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Meet the Newest Fragrance Collection From Guerlain: Les Quatre Saisons


By Victor B on 24 Sep 2016

Guerlain’s newest collection of fragrances, called Les Quatre Saisons, is actually a limited edition line which aims to make each and every single one of us smile even more right now. There’s no real reason why some of us love winter more, while others enjoy the hot days of summer, that’s why the famous brand has left this debate to others and focused on developing four new fragrances inspired by

Discover the Beauties of Marrakech from La Mamounia


By Victor B on 23 Sep 2016

Located near the heart of the magical Marrakech, right between the city’s center and the stunning medina, La Mamounia is probably the best place to start exploring both the old city and the new, allowing its lucky guests to savor an incredible Andalusian atmosphere, in an intimate and regal environment. Apart from the gorgeous architecture, which allows this five star hotel to

Novitec Supercharged the Lamborghini Huracan

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 23 Sep 2016

The brilliant team at Novitec Torado took hold of a RWD Lamborghini Huracan and decided to convert it to a twin supercharger system, which probably explains the noise you hear in the background right now – of tires simply screeching on the asphalt. The aftermarket specialists from Novitec tweaked the naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine of the rear-wheel-drive Lambo, by adding two superchargers which enable the engine to output 830 hp at

The new Ballast Trafalgar BL-3133 Reminds us of Naval History


By Victor B on 23 Sep 2016

Boasting a charming retro vibe, the new Ballast Trafalgar BL-3133 timepiece also features a patented bezel control system and an interesting “bezel geared” mechanism, which was inspired from 21st century building techniques and innovation. Although vintage-inspired, this watch looks relatively straightforward and familiar at a first glance, but its insides are much more complex than meets the eye, including robust wiring of mechanics and

This Beautiful Normandy Chateau Is a Steal at just $3M


By Victor B on 22 Sep 2016

Dating back from the 17th century and beautifully restored to its former glory, this stunning 6,400-square-feet Normandy chateau is located just 56 miles outside of Paris, and it’s been recently listed for sale at just $3 million, which is a total bargain in our books. Among many other incredible facilities, this elegant chateau comprises 16 bedrooms and three self-contained studios, each of

Kengo Kuma’s Kusa Tea Set Teases Your Taste For Culture

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 22 Sep 2016

Japanese architect and designer Kengo Kuma has decided to impress us all with a precious tea set, imagined in honor of Georg Jensen’s silverware heritage and reminding every single one of us about the wonders of dreams coming true. The exquisite tea service set was called Kusa and represents the designer’s elegant approach and contemporary take on traditional tea sets, meant to bring them to modern times. Tea sets

Vintage Electric Unleashed the Scrambler on the Streets

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 22 Sep 2016

In a world where battery-powered vehicles are the next best thing, electric bikes are here to stay, which might not go too well with old-school fans and purists. Nonetheless, these minimalist-looking electric bikes are both user friendly and environmentally friendly, that’s why they already cater to a pretty large percentage of riders, with the number going up every single day. Vintage Electric is a new

The Seductive Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Reveals Itself


By Victor B on 22 Sep 2016

With a name that’s reminiscent of legends long gone, the breathtaking Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica sits amidst the lush Amazonian rainforest, offering a wonderful dose of rustic luxury that’s bound to seduce anyone who dares to travel to this remote corner of our planet. Found on the banks of Peru’s Madre de Dios River, right off the edge of a private ecological reserve, this stunning retreat comprises 35 beautiful thatched-roof