Limited Edition Perrelet First Class Double Rotor Skeleton

Perrelet First Class Double Rotor Skeleton 1

By Adrian

Posted 14 Apr 2015 3:13 pm

Twenty years ago, back in 1995, the Swiss watchmakers from Perrelet have unveiled the first Double Rotor movement as a tribute to the company’s founder, Abraham-Louis Perrelet. The Double Rotor P-181 was a major watchmaking breakthrough at that time, with a complex mechanism taking its energy from two rotors. This year Perrelet has decided to refine the Double Rotor movement even more, with the limited edition Perrelet First Class Double Rotor Skeleton watch. Specially designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this invention, this timepiece will be produced in 250 pieces finished in steel and 77 pieces in rose gold. The

The luxurious Carmel Charme Resort in Brazil

Carmel Charme Resort 1

By Adrian

Posted 11 Apr 2015 4:26 pm

Sitting amidst sand dunes, palm trees and abundant beauty, the Carmel Charme Resort is the perfect retreat whenever you plan to visit Brazil, located close to the beautiful Barro Predo Beach next to Aquiraz, Brazil. The elegant resort blends stylish interiors with tropical touches and state of the art amenities, to make your visit here truly unforgettable. There are 35 luxurious accommodations you could choose from, diving into six categories, all offering unique sea views and effortless sophistication. You can choose from bungalows, super, deluxe or senior suites and two types of duplex apartments. Every room or suite comes with

The splendid Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon Openwork Watch

Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon Openwork Watch 1

By Adrian

Posted 11 Apr 2015 4:03 pm

French fashion house Chanel has teamed up once again with the master watchmakers from Audemars Piguet, Renaud et Papi, to design a breathtaking timepiece that looks like a true work of art. The watch in question is called the Chanel Première Flying Tourbillon Openwork, and it’s going to be produced in a very, very limited run of just 12 units. This is actually not the first time Chanel is collaborating with the watchmakers from Le Locle for an amazing timepiece – they have started working together back in 2012 for the Première Camelia Flying Tourbillon and this year they’re celebrating

Keep your priceless artefacts safe with the Buben & Zörweg Private Museum

Buben & Zörweg Private Museum 1

By Adrian

Posted 11 Apr 2015 3:21 pm

The renowned luxury safe maker Buben & Zörweg has managed to impress everyone with the brand’s latest creation, the world’s first luxury safe designed to protect and display your precious artefacts, brilliantly dubbed as the Buben & Zörweg Private Museum. This wonderful safe has a unique system which combines modular sections of stainless steel and high security glass with complex lighting specifically designed to show off your treasured possessions. You can display anything in it, from priceless paintings and antiques to jewels and watches and fine objects d’art. You can turn your living room or any other room into a

Discover South East Asia with Silolona Sojourns cruises

Silolona Sojourns 1

By Adrian

Posted 10 Apr 2015 7:32 pm

With two astonishing yachts in their fleet, the Silolona Sojourns cruises are one of the most-sought after travel experiences from Indonesia. You can discover new places on the archipelago and experience the unique traditions and cultures from this part of the planet, all while cruising in some of the most beautiful yachts you’ve ever seen. The company’s main boats are called Silolona and Si Datu Bua, both of them featuring a beautiful design inspired from the traditional Indonesian ships known as Phinisi. The vintage design of these sailing yachts is brilliantly combined with an unparalleled luxury on board, with all

Vivienne Westwood’s $25k suite at The London West Hollywood

Vivienne Westwood penthouse 1

By Adrian

Posted 10 Apr 2015 6:52 pm

The London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles teamed up with the renowned Vivienne Westwood to design a luxurious bi-level penthouse that will literally take your breath away. The fancy hotel invested over $25 million in the top level suite’s renovation and starting next month it will accept reservations for it, at $25,000 per night. For all this, guests could stay in the largest hotel suite in Los Angeles, spreading over 11,000 square foot. They could access this penthouse from the tenth floor of the hotel, through a private corridor which opens up to a large foyer and then to

The incredible Wilson Benesch Cardinal speakers

Wilson Benesch Cardinal 1

By Adrian

Posted 10 Apr 2015 6:18 pm

Ever since it was founded, back in 1989, the British high-end audio maker Wilson Benesch has impressed audiophiles from all over the planet with their top notch speakers and turntables. It’s not a company too well known, but they’re planning to take over the world with the Wilson Benesch Cardinal speakers, their new flagship, floor standing loudspeakers. Looking like true works of art, these loudspeakers have a unique cabinet, made from carbon fiber, instead of the aluminum or fiberboard used by most manufacturers. This cabinetry, combined with an incredible attention to the smallest details and 28 drivers, all produced in-house,

Larry Page, the search engine wizard

Larry 00004

By lau

Posted 10 Apr 2015 11:31 am

One of the co-founders of the Google Inc. and the inventor of PageRank, Lawrence “Larry” Page was born on the 26th of March 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan, USA as the son of Carl Vincent Page, Sr. and Gloria, who were both involved in computer sciences. His father had a PhD in computer science and was a pioneer in A.I., teaching at the Michigan State University, while his mother was a computer programming instructor at the Michigan State University and at Lyman Briggs College. Page remembers the old home as a mess where computers and magazines were spread throughout and

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