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20 Best iPad Cases You Can Buy Right Now

By Noah Miller


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Best iPad Cases
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Like every gadget that you carry around, such as your smartphone or laptop, your iPad should also be protected. There are a variety of makes and iPad case models that not only look good, but also keep your iPad pretty safe and allow you to prop it up for different viewing options as well.

You can watch your videos, write, or simply FaceTime your loved ones on your iPad, but thanks to some of those high-tech covers, you can do it in style too. Some of them even turn your iPad into a workhorse. That basically means that they are equipped with a keyboard and other interesting tech features that can easily replace your laptop when you’re not in the mood to schlep it around with you.

What To Look For

iPad Cases – What To Look For
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When you’re going to purchase a case for your new iPad, there are a few key features to consider:

  • Budget is the most determinant factor, because prices vary greatly from one model to the next.
  • Then consider which material you prefer. Do you want a leather case that feels and looks great, or is any material good enough for you?
  • Does the case have to be waterproof? Or just scratch resistant?
  • Are tech features important to you, or a more basic model will work just fine for your needs?
  • Also, do you want to be able to view it from different angles?
  • And last but not least, will an integrated keyboard be an absolute must for you?

We cannot answer any of these questions for you, because you have to assess your needs by yourself. But it will give you an idea of the different categories you want to consider when looking for your next iPad case.

Here are the 20 best iPad cases you can buy right now.

20. JETech iPad Case

JETech iPad Case

A reasonably priced case made from PC, PU, and Microfiber, it is aesthetically pleasing and offers great value for the money. It has similar features to the original Apple case, but for a fraction of the price.

It doesn’t offer the best protection, but if you’re on a budget it keeps your case from scratches and other possible damage. It is also offered in many colors, so for the price, why not grab a couple?

19. Timescity Heavy Duty iPad Case

Timescity Heavy Duty iPad Case

As the name suggests, this is one of the most heavy duty cases available on the market. It features a protective cover with a 360 degree rotatable stand, a screen protector pencil holder, and a hand/shoulder strap.

Available in multiple color combinations, the multiple layers offer ultimate damage protection. The two-layer hard polycarbonate front frame and back cover, as well as the soft silicone layer, will ensure your tablet won’t suffer any scratches or breaks.

18. New Trent iPad Case

New Trent iPad Case

This is a tough case that combines harder materials with a soft leather hand strap, which makes it unique. At the rear you get a rubber TPU blended with a soft polycarbonate material, and along with the front screen protector, they offer you reliable durability.

There is also a metal kickstand that offers different viewing angles. There is no Apple pencil support, but for the price, you might be able to overlook it.

17. Speck Balance Folio

Speck Balance Folio

If you’re looking for a stylish case that comes in many different colors and beautifully designed, Speck is the brand for you. Supporting multiple viewing angles, the Folio case also has a magnetic clasp that protects the screen in the event of a fall.

The interior liner provides you with scuff and abrasions protection, and it was tested in labs to ensure its durability. Another interesting feature is the magnetic camera shield that covers the camera lens when not in use.

16. Moshi VersaCover iPad Case

Moshi VersaCover Case

A pricey case, but one that offers many features to make it worth your while. The VersaCover is made for the 10.2-inch iPad, and it features a magnetic folding cover. It also has a reinforced frame and a magnetic closure.

The cover allows you to place your device in three different positions for viewing content. Sold separately, the Apple pencil cover can be paired with the case for keeping all your things in the same place. And the brand offers a ten-year global warranty.

15. ProCase with Cover for iPad Mini

ProCase with Cover for iPad Mini

Your mini version of the iPad also needs its own case, and this version from ProCase is hard to beat. Well priced and without adding too much bulk, some people have complained that it feels a little basic.

That being said, it’s made out of ABS material that helps it withstand drops, bumps, and scratches while giving it a tactile texture. A common benefit it offers is the wake/sleep feature, it attaches magnetically, and it also provides you with dual standing positions.

14. Zagg Rugged Book for iPad

Zagg Rugged Book for iPad

The best version of an iPad case for tech lovers is this offering from Zagg. This tech gadget comes with a detachable keyboard case, multi-device pairing ability, as well as military-drop protection.

Another cool feature is the backlit laptop-style keys on the keyboard that facilitate fast and accurate typing. The battery is also long lasting, which makes this case worth its steep price.

13. CaseMade Leather iPad Case

CaseMade Leather iPad Case

For the iPad Pro this is one of the best options available. Made out of premium cowhide leather, it comes in tan and black. Not only does it fit nicely, it comes with all the right features, and the case also doubles as a stand. It allows you easy access to all the external features the iPad possesses, and it provides you with a sleep and wake function.

When you pick up the case and close it, it opens and shuts off by itself.

12. Leatherology iPad Folio

Leatherology iPad Folio

The neat freaks will love this case from Leatherology that is so good looking on top of keeping you super organized. It comes with a big side pocket where you can tuck away your tablet safely, and on the opposite side it has a notepad where you can jot ideas while working.

