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Ditching the Week-Long Vacation: 5 Extended-Travel-Friendly Locations for the Travel Enthusiast

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Extended-Travel-Friendly Locations

Unable to satiate your craving for adventure from your 6 x 6 cubicle? As you twiddle your thumbs in morning meetings and pencil in last-minute projects, chug back a heaping dose of reality and remember that aspiring to travel is not enough to propel you to far-away places.

Unfortunately, financial issues, conflicts with work, and apprehension about entering unfamiliar areas are all justifications overworked employees employ when tempted by white sandy beaches, adventures abroad, and the “book now” button.” Despite the success rate of these no-fail excuses, turning a blind eye to the benefits of traveling will leave you lightyears away from historically-rich tourist destinations.

benefits of traveling

Before succumbing to these what-ifs, maybes, and what abouts, remember that the benefits of traveling far outweigh the potential negatives. In fact, most travel enthusiasts find that extended vacations often do the trick in alleviating pesky work burnout, slowly rearing its head.

Besides the rush of endorphins surging through traveler’s bloodstreams as they stroll through museums and scale mountainsides abroad, vagabonds touring faraway destinations can lower their risk for depression and cure raging cases of cabin fever.

long-term travel

While the tried-and-true weeklong vacation yields its fair share of benefits, nothing washes away pre-vacation jitters quite like long-term travel. As travel-hungry working professionals gradually catch wind of long-term vacation’s restorative effects, wanderlust-stricken 9-to-5ers have begun blocking out their calendars and investing in extended trips instead of relying on multiple short holidays throughout the year.

Before you book your extended stay, you’ll need to pump the breaks and charge through that pre-travel to-do list. To start, long-term travelers will need to ward off home intruders on the prowl after recruiting a trusted neighbor to gather any mail, flushing toilets to avoid sewer gas buildup, and making arrangements for TSA-unfriendly pets back at home.

travel vehicle shipping

Those embarking on extended vacations may also want to consider researching reputable vehicle shipping companies like Guardian Auto Transport. When spending months thousands of miles away from home, travelers can save a pretty penny on transportation costs when repurposing their trusty personal vehicle as a travel buddy.

By shipping your car to your vacation spot of choice, vacation-goers can funnel the time otherwise spent hailing cabs, studying unfamiliar subway systems, and waiting for rideshare services into adrenaline-pumping adventures.

If you’re ready to embark on an extended vacation, here are five locations perfect for the eager travel enthusiast.



Thailand is one of the most popular locations among digital nomads, regarded for its rich culture, friendly locals, relaxed lifestyle, and of course, idyllic scenery. Popular areas like Chiang Mai, Koh Tao, Bangkok, and Krabi are perfect for lengthy stays, equipped with one-of-a-kind scenery and tourist hot-spots.



A location popular with many European expats and retirees, Spain is gaining rapid popularity amongst travelers and students. Many folks appreciate Spain for its ideal weather, beautiful islands off the coast, and world-renowned cuisine, making it a one-stop-shop for travel-hungry individuals. Plus, the constant vacation-feel Spain exudes keeps people coming back time and again.



Bordered by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, Cambodia is a popular destination for travelers looking to move freely between countries. Like its neighbor Thailand, Cambodia is an inexpensive location if you’re searching for a low price tag without compromising the experience. Cambodia is a stunning landscape that welcomes foreigners with open arms.

New Zealand

New Zealand

Revered for its breathtaking views, climate, and small population, New Zealand attracts millions of visitors each year. Don’t let this country’s small stature fool you—NZ is brimming with adventure and beauty. In fact, many visitors rent or purchase vans to inhabit while they explore the vast, open fields of New Zealand.



Last but not least on the list is Chile, a country ideal for travelers on an extended vacation because of its vast landscape, endless landmarks, and stunning natural environments.

To make sure you visit everything that you can in the specific amount of time you are there, pick out a Chile tour that covers all the places and activities that you wish to include.

Chile is also inexpensive and safe, which can comfort tourists who feel uneasy staying in a foreign country for long stretches. The many wineries and beaches Chile has to offer will also help ease you into your extended trip, leaving you relaxed and refreshed in no time.

To wrap up

Extended vacations

Extended vacations are becoming increasingly popular among avid travelers looking for an immersive experience. Quick trips can be stressful and counterproductive, as you try to squeeze in numerous activities into a short period. Instead, embark on a long-term holiday and experience foreign land from a new perspective.

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