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5 Design Tips To Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

By Alex Holmes


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Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

The best restaurants serve incredible food. Technically, that is the only real non-negotiable. However, there are many great restaurants struggling to survive in spite of their excellent menus. This is especially true as we emerge from a devastating pandemic. Restaurants that stand out are much likelier to succeed.

The good news is that some simple interior design tips can make your restaurant more aesthetically interesting, creating a space that people are drawn to so that they get the chance to taste your delicious dishes.

Use these 5 design tips to make your restaurant stand out.

1. Incorporate natural materials

Incorporate natural materials

Plastic furniture and decor may be the cheapest option, and may even open up the potential to add some interesting features that would otherwise be too expensive. However, it is difficult to make your restaurant look classy without some gorgeous natural materials.

Wooden furniture – or even just some wooden finishes – brings the taste level up immediately. You can get some beautiful wood restaurant booths to go with your standalone pieces.

2. Lighting is key

Lighting is key

No matter how good your restaurant looks, the wrong lighting can ruin the aesthetic. Harsh lighting can make even the classiest furniture look cheap or dirty. Lighting that is too soft can make all the striking elements blur together. Find warm lighting that nonetheless brings out the features in your restaurant that you want to highlight.

You can also experiment with interesting lighting fixtures. Your patrons won’t be looking up most of the time, but unique fixtures will be noticed and will add an element of taste.

3. Use plantlife to revitalize a space

Use plantlife to revitalize a space

When you walk into a restaurant, you want to get a feel of freshness and vitality. The easiest way to bring this into your design is by using plants. They can instantly revitalize a space that feels a little lifeless. Make sure that any plants you use at floor or table level are real, living plants. Only use plastic plants if you want to add hanging features that would otherwise be impossible to upkeep.

4. Repeat shapes and colors

Repeat shapes and colors

If you want a subtle theme that impresses, the repeated use of certain shapes and colors can help achieve this. This means that you incorporate a certain color into accessories and statement pieces without making it too obvious. Utilize this color in rugs and chair fabrics as well, and it will give your whole restaurant a considered design feel.

If you are able to get bespoke pieces for your restaurant, try find an interesting shape (or set of shapes) that you can repeat throughout. For example, you can have oval chair-backs, oval floor patterns, an oval bar, and so on.

5. Represent local artists

Represent local artists

Finally, one exciting way to elevate the design in your restaurant without spending too much money is by representing local artists. Find young and upcoming artists in your area and either buy their artwork for your space, or offer them the opportunity to have their art for sale on your walls.

Not only will this give you the chance to add interesting pieces around the restaurant, but it will also position you as a participating member in the life of your community.

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