The tech and card pockets are also super convenient. They will make you well prepared for your meetings while keeping things tidy. Made from full grain leather, it closes with a zip, and it’s offered in a variety of colors.

11. Logitech Rugged Folio

Logitech Rugged Folio

This offering from Logitech is an excellent option that has a built-in keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t need separate charging thanks to the Smart connector tech, which takes care of that.

The shock-absorbing materials offer a military-grade protection, so it can withstand even the roughest treatment. The kickstand is super flexible, and you can use it in four different viewing angles, which should cover all your needs.

10. Otterbox Symmetry Series for iPad

Otterbox Symmetry Series for iPad

This slimmer line from Otterbox, the Symmetry series, is an ultra-slim iPad case that features a snap-on hard cover. On the outer edge there is an elastic holder for the Apple pencil, and a removable spine where you can attach a smart keyboard or cover as well.

With a clear back, the case displays your equinox, and it protects it from drops. Scratch and damage resistant, the brand offers a lifetime warranty.

9. Griffin Survivor AirStrap 360

Griffin Survivor AirStrap 360

This case from Griffin Survivor comes with a hand strap at the back that allows you to hold the iPad in one hand. While using the other hand and thanks to the 360-degree swivel, you can turn it on at different angles for viewing your content.

The raised edges offer extra protection against damage, as well as the ports and controls of the device. Comes in black and made from manmade materials, it is a sturdy option that is made in North America.

8. Casetify iPad Folio

Casetify iPad Folio

Offering a wide range of folio covers that come in many colors and designs, this is a pretty cover that keeps your device safe from damage. This iPad case doubles as an organizer that has multiple pockets on the inside of the flap part, plus a pencil holder in the fold.

It’s compatible with most iPad models and versions, and it comes in a variety of pretty designs. Easy to clean, scratch resistant, plus the saffiano leather is finished with a protective coating.

7. Lifeproof Wake Case

Lifeproof Wake Case

A unique case, this model from Lifeproof is constructed from salvaged fishing gear. The exterior is designed with a wave pattern that gives it an interesting look. Featuring a DropProof rating of 1.2 meters, it offers rugged protection against drops and scratches.

An ultra-thin offering, this sustainable brand gives a dollar to some of their nonprofit partners with every single purchase. The drawback is that it has no stand nor an Apple pencil support.

6. Nomad Modern Leather Folio

Nomad Modern Leather Folio

If you prefer using your iPad over your laptop for business purposes, this case is your new best friend. An upscale and refined option, it is crafted from Horween leather in the US. It will age beautifully, because leather only gets better with time, but it is quite expensive.

It does come with a few interesting features such as a protective TPE bumper and a magnetic closure. Sporting a slim construction, it also comes with a smart wake and sleep functionality.

5. Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

Catalyst Waterproof iPad Case

Although some of the models on this list have great features, they aren’t all waterproof. Equipped with IP68 waterproofing technology and drop protection for up to four feet, this case is one of your best options on the market.

It is built to survive up to two meters underwater, and it comes with its own screen protector. Easy to fit, the only downside is that it doesn’t have a pencil holder or charger. But still a very solid choice.

4. Zugu iPad Alpha Case

Zugu iPad Alpha Case

While you might pay a premium price for this case, you get premium features that go with it. On top of providing you with drop protection up to five feet, the case also offers 10 magnetically secured viewing angles when you use its stand.

Another very important feature that creative types love about this case is the Apple pencil holder. And it doesn’t only have one, but two pencil holders. One on the back for holding only, and the other located on the spine for storing and charging your pencil at the same time.

3. Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

Since the Apple smart devices made their appearance, Otterbox started selling cases that are known for their tough, sturdy nature. They are some of the best rated cases in the world because they offer you many cool features. This particular one comes with a multi-layer protection system, which includes a built-in screen protector, an inner hard shell, an outer soft slipcover, and a shield stand.

Whether you prefer the portrait or the landscape viewing, the stand supports both angles. And when it’s not in use, the Apple Pencil can snap onto the back of the iPad, in its designated place.

2. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

As we all know, Apple products do not come cheap, but they are also very efficient and rarely break. You cannot find a better keyboard case for your iPad Pro than the original Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.

Helping you get your work done while on the go, the case attaches magnetically and provides you with decent overall protection. Although the main feature of this case is the full-sized keyboard. It instantly turns your iPad into the productive device it’s meant to be.

1. Apple Smart Folio

Apple Smart Folio

One of the best cases that fits the iPad Air 5 perfectly, feels and also looks great. A bit on the pricey side, some people have concerns because of the lack of edge protection. The fact that it is made out of polyurethane rather than leather or a more sturdy material is also a negative point.

But it comes with powerful magnets that hold the iPad in place, therefore it offers ultimate safety. What the case is beloved for is the option it offers to prop it up and stay in place so you can work on it comfortably. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

iPad case
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This sums up our list for the 20 best iPad cases you can buy right now. Do you like any of the models we chose? Do you have any other suggestions?

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