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20 Best Roller Skates You Can Buy Right Now

By Martha Young


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Best Roller Skates
Moxi Roller Skates

Work, school, family and social responsibilities can be quite demanding, leaving little time for anything else. For most of us, finding the enthusiasm to pursue a passion feels like just another thing to add to the list of things we don’t have time for. However, all work and no play may be just as destructive as all play and no work.

Once we discover an activity about which we are enthusiastic, we can delve deeper into it. You can expand your range of contacts, make new friends, and even convert your passion into a vocation. If you are eager to spend some money and effort on a hobby but don’t yet have one, assess the activities you appreciate, the subjects that fascinate you, and maybe the areas in which you want to excel.

Have you been looking for a pastime that is both enjoyable and beneficial to your health? In sports and fashion, anything old becomes new again at some point, and roller skates appear to be no different, representing a tremendous resurgence amongst people, in part thanks to Tik Tok.

When you picture roller skating, you may envision a girl dressed in denim shorts skating against the Pacific Ocean, down the streets of Los Angeles, or a whistle dance aficionado skate-dancing to Bee Gees. But, you can glide almost anywhere, including your own area.

Worldwide, men and women are searching for outdoor adventures that are pandemic-appropriate and bring emotional reprieve from all that has happened. And the greatest part is that it’s not only entertaining; roller skating also has several therapeutic advantages.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Benefits of Roller Skating
C7 Skates

Good Exercise

The vast majority of us do not get nearly enough exercise as we should to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Roller skating is an excellent form of cardio regardless of age or skill set. It is compared to running when it comes to physical effects like how many calories you burn, how much fat you lose, and how long your legs can last.

Besides the fact that it engages the legs and glutes as you propel yourself forward, it also works the arms and the core because you have to control your body movements.

Easy on the Joints

Roller skating has a flowing rhythm that protects your joints and lets you do things similar to jogging or bouncing without hurting your feet.

It’s Fun

Have you had a particularly rough day at work? Combining music, memories, the freedom to be you, and the likelihood of socializing, when roller skating, you’re sure to have a good time and unwind.

Improve Endurance

Besides physical prowess, roller skating can improve and build muscular endurance. You can improve your muscles and circulatory system by adding a few hills to each skate practice. This helps them use the body’s fuel more efficiently and adapt to any kind of physical exertion.


Roller skating is a fun social pastime that you can do with your friends. Social interaction is essential for wellbeing, so the next time your buddies request supper or cocktails, propose a glide around the park instead.

Whichever reason is most important to you, we can all conclude that we like roller skating. But, how can we choose the right pair of roller skates?

Choosing the Right Roller Skates For You

Choosing the Right Roller Skates For You
BTFL Scarlett Pro

There is nothing wrong with seeking the “perfect”. However, discovering the best roller skate brands may not be straightforward, as the term “best” relates to the skate’s mechanical refinement, nobility, sturdiness, fluidity, and general performance.

Notwithstanding that, with our simple guide, you will quickly make the right decision.

Inline or Quad Roller Skates?

To begin with, there are several types of skates. Usually, they are divided into two categories: roller skates and in-line skates. Are you unsure which one to purchase? It’s largely a matter of taste!

If you’re looking for a set of all-purpose skates with a vintage skate style, you might opt for roller skates. Also described as quad skates, they feature two different sets of wheels that allow them to balance on their own.

If you’re new to roller skating, quads may be easier to practice on, but if inlines are more your thing, don’t be scared to select them.

Hard or Soft Boots?

After determining which kind of skates to purchase, you’ll need to decide between a hard boot and a soft boot. Because they are firmer and protect your joints, hard boots are great for outdoor skating. On the flip side, soft boot skates are a lot more flexible, lighter in weight, and more breathable, enabling air to flow.

What Size Should I Buy?

As with every piece of clothing or accessory, you should first test or check roller skates to ensure they fit properly. When it comes to size, you would like your quads to be tight but not so much that your legs are packed in.

Comfort, comfort, comfort

A good skate should be ergonomic and provide a snug fit. A new pastime that leaves you with sores is unlikely to be one you’ll maintain. Loosen skates can result in twisted angles you don’t wish for.’

