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The Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct Will Take Your Breath Away

Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct 1
Tech & Leisure

By Adrian P on 22 Aug 2016

If you love supercars and coffee just as much as we do, you will surely fall in love with this extraordinary espresso machine, inspired from the motorsport world and handcrafted from common automotive materials like titanium, carbon fibre and aluminum, with a charming touch of 18ct yellow gold that seems to turn it into a real work of art. This is probably the

The Views Alone Will Make You Want To Move To Scrub Island

Scrub Island 1

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

Let’s be honest, Scrub Island sounds like one of those places you go to do some extra curricular activities or volunteer work, right? Well, if you were to avoid this place based on its name, you’d be missing out on a real paradise, because this exclusive enclave in the British Virgin Islands is as beautiful as you can only dream – and even

Hit the Jackpot with Christophe Claret’s Poker Watch

Christophe Claret’s Poker Watch 1

By Adrian P on 22 Aug 2016

Capturing the unique balance between the game of poker and horology, Christophe Claret’s Poker Watch is a true watchmaking marvel, oozing sophistication and glamour from every single angle you look at it. This incredible watch is actually the third and last model in the brand’s stunning gaming collection, which also includes a beautiful Baccara watch and a gorgeous Blackjack timepiece. But all these watches are

The BMW Radical Concept Is a Retro-Futuristic Wonder

BMW Radical Concept 1
Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

Imagined by the brilliant Istanbul-based industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erden, the two wheel marvel you’re about to see right now is absolutely incredible, to say the least. Teasing us, as well as future generations, this BMW Radical Concept stands true to its name, showing off a ravishing look that could easily take your breath away, and blending the best of both worlds,

Sarp Yachts’ La Passion Is Just Pure Passion on Waves

Sarp Yachts
Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

Turkish shipyard Sarp Yachts has planned to take over the world with this gorgeous 46-meter vessel called La Passion, and judging by the looks of things, they’ve done a brilliant job. Actually, if this is their first entry in the superyacht world, we have to wonder what will we get to enjoy next? This shipyard’s approach to yacht building seems to have inspired the

The Aquamare Estate Is a $23M Slice Of Virgin Islands’ Exclusivity

Aquamare 1

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

Located in Mahoe Bay, British Virgin Islands, the breathtaking Aquamare estate sits on a very exclusive 1.72-acre property, nestled right next to the beach. The entire property has been built using a mix of local stonework, rich hardwoods and travertine marble, with an extraordinary design, featuring 30-foot vaulted ceilings and massive windows, which seem to turn this place into a dreamy home for any single

Hennessey Performance Celebrates With An 800+ HP Ford Mustang

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

I think it’s safe to say the people at Hennessey Performance are some of the world’s best car tuners, and their incredible way of celebrating 25 years of activity definitely deserves to be mentioned on Luxatic. The American tuning house has recently unveiled the Hennessey 25th Anniversary Edition HPE800 Ford Mustang, a limited edition ride which brags about more than 800

Bvlgari’s New Carbon Gold Timepiece is Beyond Stunning


By Victor B on 22 Aug 2016

If this summer wasn’t hot enough for you, Bvlgari went on to make our breathing even more difficult. The brand’s new Bulgari Carbon Gold timepiece gets you ready for the last week of summer with the help of a casual-chic aesthetic, featuring a bespoke mix of precious metals, carbon and calfskin, which adds to the overall appeal and exclusivity of this watch. Within the carbon resin–coated