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The 20 Best Essential Oil Brands of 2024

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Essential Oil Brands

Self-care is very important, and essential oils play a vital role in our lives through aromatherapy.

From improving a room’s scent and the overall air quality in our homes to beauty routines and more, they are simply a staple in the modern home.

But essential oils are not all created equally.

There are many great brands that offer excellent pure oils, but there’s also some brands that offer lower quality, blended oils, which are not as good.

The lower tiered oils might be more affordable, but they don’t offer as many benefits. In the long run, you’re better off spending a little more to get the best out of these wonderful aids.

But before we get into our picks, let’s start off this article with a few basics:

What Are Essential Oils?

What Are Essential Oils
Wholesale Botanics

Essential oils are extracts from plants that give a fragrant aroma and possess many beneficial therapeutic properties. The extracts are obtained either through cold pressing, solvent extraction, or steam distillation.

They are a natural therapy for the body and the mind. They help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and stress. Many essential oils possess microbial properties that get rid of viral pathogens, fungi, and bacteria.

Essential Oil History

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Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time. Egypt, India and Persia are the first places where healers would put flowers, hers, and roots in oils, and use the distillation liquid to help many ailments.

In the 11th century, the distillation as we know it today became common practice, and from the 18th century more than 100 essential oils were in circulation.

They served mainly for medicinal purposes back then, but in our day and age, they are also added to foods and perfumes.

What to Look For in Essential Oils?

How To Use Essential Oils
Aromatherapy Associates

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying essential oils, especially if you’re a novice. As we briefly mentioned before, the quality of essential oils varies from one brand to the other. Look for pure, unaltered oils that are not blended with carrier oils that dilute the end product.

Synthetic oils, while being a lot more affordable, do not offer many benefits.

One way to know if it’s a pure or synthetic oil is by reading the label. Look for its botanical name, then you’ll know it’s the real thing. The label will typically also state where the oil is from.

As much as possible, try to go for Certified Organics oils. Because essential oils are not FDA approved, going with a certified brand will ensure that the quality is better than other brands.

Certified oils means that pesticides and other chemicals that are found in soil or fertilizers are not blended or diluted in the product you’re buying. They are a lot more careful about where the oils are sourced, so their oils are generally cleaner than some other brands.

A few key terms you should know:

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

There are three basic categories when it comes down to essential oils.

Pure oils entails that the product never came in contact with fertilizers or pesticides during the processing and the production of the oils. It is the cleaner form of oils you can find.

Therapeutic Grade

This is basically just marketing companies use to try and convince you that they’re selling a good product. That may be, but there’s no governing form that is officially applied, so brands can use them to their advantage.

Certified USDA Organic basically confirms that the brand is actually regulated by a third party.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Oils?

What Are the Benefits of Organic Oils

They offer numerous advantages over regular oils, but the main thing to know is that they were tested by third-party companies that ensure they are free from harmful chemicals.

Organic oil producers use recyclable packaging and they promote sustainable farming production methods.

They are safer than conventional oils, and they are more scrutinized for the higher standards of quality. They are not only better for the environment in general, but they provide you with maximum health benefits.

How To Use Essential Oils?

What to Look For in Essential Oils

There are many different uses for essential oils today. From adding them to diffusers or humidifiers to implanting them into your skin care routine, there are a wide array of ways to make the most of them.

The most common use of essential oils is through inhalation. To get aromatherapy benefits they can be added to oil diffusers or oil burners in your home which is great, especially in colder months.

In order to relieve muscular pain, they are used through massage therapy. When using topically, or directly on the skin, they should be diluted with carrier oils such as argan or coconut oil so the pure oils don’t irritate the skin. Essential oils can also help with acne, hair loss, or other skin issues.

They can also be used as a dietary supplement, but this should be discussed with a medical professional. Those professionals will guide you to the right type of oils, also the exact quantities you should start with. It is imperative that you get a professional opinion when it comes to your health.

Like with anything new that you are adding to your self-care regimen, start with baby steps but be consistent. If you only remember using them once in a blue moon, that might not do much to you. On the same token, approach with caution, just in case it provokes some allergies you didn’t know you suffered from.

We are now ready to show you the 20 best essential oil brands of 2023. Here we go..

20. Public Goods

Public Goods Organic Therapeutic Grade Oils

The brand makes organic goods more accessible on their online shop. They are not USDA certified (at least not yet), but their inventory consists of organic, premium, and therapeutic grade oils.

Because of that they are among the most affordable on the market, and the brand’s members can get even better prices by joining.

19. Art Naturals

Art Naturals Essential Oils

Lovers of aromatherapy will love these organic, all-natural products from Art Naturals. Besides essential oils, the brand also carries make-up and shampoos, so you can take care of your personal care needs in one place.

They also offer essential oils as roll-ons, which is convenient if you’re traveling or always on the go.

18. Plant Guru

Plant Guru Essential Oils

The natural and organic philosophy the brand lives by may transform your life. While providing some of the best lifestyle products on the market, they do so at a fairly reasonable price. Other than their popular essential oils, they also sell skin care products.

They make it easy on newbies to get acquainted with aromatherapy as it is their belief that everyone should have access to it.

17. Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions

Among one of the world’s leading essential oil brands, Healing Solutions’ reviews speak for themselves. It is a smaller brand, but their products are of the highest quality.

They even have their own in-house scientist who tests their products to ensure they pass all GC/MS tests available. You can proceed with confidence that they offer the best on the market.

