort, design, but most importantly, sustainability. Created in LA, AGolde is continuously seeking inspiration from a variety of sources, which makes their jeans stand out from the rest.

All their pairs are super comfortable yet stylish, so you can wear them all day, for any occasion.

12. Mother Denim

Mother Denim
Mother Denim

Founded in 2010 by the brilliant duo of Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding, Mother Denim quickly took over the world. The Indie-inspired brand became a lifestyle brand due to their super-soft accessible denim customers fell in love with.

Each pair is made with love, and it tells its own unique story. Crafted in the US, their style embodies women of all ages, and of all shapes.

11. Totême


This Stockholm-based brand is a great denim company to discover if you haven’t done so already. Made in Italy and crafted from 100% rigid cotton, Toteme‘s denim collection is always inspired by the uniform style of dressing.

The minimalist Scandinavian style is omnipresent in all their items, which makes them easy to mix and match. Their timeless designs have been tweaked through the years, and the results are refined pieces that will never go out of style.

10. REF Jeans

Reformation Jeans
REF Jeans

Short for Reformation Jeans, REF Jeans is a newly found brand that focuses on sustainability. Although they source their fabrics and work closely with groups from the Fair Labor Association, they do create trendy pieces that are timeless.

Started off as a small storefront in LA in 2009, they’ve grown into a respectable label that brings you effortless silhouettes. The brand uses a third less amount of water in their LA factory.

9. Goldsign Denim

Goldsign Denim
Goldsign Denim / net-a-porter.com

Since their relaunch in 2016, Goldsign Denim got a much needed refocus that helped them create some functional jeans that are well-fitting. Each item is thoughtful and quietly compelling in their own way.

The small-batch production allows them to put the care they need to in every single piece. From wide-leg to high-rise, without forgetting the straight leg style, they are all appropriate for any occasion.

8. Paige Denim

Paige Jeans
Paige Jeans

Nicknamed the It-Girl of Denim, Paige Denim brings you premium quality and flawless fits. The silhouettes are trendy, and they always keep up with changing times. Former fit model/creator Paige Adams-Gellar understands women and their needs.

That is what helped her brand grow from a small boutique to a large-scale fashion label. You can get at least one of your must-have wardrobe staples from her collection.

7. R13 Denim

R13 Denim
R13 Denim

These are the favorite jeans of probably every fashionista from around the globe. One of the newest brands of jeans, this New York-based company made their debut in Fall 2019. Designer denim at its best, what characterizes them is the cool-girl aesthetic and high quality materials.

R13 Denim imports luxe denim fabrics from Italy and Japan, and their unique designs are influenced by American history.

6. Acne Studios

Acne Studios
Acne Studios

This Scandinavian brand is based in Stockholm, and brings you some of the most innovative and interesting designs you will find. Acne Studios’ massive following, especially on social media, is in part responsible for their great success.

But the high quality materials and great craftsmanship might have something to do with that. Many creative contemporaries swear by this brand, so why not try it out for yourself?

5. 7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind
7 For All Mankind

This luxury designer denim brand is a favorite with the fashionistas who love luxurious jeans. Always coming up with new designs, 7 for All Mankind are innovators that offer unusual twists to otherwise more conventional styles.

You will surely find that unique pair of jeans you’ve been looking for from their collections of ‘Sevens’.

4. GAP


GAP was introduced around the early 70s and it’s always been a great staple for affordable jeans that work well on most body types. Their sizing expands from one end of the spectrum to another, and offers a great variety of styles.

They are also trying to get more conscious when it comes to the planet, so their overall manufacturing practices are slowly changing.

3. Citizens Of Humanity

Citizens Of Humanity
Citizens Of Humanity

This brand of jeans has a very loyal following, and it shouldn’t surprise you. They are eco-friendly in their manufacturing practices, by limiting water and gas usage. Citizens of Humanity offers you a few great pieces that have a flattering fit, and that also look great.

Once you find the style that works for you, you will enjoy them for a while. They wear well, so they are definitely worth spending a bit more money on.

2. Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone

The British denim label is for the cool ladies in the crowd. Down-to-earth aesthetics that blend with high quality materials result in a great fitting jeans you will be glad you invested in.

Rag & Bone‘s styles range from timeless to trendy, and the versatility of their pieces offer great wear. The lived-in feel makes them so comfy, you might never want to take them off.

1. Levi’s


I’m pretty sure most of you expected to see Levi’s at number 1 and surprise, here they are! Established in 1873 in California, the iconic brand is one of the longest standing brands for jeans known to man/or woman!

Originally, Levi’s made jeans for working men but today they are a necessary staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They surely have at least one style that would work for you, and they are also more reasonable price-wise.

Here you have the list of the 25 best jeans brands for women in 2023. You’ve surely heard of most of them, haven’t you?

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