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The 25 Best Golf Shoes For Men in 2024

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Best Golf Shoes For Men

Few activities promise as many little accomplishments as golf. You don’t have to complete a tournament or even defeat the other player; success might be as simple as smacking the golf ball through the trees and into the green. And aren’t you crazy about how it keeps you down-to-earth?

In contrast to many other sports, golf’s incredible journey is distinctive in that there is no team to share your successes or defeats. It’s you against you. There is no one to blame when you do badly or spend many hours practicing without progress. You are your biggest opponent, and maintaining your faith in such high-pressure scenarios is a game of chess against yourself.

Regardless of whether you play it for fun or as a professional, golf tests you to the physical and emotional limits. However, this sport affords abundant opportunities to spend lavishly on equipment. What could be better than a brand-new set of irons, a pair of sparkling white shoes, or a faultless sleeve of balls?

First, you should know there isn’t a conventional attire for golf. The dress code for a golf course is entirely up to the discretion of the club in question. Some communities don’t impose any restrictions about what to wear, while others may have exceedingly cumbersome standards.

Nonetheless, there are several tight rules regarding acceptable footwear. Boots, office shoes, and sandals are prohibited, as shoes with metal spikes, since they might damage the course. In any case, the truth is that you don’t understand how much you need the right golf shoes unless you actually buy them.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Golf Shoes for You

Ecco Golf Shoes

When it comes to golf shoes, the most important characteristics are adhesion, sturdiness, comfort, optimum freedom of movement, and a snug fit to prevent sliding. Keep in mind that the expense of playing golf does not have to be sore feet at the end of a game.

As they have been made expressly for golf, these shoes are seen as a weapon that improves your game and makes your feet as happy as they might be while wandering the field. They are often made with a broader base to improve stability during the swing phase, a lower cut on the ankle to provide a high level of flexibility, and spikes to enhance grip in wet weather.

Buy golf shoes depending on your desired look and functionality within your price range, but do not sacrifice quality because of cost. In general, players choose genuine leather golf shoes over synthetic equivalents because they are more resilient, more comfortable, and are water-resistant as well as visually appealing.

All in all, there are some aspects you should take into consideration when deciding which golf shoes are best for you.

Find Your Fit

The most crucial feature of golf gear is its comfort. It must accommodate you adequately so that it does not slip, irritate or constrict your feet or toes. Proper golf footwear should give stability in the relevant spots and be comfortable enough for strolling and swinging.

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Several, if not all, golf courses restrict the use of metal spikes. Nevertheless, soft rubber spikes are an excellent alternative. The most important benefit of spiked golf shoes is the steadiness they can offer to your swing by enabling stronger traction and by having a more solid sole.

On the other hand, spikeless golf footwear is often lighter and has a smooth sole, as it is made primarily for ease and fashion. A regular street shoe will give lower support, not so much balance, and it is often not meant to be waterproof.

Man playing golf
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What Style Do You Prefer?

In recent years, the design of golf shoes has significantly changed due to the emergence of more stylistic alternatives.

If you are a golfer who usually competes with business associates, you may wish to consider a shoe with a more professional appearance. Yet, if your attire is much more informal and you’re playing with friends for fun, you may want to explore a more relaxed shoe style.

Whatever the case may be, there are two primary types of golf shoes: traditional and athletic.

  1. Traditional – In addition to their classic appearance, traditional golf shoes are extremely sturdy and enduring. Usually made from leather, they are also incredibly snug and impermeable.
  2. Athletic – If breathability is vital for you, consider athletic golf shoes, which often look like regular jogging or street shoes. Nonetheless, they have a distinctive aesthetic, especially in comparison to their traditional siblings, so discerning between both of them can be simple if you learn what to search for.

The 25 Best Golf Shoes for Men in 2024

Is it possible to decide with so many pairs of golf shoes available? As far as we know, you can argue the same about most footwear, but in this case, you’re wearing them for sports, so besides looking fashionable, you want them to be comfortable and improve your game.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the 25 best golf shoes for men in 2024 and see how they pile up with the criteria we outlined earlier.

25. Duca del Cosma Men’s Churchill Golf Shoe

Duca del Cosma Men’s Churchill Golf Shoe

In terms of both appearance and durability, the Duca del Cosma Churchill footwear is a clear frontrunner. These hand-made golf shoes have a distinctive design, and were built for the keen player who is not afraid to jump in with both feet from the first fairway to the 18th hole.