Riedell skates
Riedell roller skates

Always take a closer look to:

1. Wheels

Basically, when it comes to skate wheels, all you need to do is to establish whether you prefer hard or soft ones. The durometer range, which runs from 0 to 100 A, is used to specify the roughness of a wheel. The further you go to 100, the more challenging the wheels become.

Harder wheels have a prolonged lifespan but less friction and shock attenuation, while softer wheels have the other way around.

2. Cushions

Quad skates also feature replaceable cushions beneath, which dictate the skates’ maneuverability. The softer the cushion, the more responsive the skates become.

3. Trucks/plates

Trucks and plates are located beneath your boot and are responsible for holding things altogether. We recommend purchasing a roller skate with a polyamide plate and aluminum trucks, avoiding plastic, which can flex and tear over time.

Impala Roller Skates
Impala Roller Skates


It ranges from around $50 to $500, and most likely higher. So how do you make up your mind? We are under the impression that you can’t have a true picture of roller skating in badly constructed skates, and therefore, you will be turned off. Thus, you shouldn’t be penny-pitching and spare some money.

Moreover, the fabric of the boot is pivotal. While synthetic materials are often more economical, they lack the durability of leather or suede boots, which, while usually more expensive, are more resilient over time.


The ultimate roller skates are those that you love wearing. If your style represents your values, then ask yourself: are your roller skates an extension of your personal label? Or perhaps it is time for a change?

If this is your first attempt at purchasing skates for yourself or a loved one, defining the correct pair can be daunting, and the vast number of choices might worsen the situation. Nonetheless, whether that’s your case or you only wish to replace an older pair, the 20 roller skates below will cast a spell on you.

20. Comeon Roller Skates

Comeon Roller Skates
Comeon Roller Skates

These standard double-row roller skates offer mid-ankle reinforcement which makes them fantastic skates for both amateurs and specialists. The taller cuff enables you to assert power while maintaining a good grip.

Since they are manufactured from synthetic leather, Comeon Skates are quite versatile and resilient, allowing you to make tight spins without the internal lining biting into your feet, as is sometimes the case with other roller skates.

19. BTFL Scarlett Pro

BTFL Scarlett Pro
BTFL Scarlett Pro

Occasionally, funds are not a problem. Instead, “veritable” is the key phrase. BTFL is an exclusive roller skate brand, especially due to its technological traits. As a result, this set of skates is suitable for rinks, streets, and rhythmic dancing.

A combination of high-end materials aids in the chassis’ weight reduction, but we shouldn’t forget the height-adjustable stoppers either. The inside and outside of the shoe are covered in silky leatherwork that makes the shoe’s plastic-free upper part look even better.

18. Chicago Skate Pulse Light-up Quad

Chicago Skate Pulse Light-up Quad
Chicago Skate Pulse Light-up Quad

Buy yourself a pair of dazzling quads with a high-top sneaker layout, and the next thing you know, you’ll be sporting your new skates every time you go out. Uppers are manufactured from a sturdy, glossy synthetic fabric in gold, silver, or rose.

Although these roller skates might be hard to get used to at first, their low-cut bottoms and easy control make roller skating sound like a piece of cake. We recommend these skates because they provide a good introduction to roller skating.

17. Silvertree Roller Skates Classic High-top

Silvertree Roller Skates Classic High-top
Silvertree Roller Skates Classic High-top

The Silvertree Roller Skates are without a doubt one of the most fashionable skates on the list. If you’re simply focused on the image, you’ll want to check out these.

A large-colored shoe bottom shields you from damage caused by road failures and obstacles. Each color combination and print is unique and will make you stand out.

16. Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker Skate

Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker Skate
Roller Derby Elite Glidr Sneaker Skate

With the new Elite Glidr quad rollers, you’ll be the talk of the town. Pick a hue that complements your attitude or outfit and head out for a time of fun. These wheels will have you moving with panache on streets, paths, parks, and rinks.

Roller skaters all over the world appreciate the convenience, accuracy, and feel of these roller skates, which boast a high-top sneaker with a sporty vibe, a cushioned tongue with perforated flaps, a strong power strap, a lace closure, and a sculpted bottom.

