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The 10 Best Winter Boots for Men this Season

By Georgiana Grama


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This year is slowly coming to an end, and as soon as we pack up our Halloween costumes and decorations it is time to get out our winter gear. Depending on the climate where you live, winter will not be tolerable if you don’t have a proper pair of winter boots. If your feet feel nice and dry, you’re all set to take on mother nature and all she has in store for us this cold season.

Whether you’re driving, taking public transit or just walking a lot, you will need a decent pair of winter boots this season. And depending on your needs, style and budget, there’s lots of options out there.

For those of you who are on the lookout for the best winter boots, which can last you at least a couple of seasons, we made a list to make your decision a little easier.

10. Blundstone Dress Series Chelsea Boot

Blundstone Dress Series Chelsea BootVIEW PRICE ➝

We’ll kick off this list with a pair of boots that’s perfect for going to the office this winter. After the Ugg buzz has passed a few years ago, Blundstone has been the new Australian go-to boot for the last couple of years. This particular model is a classic Chelsea Boot which is trendy yet comfortable and appropriate for the office or a night out.

Although this is not considered a waterproof boot pre-se, Blundstone comes with an oil-treated high quality leather for maximum water protection. People who have owned a pair say that they are made to fit like a glove, are very comfortable and last on average between two to five seasons. Money well spent and stylish.

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9. Fila Men’s F-13 Weather Tech -M Sneaker Boot

For the active men out there who don’t like the actual boot look, this sneaker boot from Fila fits the bill perfectly. They are light, comfortable, equipped with a velcro strap which secures the ankle and are quite warm all at once.

You can easily walk in them all day or even use them for work and your feet will not hurt. The low price is also a definite plus.

8. UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot

Since UGG has been a leader in the winter boot market for a few years now, they are considered a classic. Their quality and workmanship is exceptional, and although one of the pricier options, you will be glad you invested in a pair. Most of their boots are waterproof, and the sheepskin insides keep your feet warm and stylish all at once.

They also stand the test of time, but you do need to clean them regularly if you want to keep them for at least five years. I’ve had mine for about four years now and i can’t see any sign of wear yet. Definitely the best faux-fur-lined boots out there.

7. Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell is well known for making comfortable footwear. These winter boots are proof of that on top of being waterproof. For the walkers out there, you can use them every single day in snow, sleet or even on icy surfaces and your feet will remain dry and warm.

They have a great traction and grip well on treacherous terrains, so you don’t need to stress about falling. Perfect for those who work outdoors too, they are also very reasonable price-wise.

6. Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

If you’re searching for a short boot that doesn’t weigh a lot and keeps you warm and comfortable all day, your search is over.

These chukka boots are definitely the best short lightweight boots we can recommend. They not only fit great, but will also keep your feet dry all day, no matter the weather.

5. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

In the lightweight category Columbia’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni is a great option. Although it is an actual boot, not short like the previous models we looked at, it does feel like you’re wearing a sneaker.

They don’t require much break-in and are very comfortable. Columbia is a company which specializes in outdoor gear so you can be sure that you choose right when giving those winter boots a try. They do not disappoint.

4. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men’s Winter Boot

The name says it all: this tall boot is made for cold arctic climates. Even if you don’t live in the Nordic circle, some winter days are so cold, windy and snowy that you feel like you do.

For those unbearable chilly days you can count on those boots to keep your feet feeling nice and toasty while you’re outside doing whatever it is that you have to do.

3. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

These frigid temperature boots are perfect for colder climates and lots of snow. They are bulky but easy to put on, as you can just pull them up and not worry about lacing them when you’re in a hurry.

Completely waterproof, they come with a removable felt liner which you can remove overnight so the boot can breathe. You can even toss them in the washer and dryer if you need to. Solid choice for long snowy winters.

2. Nortiv 8 Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Boots

These are the best rated and less expensive winter boots on this list.

Ideal for the hikers and active men, they are also perfect for those of you who work outdoors and don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of boots which need to last you for the whole season.

1. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Mid Waterproof Boot

Those winter boots from Timberland are not only durable, they are also affordable and trendy. Not as bulky as some other models, they keep your feet dry and comfortable even if you have to trudge through the snow. Best quality-price ratio winter boot in our opinion.

There you go, hopefully this list made your shopping experience a little less dreadful. Now go try them on and stay warm!

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