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Wrensilva Unveils a New Extraordinary Stereo Console

By Victor Baker


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If you’re looking for a design-savvy audio system, that’s just perfect for your urban-styled home, Wrensilva’s Loft may be the ideal choice. This extraordinary media console can be the focal point in any room. Available in walnut and a lovely oak color, this exquisite audio console will set you back a cool $4,999.

There’s something special about having a good old fashioned hi-fi audio system in your home. Sure, streaming your favorite music sounds cool and modern, and sadly most premium audio systems aren’t exactly small. But Wrensilva seems to take my side and work around that issue with its superb record player.

Wrensilva Loft media console 2

The brand’s updated Loft media console looks stunning, to say the least. It has everything you need to stream your favorite music, although it’s the stand-alone turntable that gets us very excited. Wrensilva’s new “Loft” design is also a very compact package, standing 33 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 20 inches deep.

As such, the retro-inspired audio device will easily fit into the corner of any room, with the speakers worked right into the device’s outer casing and covered by a stylish Ebonized Oak grille.

Wrensilva Loft media console 3

Looks may be deceiving, but what about the sound? This stunning media console comes with Wrensilva’s excellent solid-state pre-amp, a 100 watts per channel ICE power by Bang & Olufsen amplifier, and two-way bass-reflex speakers with premium drivers. That should be more than enough for a unique acoustic experience. 

The only thing left to do is choose your favorite track and enjoy it. 

Wrensilva Loft media console 4

If you have a thing for vinyls and classics, the fully decoupled Pro-Ject turntable will make any purist’s day. The system has been specially designed to allow vibration isolation, which means audiophiles don’t need to worry about the powerful speakers affecting record playback.

Since this is also a modern Hi-Fi system, the Loft also offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to stream music from your MP3 collection or your Spotify playlist. The only question is.. digital or vinyls?

Wrensilva Loft media console 5

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