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Feadship Envisions A Spectacular Eco-Explorer Concept

By Victor Baker


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Feadship Eco Explorer 1

The brilliant team behind Feadship has quite a unique vision of the future, and sailing – in particular. The renowned Dutch shipyard has just revealed its latest design concept for an Eco-Explorer yacht, after joining forces with Merveille Yachting.

Together, they’ve managed to design one of the most spectacular eco-friendly sailing yacht concepts we’ve ever seen.

Combining unique design lines with innovative technologies, this sailing yacht is set to feature an automated wing propulsion system, a spacious interior, a beach club aft, and a 15-meter swimming pool.

I guess that is enough to get most people interested, not to mention smiling. But this extraordinary yacht is more than just good looks.

Feadship Eco Explorer 2

The Feadship Eco-Explorer yacht concept would include self-generation power via wind and underwater turbines and solar panels, and it might give you the theoretical opportunity to sail the Seven Seas forever – kind of like Jack Sparrow, but without the rum and wacky adventures.

According to the people over Feadship, the gorgeous yacht concept before you features a mast system with automatically operated wings – with computers handling the delicate calculations to tackle any weather conditions.

The design of innovative mast system should, in theory, be twice as powerful as a regular sailing yacht rig.

Feadship Eco Explorer 3

Coupled with the engines, the Eco-Explorer will be able to reach up to 18 knots on wind power alone and hit top speeds of over 20 knots on a hybrid propulsion – this is truly a superyacht.

Adding to the performance side of this design, the lightweight construction of the yacht will require less fuel because of her wings and underwater turbines – don’t forget those solar panels.

Feadship Eco Explorer 4

Interestingly enough, the engineers also came up with a new way of keeping things cool – literally – inside the cabin.

Passengers will get to experience a new type of air conditioning system, thanks to tubular structures specially designed to allow better air circulation and fresh air to make its way on the inside.

Feadship Eco Explorer 6

According to Feadship estimates, this Eco-Explorer yacht concept would use between 50 and 70 percent less fossil fuel than a similarly-sized vessel, while covering at least three times the distance.

Eco-friendly, comfortable, and super stylish, this yacht will make its next owner really, really happy.

Feadship Eco Explorer 5

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