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A Luxury Hotel for Pets in Singapore -The Wagington

The-Wagington-Singapore-Luxury-Pet-Hotel 2

By Boogie on 14 Nov 2014

There are plenty of luxury hotels around the world and many in Singapore, but there’s none quite like The Wagington. No, that’s not a typo and neither is the unusual name what makes this place so remarkable. What makes The Wagington special is the fact that it is the world’s first luxury hotel…for pets! Set in a 1920s bungalow, the

The “Entry-Level” Koenigsegg Rage Concept

Koenigsegg-Rage-Concept-Car 1
Cars & Bikes

By Boogie on 14 Nov 2014

Koenigsegg is a Swedish company known for its amazing hyper-cars, high-performance sports cars known for their sleek looks, as well as their record breaking feats. Rage is a concept car created by graphic designer Maher Thebian which seems to capture this ethos perfectly. Envisioned as an “entry-level” Koenigsegg, Rage features an aggressive look a chrome mirror-like exterior finish, and a

The Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

Monte-Carlo-Beach-Hotel 3

By Boogie on 14 Nov 2014

The Monte-Carlo Beach is a unique hotel offering a fascinating experience which blends together the glamour of Monaco with the warmth and beauty of the French Riviera. The spot is legendary since the 1930s, however it recently went through a redesign process which brought it to the comfort and luxury standards of the 21st century. Its 40 rooms and suites,

The Nemo Room Will Be World’s First IMAX Theater aboard a Superyacht

Nemo-Room-IMAX-Private-Theater 1
Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 13 Nov 2014

The Nemo Room is a collaboration between yacht Intelligence, Ken Freivokh Design, Genesis Technologies, and IMAX which aimed to create the first on-board superyacht cinema experience. This stunning setup will be used to not only watch the latest flicks but will also project a live underwater CCTV feed from outside the vessel onto the walls inside. Designed purely for entertainment,

Inspired by Emerald and Jade – The Beautiful One-Of-A-Kind Hisui Timepiece

Kari-Voutilainen-Hisui-Watch 1

By Boogie on 13 Nov 2014

Always amazing from a technical and aesthetic point of view, luxury watches can sometimes even be veritable works of art. This is the case with the stunning Hisui watch created by master watchmaker Kari Voutlinainen together with Kitamura Tatsuo, one of Japan’s leading lacquer artists. The hand-assembled dial is a stunning work comprised of myriad small pieces of gold and

The CocoOne Cocooning Lounge

CocoOne-Cocooning-Lounge 4
Tech & Leisure

By Boogie on 13 Nov 2014

People invest so much in entertainment and mobility these days that it seems they’ve forgotten the value of just laying back, relaxing, and doing nothing. This is where a really cool product dubbed the CocoOne comes in. This so-called cocooning lounge is an amazingly comfortable space where the stress of the outside world doesn’t follow – hence the name, which

The Spacious and Elegant Azimut 80 Yacht

Azimut-80-Yacht 1
Jets & Yachts

By Boogie on 13 Nov 2014

Italian yacht manufacturer Azimut has unveiled the first vessel larger than 72 feet to be designed entirely at the company’s headquarters in Avigliana: the Azimut 80. The exterior design is the work of Stefano Righini, while the interior was created by Achille Salvagni Architetti. Azimut 80 is quite airy and very comfortable: her four elegant cabins can accommodate up to

Incredibly Small Gold and Silver Chess Set

Smallest-Chess-Set-in-the-World-by-Sal-Knight 4
Arts & Culture

By Boogie on 13 Nov 2014

Chess is a game that puts your wits to the test, but this one-of-a-kind chess set will also test your dexterity, should you ever decide to actually play! The incredibly small set is, as you can see from the images below, as comparable in size to a coin, making it a great display of craftsmanship from its owner, jeweler Sal