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6 Programs That Might Increase Your Influence

By Brody Patterson


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Increase Your Influence

When you have the right training and the knowledge that you need in different social and professional spheres, you will have a greater influence that might impact the decisions that people make. If you want to be an influential person, it is important that you are always honest, wise, and empathetic.

If you are arrogant and selfish, people will not trust that you are looking out for them. In this article, we will share six programs that will increase your influence both socially and professionally.

1. Wine Certification

Wine Certification

Both professionally and socially, having a knowledge of fine wines can increase your clout. Although some people obtain these certifications to launch their career in the beverage industry, others simply want to expand their knowledge. The most reputable certification programs include:

These programs walk you through the creation process. In addition, they teach you about the nuances, differences, and similarities between various forms of vino. With extensive training, you can identify wines from Italy to California.

2. Higher Education Program

Higher Education Program

If you want to gain a competitive advantage while being considered with respect, obtain a masters degree in a specific field. If you are a marketing expert, contemplate gaining another degree in graphic design or market research.

If you are a teacher, obtain a masters degree in your area of expertise. When you take the time to complete accredited programs, you will be able to increase your knowledge of a specific field. With more robust knowledge, you will be trusted in this specific line of work.

3. Fluency Courses

Fluency Courses

If you want to immediately secure a different job and higher compensation, learn another language. Not only will this increase your ability to communicate with diverse groups of people, it will make you an essential person in the workplace.

Due to the rise of international medicine and trade, bilingual employees are in high demand. Socially, having fluency in multiple languages will allow you to communicate and build relationships with different types of people.

4. Sales Training Programs

Sales Training Programs

In many cases, sales jobs come naturally to partakers. It takes an outgoing and influential person to convince an individual or corporation to purchase a specific product. Although many of the soft skills come naturally, the hard skills must be learned.

There are a variety of sales training programs that vary in length and depth. By completing one of these programs, you will have the ability to learn techniques from a qualified individual or institution. These skills will allow your career to flourish for years to come.

5. History Courses

History Courses

If you are leading a group of people, you can benefit greatly by increasing the knowledge you have of the past. When you prove that you understand and are knowledgeable about historical events, people are more likely to trust your expertise. In addition, information from the past can help you make more informed decisions in the present.

With context and historical evidence, you can have a more developed thought process. There are a variety of history courses varying from ancient times to the Civil War to European culture. Based on the industry you work in, you can choose the topic that is most applicable to you.

6. “HandyMan” Training

HandyMan Training

Are you stumped when a light goes out? Do you know where to begin if there are issues with the plumbing or electrical systems? Common knowledge of household products allows you to save money. If you want to be the person that people call when they need assistance, consider journeying through a program that allows you to gain knowledge and skills that assist with common issues. Some common skills include:

  • Electrical training
  • HVAC knowledge
  • Plumbing training
  • Knowledge of indoor and outdoor tools

Not only are these skills beneficial in your household, but they are definitely useful in life.


If you want to be a person that people trust, advance your wisdom and skills in certain areas. If you work in an industry that interfaces with many people in luxurious settings, historical and language training will allow you to become more relatable. In corporate positions where you are required to entertain clients, sales training and wine certifications allow you to effectively impress your guests.

By investing time and money into the furtherance of your education, you will gain lifelong skills. These skills will help you gain influence in your professional, personal, and social life. In order to continue developing these skills, take time to practice self-care.

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