15. Gets Women’s Roller Skates

Gets Women’s Roller Skates
Gets Women’s Roller Skates

These slender skates are Amazon’s number one seller in the category of open-air roller skates. They are available in a variety of wheel hues, including flamboyant ones.

For a minimalist modern look, opt for an all-black or all-white ensemble. If you wish for something far more daring, a splash of fuchsia will do the work.

14. Moxi Skates Jack Boot Roller Skates

Moxi Skates Jack Boot Roller Skates
Moxi Skates Jack Boot Roller Skates

This roller skate set has been envisioned as more of a professional one. And Moxi accomplished this by coating the suede cloth with dense cushioning and bracing. This implies that the skate can provide a lot of support for your foot and ankle.

These lavish roller skates include wax knots and are extremely comfortable and tight. If you intend to devote a lot of hours to your skating, aim to hit the town, perform several feats, or visit a roller park, the Jack Boots are an ideal buy. These boots were not made for walking; they were made to be the most functional and easy to skate in.

13. Antik AR2 Roller Skates

Antik AR2 Roller Skates
Antik AR2 Roller Skates

As one of the most recognized and forward-thinking brand names available worldwide, Antik has revised the popular AR boots, adding a wear-resistant composite outsole, substantially softer tongue padding, and an updated microfiber liner.

The AR2 is a double-game boot that excels both in derby and street skating. It is as comfortable as it is attractive, thanks to the genuine leather structure and the updated microfiber linen.

12. Pacer GTX-500 Quad Roller Skates

Pacer GTX-500 Quad Roller Skates
Pacer GTX-500 Quad Roller Skates

The low-cut velocity design of the Pacer’s skates helps you feel light on your feet while you glide around the rolling rink. Intended mainly for beginning skaters, they provide a fashionable aesthetic at an affordable price.

These quad rollers are an excellent choice for skaters of all ages, having laces and a Velcro fastening strap for a better fit. They are beloved by all those who are keen to take a chance on the wonderful sport of roller skating.

11. Chicago Skate Leather-Lined Roller Skates

Chicago Skate Leather-Lined Roller Skates
Chicago Skate Leather-Lined Roller Skates

The design and quality of these Chicago Leather-Lined Roller Skates will appeal to both professionals and novices. Being crafted from imitation leather gives them a timeless, polished look. The high-angle clamp enables you to take charge of your shifting and general motions.

Finally, the aluminum base holds your body in place while still letting you go anywhere without having to worry about it shattering.

10. XUDREZ Roller Skates

XUDREZ Roller Skates
XUDREZ Roller Skates

Built from resilient and molded polyurethane, these roller skates ensure a stable and secure skating experience. Along with first-class PU wheels, they also have more durable high-density foam, distribute shocks well, and have a more non-slip grip while gliding.

If you’re looking to buy a present for your loved ones, you won’t fail with these vividly colored roller skates.

9. Chaya Vintage Sunset Beach Outdoor Skates

Chaya Vintage Sunset Beach Outdoor Skates
Chaya Vintage Sunset Beach Outdoor Skates

This amazing vintage design sends you back to the good old days. Not just in terms of appearance, but also when it comes to performance. There are no frills or sophisticated cutting-edge features, just one svelte skate that accomplishes everything.

No matter if you’re heading down the boardwalk or practicing new flips on the streets, with Chaya Vintage Sunset Beach Skates you will paint the town red. We put these skates on our list because they are a fresh take on a time-honored style.

8. Riedell Dart Speed Skates

Riedell Dart Speed Skates
Riedell Dart Speed Skates

Riedell’s legend kicked off with Paul and Sophie Riedell over sixty years ago. Their main objective was to create skates of the highest quality for every skater’s style.

These particular ones feature massive wheels, designed to allow you to hone your abilities while also having some good times. Furthermore, they are simple to wield, which makes them very easy to control.

