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Wheatleigh is a Splendid New England Manor-Turned Luxury Hotel


By Boogie on 4 Mar 2015

One of the Berkshire Cottages, a series of sumptuous properties built in Massachusetts during the Gilded Age, Wheatleigh was intended as a wedding present from a wealthy New York tycoon to his daughter. Designed by the famed Boston architectural firm of Peabody and Stearns, the estate is based on a 16th century Florentine palazzo, with landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted,

Sumptuous Corner Loft in New York City’s Historical MSI Building

Luxury Homes

By Boogie on 4 Mar 2015

Located in the historical MSI building in NoHo, this excellent corner loft offers all the modern luxuries of a high-end apartment, as well as a certain vintage charm. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows contribute to the atmosphere of grandeur, which is also enhanced by such amenities as a 10-foot long stone fireplace and a 12-foot marble kitchen island. The master bedroom is

Ursula Burns and the reinvention of Xerox

Success Stories

By Lau V on 4 Mar 2015

Currently ranked as the 17th most powerful woman by the Fortune magazine, Ursula Burns is the first African-American woman CEO to head a company in the Fortune 500 list and became a Chairwoman of Xerox in May 2010. She was born on the 20th of September 1958 and spent her early childhood in the Baruch Houses of New York City

Samsung Unveils Latest Flagship Smartphones: the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Tech & Leisure

By Boogie on 3 Mar 2015

Echoing similar announcements from HTC and Apple, Samsung has recently unveiled its new flagship smartphones: the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both devices have now fully switched from plastic to metallic frames with Gorilla Glass 4 backs, a significant improvement compared to previous versions. Another very visible upgrade is the massive jump in the resolution of the 5.1-inch Quad

The Very Special H3 Timepiece by HYT

Luxury Watches

By Boogie on 3 Mar 2015

HYT (known as the hydromechanical horologists) will arrive this year at Baselworld with their latest major creation, the HYT H3. With their most recent release being the Skull watch, you’d think the company doesn’t have a lot of imagination, at least if the names they give their creations is anything to go by – but make no mistake, HYT is

Berlinetta Lusso is a Custom Version of the Powerful Ferrari F12berlinetta

Cars & Bikes

By Boogie on 3 Mar 2015

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera has unveiled the new Berlinetta Lusso, a very impressive creation based on the Ferrari F12berlinetta. While developing the exterior of the project, the Italian company has also drawn its inspiration from the 1966 Ferrari 166 MM Touring. The interior, on the other hand, seems to be mostly unchanged, with the exception of the custom new upholstery and

Invictus 280GT is a Very Remarkable Superyacht Tender

Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 3 Mar 2015

Invictus 280GT is an awesome superyacht tender created by Invictus Yachts, representing the first member of a new class of comfortable, stylish, and powerful vessels designed for the most discerning of seafarers. The boat’s unusual shape results in an in increased floating length, which means more longitudinal stability, as well as more space in the lower deck. The entrance to

Bentley Unveils New Spring/Summer 2015 Apparel and Accessories Collection


By Boogie on 3 Mar 2015

Bentley is a brand so deeply associated with luxury that just adding the British carmaker’s name to a product or a collection is enough to raise its profile greatly – which is why the company is so sought for all sorts of collaborations, from furniture to mobile phones. Furthermore, Bentley also has a shop where it sells its very own