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Lazareth Plans to Drop Your Jaw With The Wazuma GT

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 25 Jul 2016

Lazareth has already mesmerized everyone with their incredible wild-looking bikes, but it seems that just wasn’t enough for them. The innovative French automotive company has spent these past couple of months designing and developing a new outrageous machine, called the Wazuma GT. This cool looking hybrid between a supercar and a three wheeled bike, comes with no self-driving technologies or electric motors, offering just

The Stunning Nadir Yacht Makes No Compromises

narid 1
Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 25 Jul 2016

Designers Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi have worked together once again on the luxurious Nadir yacht, meant to be a beautiful racer-cruiser that should please everyone. That might sound like an odd combination, but this vessel is capable of long distance sailing in complete comfort and style, while also offering speed freaks a fun ride for their money. Fast and light enough to compete

3 of the Most Exclusive Timepieces Ever Created

Vacheron Constantin Tour De L’Ile

By Adrian P on 25 Jul 2016

The elite of the elite, these limited edition watches are only for the most affluent of people. From watches that were only produced in extremely limited quantity to collector’s items not available for public sale, even timepieces that you need to apply for before being granted permission to procure. These resplendent timepieces are the crème de la crème, and not

SoHo’s Sullivan Building Is Home To a Luxurious $28.5M Penthouse

10 Sullivan Duplex Penthouse 4

By Victor B on 25 Jul 2016

Developed as a joint project between Property Markets Group and Madison Equities, and designed by Cary Tamarkin, the 16-story triangle tower standing tall at 10 Sullivan, SoHo, was originally inspired by the Flatiron building, the iconic Fifth Avenue skyscraper that was completed back in 1902. This tower, on other hand, is the tallest residential building in all of SoHo, and it’s also proud to be home to one

The DJI M600 Benefits From Hasselblad’s Expertise

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 25 Jul 2016

It is always a good day when two renowned companies like DJI and the Hasselblad Group decide to join forces for a marvelous mix of fun and amazement. The new DJI M600 drone has been recently tweaked to offer top-of-the-line aerial optics, courtesy of Hasselblad’s aerial medium-format camera A5D, that’s perfectly complemented by the ultimate aerial platform. Designed to make super-high-end users smile – until getting a glimpse of the price-tag,

Sweden’s Charming Nobis Hotel Takes You Back in Time

Nobis Hotel 1

By Victor B on 25 Jul 2016

Nestled in an imposing building which dates back to the 19th century, the gorgeous Nobis Hotel is one of Sweden’s most amazing retreats, mixing its amazing history and charm with modern design ideas that seem to keep in line with the current trends. The Swedish hotel has brought the original building back to life, and since the its name means “to empathize with

The Breathtaking Aston Martin DB11 Comes with an Aeroblade

Aston Martin DB11 1
Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 24 Jul 2016

The new Aston Martin DB11 is probably the finest example of the British automaker’s pursuit for absolute beauty and style. With the exception of some track-focused supercars, like the ravishing Vulcan or the Vantage GT8, we all know that Aston Martin has always avoided overwhelming the design of their cars with aggressive aerodynamic elements. The brand-new DB11 seems to keep in line with this philosophy,

Quinta do Lago Estate Is A €15,000,000 Lakefront Dream

Quinta do Lago Estate 1

By Victor B on 24 Jul 2016

Somewhere in Portugal, in the small town of Loule, there’s an incredible piece of property looking for a new owner. Called Quinta do Lago, this immaculate eight bedroom estate offers 5,000 square meters of tranquility, privacy and incredible beauty, surrounded by nature’s wonders, a golf course and even a couple of lakes. You could say this place is a beacon of luxury, with those 8 bedrooms