7. Sure-Grip White Fame Roller Skates

Sure-Grip White Fame Roller Skates
Sure-Grip White Fame Roller Skates

Not everything that sparkles is precious, and not every piece of vinyl must be cheap. These roller skates are manufactured by a business with over 70 years of expertise in the roller skating sector. If you wish for a minimalist outlook on gliding, you should have a look at Sure-Grip’s skates.

The basic white contrasts neatly with the wooden-brown sole and the red accents. As with many items on our list, they wrap around your mid-ankle for added stability, resembling a traditional sneaker.

6. C7 Skates Forget Me Not Roller Skates

C7 Skates Forget Me Not Roller Skates
C7 Skates Forget Me Not Roller Skates

The C7 Forget Me Not Roller Skates are, as the name implies, unforgettable. These fashionable skates are crafted from imitation leather, giving them a more shoe-like feel than other commonly used roller skates have.

Nowadays, many models include a flat sole, which might cause arch pain for some people. If you fall into that group, you’ll adore these skates’ high-heel style.

5. Roller Derby Candi Girl Sabina Roller Skates

Roller Derby Candi Girl Sabina Roller Skates
Roller Derby Candi Girl Sabina Roller Skates

These roller skates provide ease, stability, and accuracy for kids and adults, regardless of their performance level. The axles and cushions contribute to guiding your maneuvers and offer balance, allowing you to waltz, slide, and twirl freely.

Besides that, endurance is not sacrificed. In fact, it has considerably increased. How? Because the structure is made of vegan-friendly synthetic leather, known for its resistance to excessive wear.

4. Riedell Solaris Pro Skate Set

Riedell Solaris Pro Skate Set
Riedell Solaris Pro Skate Set

Prior to purchasing roller skates, the most important factor to consider is the safety criteria. Or are you prepared to jeopardize your safety? Not to mention the dangers associated with skating accidents.

We didn’t aim to frighten you, only to demonstrate our concern. For this reason, we propose these professional skates, which will ensure your security but also help you find the ultimate skating adventure.

3. Impala Quad Roller Skates

Impala Quad Roller Skates
Impala Quad Roller Skates

Do you despise it when your roller skates are incapable of providing you with the utmost flexibility, rendering your experience in stunts useless? Are you upset by a subpar designer who is incapable of producing high-quality boots, let alone ones that are durable? We empathize with you. Yet, this is not the case with Impala Roller Skates.

Famous for their lollipop-like designs, Impala quad skates are ideal for novice skaters who want to glide and boogie like no other. With an abundance of hues and patterns, they are designed for those willing to catch the eye.

2. Moonlight Roller Moonlight x Grindstone

Moonlight Roller Moonlight 
Moonlight Roller Moonlight

Adrienne Cooper, the creator of Moonlight Roller, has successfully established her firm as the latest hot label in the skate community. The brand has received millions of dollars in revenue since its much-anticipated roller skate collection was introduced in May 2020. The brand’s famous Moon Boots have been sold in all 50 states and also worldwide.

Nonetheless, better together seems to be the new mantra of Moonlight Roller, which partnered with Grindstone to create these beauties. Who’d have guessed that lilac suede, black metal speckled wheels, and a cow pattern toe stop would complement each other so well? Obviously, Moonlight Roller did.

Still, their one-of-a-kind design would rather enhance any outfit than taking center stage.

1. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates
Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Comfortable and endearing on the interior, yet sturdy and gorgeous on the exterior, the Beach Bunny is a roller derby skate that will instantly captivate you. The standard high-top design protects your ankles and improves the grip of the skates, while the padding makes sure the skates stay in place. This way, the skater can easily create unforgettable memories without any inconvenience.

Equipped with glittering high-rebound polyurethane outside wheels and a spare set of toe caps, The Beach Bunny is eager to join you on your next adventure. Because of the reasonable prices and animal-friendly structure, you can enjoy casual skating without having to spend a fortune. Choose your preferred shade, tie them up, and hit the streets!

Final Thoughts

Baffled? Don’t be. You’ve already made the brave decision to pursue roller skating. We are certain you’ll make the right choice regarding the best roller skates as well. And don’t worry, all the brands mentioned above have a 30-day refund policy if their product is defective, not as described, or unsuitable for you.

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