16. Young Living

Young Living Essential Oils

The brand offers Therapeutic Grade Ingredients in all of their essential oils. They harvest and distill all of their products themselves, which ensures their quality is top notch.

Young Living uses resin tapping and cold pressing as production methods, offering customers a premium service and high quality essential oils.

15. Saje Natural Wellness

Saje Essential Oils

Boasting more than 26 blends of essential oils, Saje Natural Wellness only sells natural and organic products. They also carry their own diffusers that can help you make your home smell and feel like a spa.

All of their products are 100% natural and organic, and they even have roll-ons available to take when you’re on the go.

14. Fabulous Frannie

Fabulous Frannie

Using 100% pure essential oils in all of their products, Fabulous Frannie specializes in a range of products, so check them out. Their essential oils collection includes cruelty-free, organic, vegan oils that are not only good for you but the environment as well.

They also have carry-ons, as well as a variety of blended oils alongside their single oils options.

13. Edens Garden

Edens Garden

The brand has a variety of essential oils that people who are into aromatherapy swear by. Their essential oils are 100% unadulterated, and they often carry out testing in order to offer customers the best possible quality.

Their oils are pretty affordable, and the company offers newbies a starter kit to get them going.

12. Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia

Often listed as one of the best companies that sells essential oils in the world, Aura Cacia has been around for a couple of decades. Their essential oils are certified organic and they are presented in amber glass bottles, giving them an extra touch of luxe.

Choose amongst 21 amazing blends or 89 single coils when you’re ready to add to your collection.

11. Pura D’Or

Pura D’Or Essential Oils

While their essential oils are USDA certified organic, the company is not the most transparent when it comes to testing practices. They offer an affordable line of products that come in attractive box sets.

Ethically sourced from small distilleries and family-run farms, their small selection is quite lovely.

10. Thrive Market 

Thrive Market Essential Oils

Founded in 2014, the Certified B Corporation offers all-around essential oils that are affordable yet of great quality. Both their blends and their single oils have been tested and are Non-GMO and USDA Certified Organic.

Their organic ingredients are directly sourced from local farmers, and their products are fairly priced.

9. Garden of Life

Garden of Life Essential Oils

Another small company, their limited selection of essential oils is amongst one of the best on the market. USDA organic certified, vegan and non-GMO, their line of essential oils carries other relevant certifications as well.

This carbon neutral company uses responsible business practices and offers other wellness products that are all sustainably sourced.

8. Wholesale Botanics

Wholesale Botanics

A family-run company, Wholesale Botanics offers cruelty-free, responsibly-sourced, great quality essential oils. While offering their products in bulk, it makes them also fairly affordable.

All their products are third-party tested and bottled in the Pacific Northwest. With an inventory of more than 100 essential oils that range in size from 0.5 oz to an astounding 400 lbs, you’ll surely find something to like.

7. Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates

This luxurious Certified B corporation carries a variety of hand-crafted essential oil blends. Although they don’t retail single essential oils, their blends are simply amazing.

Using purely sustainably sourced ingredients that come from natural environments, you’ll fall in love with their selection. Even their packaging follows the same sustainable practices the brand abides by using renewable energy at their headquarters.

6. doTerra

doTERRA Essential Oils

This multilevel essential oil brand sells responsibly-sourced, pure essential oils. Their pricey offerings also require customers to join a membership program which offers exclusive deals to its members.

They do have a vast repertoire of excellent essential oils, amongst which you’ll find rare offerings such as rose oil. Their internal standard of quality is incomparable and along with third party testers they also abide by Certified Pure Tested Grade Protocols.

5. Vitruvi


Although a bit limited with the selection they offer, the essential oils they do are all-natural, containing filler-free ingredient blends. Their diffusers and humidifiers are also very popular and aesthetically pleasing, and their essential oils are sourced from over 20 countries.

The brand also offers minimal packaging for their cruelty-free, vegan oils. Even their bottles are attractive and they are UV protected, just in case you keep them in a bright, sunny room.

4. Revive Essential Oils

Revive Essential Oils

Despite being one of the newcomers on the market, Revive Essential Oils is a great brand to turn to when looking for remedies for headaches, an upset stomach, or stress. If you’re an anxiety sufferer, their products are amongst the easiest to blend for a holistic approach.

You can be assured that their oils come directly from farmers, distillers, and producers. Acquiring their ingredients straight from the source eliminates unnecessary steps that simplify the overall process.

3. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy goes through rigorous testing for their products, which ensure the essential oils you purchase are the best quality possible. They offer customers premium quality at a surprisingly affordable price.

The USDA Certified Organic brand provides safety test results on their website for every single bottle they offer. Their collection of oils includes 53 items, from single to essential oil blends.

2. Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils

One of the oldest essential oil brands in the US, Rocky Mountain is USDA Organic certified and has always been a popular option. The GC/MS is regularly tested for potency and purity, therefore offering customers the best quality possible.

They are so confident, the brand comes with a 90-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee policy. Rocky mountain has 77 single essential oils and 60 blended oils that are expertly crafted in their inventory, while their commitment to sustainability is a plus.

1. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs is a brand that is known for their organic practices, sustainably grown plants, and transparency over all realms of production. You can find over 135 essential oils in their collection, and they offer beginners starter kits that can guide them along the way.

Every product comes with details about the origin of the oil, the blending possibilities, and offers safety warnings. This is the brand to turn to if you’re in the mood to splurge on a rare finding such as Jasmine Absolute, for example.

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