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The Driskill is the Perfect Place to Enjoy A Mini Vacation


By Victor B on 14 Aug 2017

From where I’m sitting, we get to enjoy a mini vacation in the form of 4 consecutive free days, and that seems like the perfect excuse to plan a short trip, right? I’m not that sure what your plans are for a short city break, but allow us to recommend The Driskill, a high-end hotel like no place else, located in downtown Austin, where guests will get to experience a

The Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in the World

Luxury Lists

By Vlad C on 12 Aug 2017

First invented as a form of protective eyewear, sunglasses became one of the most prominent items in one’s possession. Worn on the street or in the car, while going to the office or to the beach, sporty or fancy, sunglasses are basically everywhere right now. Sometimes even in night clubs, after midnight. Why? I have no idea. But I won’t be the one to stumble on my way to the

Take a Closer Look at the Brand New Wider 130 Yacht

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 12 Aug 2017

The brand new Wider 130 is an incredible vessel, to say the least, specially designed to allow passengers to experience ‘the most of life at sea’, with a sleek and sporty exterior, luxury interiors and bespoke amenities, and numerous technical innovations. The brilliant team from Wider Yachts also focused on light and space for this beauty, with floor-to-ceiling windows, a beautiful sky lounge, and a large waterside beach club standing

€14.8M San Gimignano Farm Will Easily Keep Your Mind Off Work

Luxury Homes

By Victor B on 12 Aug 2017

Found in the picturesque Italian hill town of San Gimignano, this magnificent farm is probably one of the most charming properties ever listed for sale in Tuscany. The mesmerizing farm before you covers a total of 243 ha worth of land, with vineyards, olive groves and woods, plus several residential buildings on-site promising about 6,200 square meters (66,736 sq. ft.) of pure awesomeness. After a thorough restoration process, this spectacular

Singapore’s Changi Airport Has a Brand New Terminal

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 12 Aug 2017

Spending long hours at the airport, while waiting for your flight to take off, is not really what most people have in mind when they’re thinking about exotic vacations and beautiful destinations; still, it is a reality that most of us have to experience. But Singapore’s amazing Changi Airport aims to change all that, by making you wish your flight would be delayed a little. A true shopper’s paradise, packed with

Vespa Sei Giorni Will Take you on a Special Adventure

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 12 Aug 2017

Unveiled just a few days ago, the new Vespa Sei Giorni is a very special scooter, a limited-run model that was specially designed to honor the original “Six Days” Vespa Sport – the same scooter that won the “International Six Days of Varese“ back in 1951. Based on the current generation Vespa GTS, this new iteration shows off the Italian brand’s classic styling, although a low-mounted optical assembly, that can be

Superheroes Would Love Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Spider Double Flying Tourbillon

Luxury Watches

By Victor B on 12 Aug 2017

Upon a first glance at this ravishing timepiece, I could not help but think that someone like Captain America or Spiderman would easily be interested in such an eye catching watch. I mean, it suits their color theme and superhero outfit and looks sturdy enough to handle just about anything you might throw at it. But the brand new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Double Flying Tourbillon was actually inspired by

Samsung Leader 8 Takes You Back in Time, in Style

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 11 Aug 2017

Those of you old enough to own a mobile phone in the early 2000s will probably remember that flip phones were everywhere back then, and represented the ultimate level of coolness for at least a few years. Samsung decided those good old times should be remembered, which is why we are now faced with the surprising Samsung Leader 8, showing off the same classic design, with a modern twist. This new smartphone