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Van Life: The 10 Best Camper Vans to Live In

By Brian Pho


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2020 has thrown us many curveballs, which has made a lot of us realize that life is too short and you have to enjoy it while you can. You just never know what tomorrow brings, so do what makes you happy today. Go for that adventure that you’ve always craved and explore the world in one of those beautiful camper vans.

Whether you want to go solo or make it a family tradition, there are different camper van options out there depending on your needs. The days when you used to sleep so badly cramped in your uncomfortable seat are gone.

You can bring your comforts from home on the road and experience your newfound freedom. You can even stay connected to work if you need to be. With options galore, you will have a hard time deciding which to pick.

Take a closer look at some of the best camper vans out there:

Peugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept

Peugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept 1

The Peugeot Rifter was designed for the adventurous type. Equipped with three driving modes, this concept is a versatile vehicle which can handle different terrains. Dangle, the transmission specialist is responsible for this impressive off road build.

Peugeot Rifter 4×4 Concept 2

The 2WD is made for daily driving, the 4WD transfers the power to the rear wheels when the traction is lost, and finally its lock mode locks the rear axle on extremely treacherous terrains.

The specs on this vehicle are amazing as well: a BlueHDI 130 engine, a 6-speed manual gearbox and torque of 300 Nm, which provide you with a precise driving experience.

Volkswagen California Camper Van

Volkswagen California 1

German engineering at its best, this Volkswagen California Camper van is probably the most well-balanced vehicle on this list. With its modern technology and safety standards, you will surely be happy with your choice.

It has an elevated roof for extra room to sleep, a fully functional kitchen, not to mention its intelligent connectivity system which is a must in our ‘new normal’.

Volkswagen California 2

This is not for the rugged terrains and the solo adventure of a lifetime. Mainly for the family trip you were always planning, this is money well spent and it will provide you with many years of reliability.

RB Components Sawtooth Touring Van

RB Components Sawtooth Touring Van 1

For those of you who are planning to be on the road for a while, RB Components’ multi-purpose vehicle could be your ideal home away from home.

RB Components Sawtooth Touring Van 2

Built with many bells and whistles, such as integrated solar panels, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, a built-in outdoor barbecue and a five foot snorkel, it also offers reliability. It is a Mercedes, after all. Need I say more?

Winnebago Revel 4×4

Winnebago Revel 4×4 1

One of the most well established names when it comes to camper vans, Winnebago has been around for many decades. It has a reputation for excellence in the camper van category for their sturdy built and dependability.

Winnebago Revel 4×4 2

The Winnebago Revel 4WD with a 3L turbo diesel engine is also built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Many luxurious features such as MBUX touchscreen multimedia center, entry door assist handle, blind spot assist and traffic sign assist are just a few of their many conveniences you will surely appreciate while you’re on the road.

Chinook Bayside Camper Van

Chinook Bayside Camper Van 1

A luxurious motorhome for the road, this Chinook camper van is built with a boys road trip in mind. Built like the previous models we looked at on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, this 4×4 option is the perfect vehicle for those who love exploring.

Chinook Bayside Camper Van 2

Its entertainment options are of the highest quality. It offers satellite prep, 4 camera viewing system, subwoofer, wireless headphone system just to name a few. Go for that adventure you ‘ ve been craving in style!

Fiat Ducato Camper Van

Fiat Ducato Camper Van 1

If you think that Fiat only makes tiny cars, you haven’t yet looked at the Fiat Ducato camper van. It is definitely not tiny!! One of the most popular European brands, this year they have introduced the first electric van. With its ergonomic design and electronic stability control it has become a favorite with consumers.

Fiat Ducato Camper Van 2

This van is not only one of the most comfortable rides out, it is also one of the safest on the market so you can take that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of with peace of mind.

Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter

Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter 1

The original Mercedes Sprinter, it is one of the oldest and more reliable models on the camper scene. Throughout the decades Mercedes has become a master at space saving, and for this particular model they have added a pop-up sleeping platform in order to make better use of the lower level.

Sportsmobile Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter 2

Thanks to Sportsmobile, you can customize this 4×4 camper van to your liking, although some of the standard options such as solar panels and snorkel are a given. Another plus is that it is easy to park, so you can also use it for quick weekend getaways.

Outside Van Wanderlust

Outside Van Wanderlust 1

Another Mercedes Sprinter conversion, Outside Van’s Wanderlust is one of the most affordable vans out there and it offers everything you could possibly need for the outdoors lifestyle. Extra spacious, you can plan to be away for a while without feeling cramped.

Outside Van Wanderlust 2

Built with a 4WD transmission, this newer model comes with the Mercedes-Benz reliability for a safe drive even on the most rugged terrains.

Hymercar Camper Vans

Hymercar Camper Vans 1

German engineering at its best, the Hymercar has been around for a few decades and has established itself as a reputable van maker. Well thought-out design, it is customizable to suit your particular needs.

Hymercar Camper Vans 2

Another bonus is the price. It is on the more affordable side, so enjoy your adventures without breaking the bank.

Doubleback Van

Doubleback Van 2

On the smaller side with its design based on the Volkswagen Transporter, this Doubleback van has a switch which enables the roof to raise and make some extra room for sleeping when you’ve parked for the night.

Doubleback Van 1

Equipped with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it can definitely handle all your gear without affecting your drive. This more compact vehicle can also be used as your main mode of transportation when you’re in the city.

If you’ve been undecided about which is the best camper van for your needs, hopefully this list gave you some ideas. Whichever you decide on you’re sure to enjoy your experience on the road and make some memories that will last you a lifetime.


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