The Churchill spikeless shoe employs first-rate Nappa leather, which grants both sturdiness and elegance, while the Arneflex memory foam adapts to your feet for exceptional comfort on the links.

24. Cole Haan Original Grand Tour Golf Shoe

Cole Haan Original Grand Tour Golf Shoe

There’s no better golf footwear than the Cole Haan Original Grand Golf Shoe when it comes to balancing convenience with superior functionality. This is a golf shoe you’ll never want to get off, even when your play is done.

This refined model has been crowned with success thanks to its vintage oxford design that has stood the test of time, which is quite a remarkable feature in today’s ostentatious market.

23. Johnston & Murphy XC4 H1-Luxe Golf Shoes

Johnston & Murphy XC4 H1-Luxe Golf Shoes

Built for performance on and off the field, the XC4 H1-Luxe Golf Shoes from Johnston & Murphy marries traditional artistry with cutting-edge engineering. These golf shoes stand out from others because they have a technique called “adaptive temperature control” that keeps your feet cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

The reinforced EVA midsole adds more support, while the removable dual-width footbed easily adapts to the size of your foot.

22. Callaway Coronado V2 Golf Shoes

Callaway Coronado V2 Golf Shoes

The Callaway Coronado V2 is a golf shoe that manages to combine an athletic design with an efficiency-minded structure and it’s one of the most appealing golf footwear options on the market. The perfect storm of patterns and tones provides a refined appearance without being flamboyant.

You can easily and effectively wear them off the green, but perhaps not every single day and everywhere. Nevertheless, they guarantee one of the greatest grips you’ll ever encounter on spikeless shoes.

21. Biion the Oxford Miami Vice

Biion the Oxford Miami Vice

Created for those who enjoy taking a load off from time to time, the Biion Oxford Miami Vice golf shoes include germicide compounds, ventilation holes, and a shock-absorbing innersole with unique massaging nodes. For maximum convenience, they may be washed and dried in the blink of an eye.

The outsole is made of rubber and boasts a hexagonal heel with Hextra-grip Technology that makes it easier to keep your balance on the field.

20. Sqairz Speed Golf Shoes

Sqairz Speed Golf Shoes

With its distinctive square toe shape, Sqairz Speed footwear has been shown to improve a player’s swing power, precision, and range. It boasts one of the largest soles available, as well as the maximum amount of ground contact possible, resulting in a more effective transfer of energy.

The outstanding efficacy of this footwear is significantly enhanced by the shoe’s exceptional supporting structures. Therefore, we recommend the Sqairz Speed Golf Shoes to professional golfers in search of superior performance and better accuracy.

19. Callaway Del Mar Golf Shoes

Callaway Del Mar Golf Shoes

While strolling the course, the beautiful Callaway Del Mar golf shoes will keep your feet relaxed and balanced. These soft-hued, slick-styled sneakers are neat and snug, catching the eye, but not so much to interfere with your golf game.

Well, they might not be the most effective golf shoes, but for sure, this is not their ultimate aim. Just like most laid-back golf footwear, the Callaway Del Mar sneakers focus on style rather than performance. However, needless to say, this does not imply that they are lacking all golf-specific characteristics.

18. Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes

Ecco BIOM C4 Golf Shoes

Ecco footwear has always been quite divisive in terms of appearance. Some golfers adore them, while others do not. Frankly, we stand somewhere in the middle, but we are overjoyed with the tangerine and blue accents on the BIOM C4 shoes.

The improved BIOM C4 footgear delivers a good ratio of padding, elasticity, durability, and air-flow properties. It also maintains the fusion of a more cutting-edge layout with loads of new features to give you the sturdiness you may need to improve your game and have a more powerful swing.

17. Biion Navy Bay

Biion Navy Bay

Biion Navy Bay golf shoes are prepared to face all the challenges, whether on the links or in the hustle and bustle of city streets, as they will become as similar to your treasured sneakers as golf footwear can be.

Wearing them won’t make you feel awkward drinking champagne in the country club after a game, and you won’t have to switch your shoes between holes either. Believe us; for habitually tardy people, this is not trivial.

16. Skechers GO GOLF Drive 5

Skechers GO GOLF Drive 5

Recently, Skechers has made a strong name for producing some of the top-rated golf shoes in the world, with groundbreaking comfort-adjusted technology among the company’s most prominent boasts. The brand’s GO GOLF Drive 5 footgear has a high-quality cowhide upper with a replaceable Arch Fit footbed and a Goodyear Endurance Outsole.

Altogether, these are reasonably priced shoes that fulfill everything promised on the field and transition nicely to off-course use. What’s there not to like?

15. TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop

TRUE linkswear All Day Ripstop

The recent TRUE Linkswear All Day Ripstop is one of the brand’s most supportive and performance-oriented golf shoes yet, as well as one of its most environmentally benign. These are spikeless golf shoes with forward-looking street-comparable aesthetics and their own unfussy attitude.

Their low-key contour creates a sleek appearance, whether you’re rocking them with your beloved jeans or with smart chinos. Seriously, you can’t bite the dust wearing these all day with nearly any outfit.

14. Jordan ADG 2 Golf Shoes

Jordan ADG 2 Golf Shoes

As the popularity of casual golf attire grew, it was a certainty that the golfing elite and the sneaker subculture would clash. And it was quite a smash! Jordan decided to go all-in on the fusion, and not too long ago, they brought back some of their most iconic designs as golf-links-ruling monarchs.

So are these Jordan ADG 2 golf shoes, which are nearly indistinguishable from the ones you currently wield or still covet. In a generally conservative and exclusive sport, these sneakers changed the course of elitism in private country clubs, epitomizing the youthful vigor that the new generation puts forward.

13. FootJoy Pro|SL Carbon Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy Pro SL Carbon Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy has accomplished something pretty remarkable with the Pro|SL Carbon: a golf shoe rooted in tradition but designed for the current approach. The ultra-flexible ChromoSkin and the Stratofoam midsole padding make sure that these shoes will stand day after day, course after course.

Thanks to the carbon fiber insert in the midsole, these babies, though spikeless, have a grip comparable to that of many regular spiked footwear, which most likely will add value to your swing as well as to your entire game.

12. Under Armour HOVR Drive Gore-Tex

Under Armour HOVR Drive Gore-Tex

When big apparel and footwear producers enter the industry for the first time on a large scale, it is a strong hint that golf’s appeal is on the upswing. Luckily, no matter how many rounds you play, Under Armour’s knit golf shoes will ensure sock-equivalent coziness.

The secret of this design is the UA HOVRTM padding, which is not only comfy but also restores energy. Thus, when it comes to aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, the new Under Armour HOVR Drive Gore-Tex is one of the top-rated shoes on the market.

11. Nike the Victory Tour NRG

Nike the Victory Tour NRG

Nike, once a running shoe company and now a subculture icon, receives a golf makeover while retaining all the qualities we’ve enjoyed for almost six decades. There’s the inconspicuous Nike shape, Zoom Air cushioning innovations, and the subtle logo, all incorporated into a field-ready design that secures your foot in place.

The Nike Victory Tour NRG’s design alludes to the peaks and troughs you’ll encounter during a round of golf, boasting a dual sole structure that blends inbuilt grip underneath the heel with detachable spikes all around the footbed for maximum traction.

10. Athalonz Men’s Enve Performance Shoes

Athalonz Men’s Enve Performance Shoes

What if we told you that a good pair of shoes could increase your power? Actually, it’s not rocket science; the more stable you are on the course, the more forceful your swing will be. Once you put the Athalonz Enve sneakers on, you’ll quickly notice the improvement.

They feature a patent-protected, science-based structure that enhances strength and precision. Besides, the Athalonz Enve Performance Shoes are attractive, comfortable, and offer the same lightweight uppers as the top workout shoes, with extra heel and toe support to boost walking endurance.

9. adidas Matchcourse Spikeless Golf Shoes

adidas Matchcourse Spikeless Golf Shoes

Newfangled golfers entail a myriad of factors to boost their play, notably training, discipline, a well-balanced workout schedule, and, maybe most importantly, footwear that doesn’t disappoint when it counts the most. Thus, the adidas Matchcourse Spikeless Golf Shoes are meant for the golfer who understands “lifestyle choice” in its literal meaning.

Their water-repellent vegan leather gets your feet dry on wet courses, while the fish-scale Traxion outsole delivers better traction. Moreover, thanks to their spikeless footbed, these can easily turn into your beloved pair of sneakers for running errands once the game is done.

8. New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro

New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro

The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksPro golf shoes employ foam that is exceptionally light and delivers superlative comfort for a cloud-worthy sensation while supporting the outside of your feet to keep you grounded during the swing. Fresh Foam was first developed by New Balance for its running footwear and is now incorporated into the midsole of these golf sneakers.

With an athletic appearance and excellent grip, New Balance equips players with a reasonably priced pair of comfortable golf shoes. Wearing them, you’ll notice right away how much more convenient they are than anything else you’ve tried before.

7. FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes

In a world of gleaming golf footwear, you may encounter a rising star with a taste for joy, promising to look and act like a golf shoe. Therefore, we would like to introduce the Footjoy Fuel golf sneakers, which have a classic look and a clean layout that puts more emphasis on texture than on patterns for visual impact.

Created to provide ultralight padding for maximum convenience, the Footjoy Fuel Golf shoes might be your new go-to for the links.

6. adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes

adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes

When you crave a relaxed look without compromising results on the field, the adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes are to die for. They come with BOOST padding, which supports energy recovery, while a smooth heel cushion ensures ease with each stride, making you feel confident throughout your whole game and afterward.

The spikeless, bendable outsole ensures mobility and traction on any surface and allows a seamless shift from the green to the street.

5. Asics Gel-Kayano Ace

Asics Gel-Kayano Ace

The Asics Gel-Kayano Ace remains faithful to its origins. The well-known company put a lot of its outstanding innovations into these athletic golf shoes, which were developed for people who need more balance and grip on the links.

These sneakers, like the company’s running footwear, boast a TPU heel cradle that secures the ankle. This feature is the one that keeps your feet securely stable throughout your swing and while wandering the field.

Since we are talking about convenience, Asics claims to have added more cushioning around the ankle and on the tongue because, you know, comfort is comfort.

4. Cuater the Ringer Golf Shoes

Cuater the Ringer Golf Shoes

When you seek a guaranteed win, Cuater the Ringer is the optimal pick. It is an unobtrusive, sophisticated, athletic golf shoe with a brilliant aesthetic and upper quality. The fit is comfortable, the inside is plush, and there is more than enough padding.

What we like the most is that the Ringer lacks the flashiness of many other golf shoes without sacrificing its general aesthetic. You can never go wrong with white!

3. Cole Haan GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker

Cole Haan GrandPro AM Golf Sneaker

The Cole Haan Grandpro AM Golf Sneakers are traditional golf footwear with a modern twist that will make you the envy of the course. With a charming design, they boast the utmost padding and a mix of modern fabrics that gives them just enough style to make you want to brag about them a little bit on the links.

Due to their multifaceted scalloped rubber grip design, these hip golf shoes will have you swinging with confidence on the course. The best part? You can wear them off the green as well.

2. Puma Golf ProAdapt AlphaCat

Puma Golf ProAdapt AlphaCat

Many golfers have been thrilled by Puma’s latest footwear collection, which combines fashionable shapes with utilitarian and comfy materials. The Proadapt Alphacat are the newest golf shoes from the famed sneaker brand, and they intend to capitalize on the label’s reputation for dynamism and originality.

This state-of-the-art design is engineered for outstanding efficiency while emphasizing style and comfort. A sturdy spikeless golf sneaker that outshines overall stability and ankle protection. However, it might be better if you order them a half size larger than you typically would, or test them beforehand to be certain.

1. adidas TOUR360 22

adidas TOUR360 22

Dustin Johnson has donned the adidas Tour360 continuously since its launch, winning two major tournaments. Why? Because, even though they have the appearance of athletic footwear, these golf shoes are loaded with cutting-edge features.

Enhanced grip technology, internal cushioning that adapts to the shape of your feet with every wear, and sustainable elements are all part of the model’s eco-friendly design. In fact, it’s enough to just catch a glimpse of it to realize that the adidas Tour360 is a clear indication that the brand is attempting to up the ante when it comes to comfort.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Nike, Footjoy, Callaway, adidas, Ecco, and more than a few footwear manufacturers vie in the golf shoe market nowadays.

Since there are literally hundreds of different golf shoes to choose from, this is great news for players worldwide, because, whether you’re a mainstay at the clubhouse or just a fan of the sport, the right footwear is essential. But, not all pairs of golf shoes will fit your needs. Choose wisely!

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