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The Perdu Underground Home Is Outstanding


By Victor B on 16 Oct 2015

The world’s population is increasing every day, while the overall accessible land surface is diminished every time a new mall or skyscraper makes its way around us. If you think about it, underground houses might be a great solution for the future, and that’s what England-based NC Homes and Huntsmere imagined with this amazing project. But who said underground homes shouldn’t be luxurious and stylish? Dubbed Perdu, this

The Logitech Harmony Hub Elite: Controlling Your Smart Home with Just One Touch

Logitech Harmony Hub Elite 1
Tech & Leisure

By Adrian P on 16 Oct 2015

Modern technology means that we have advanced far passed the point of having two remotes in the house to control the TV and DVD machines, and most houses now have a proliferation of digital devices all over the home. While it is possible to have around 10 different remotes- it really isn’t the most convenient situation and losing remotes becomes

Love at first sight: the charming Louis Moinet Memoris

Louis Moinet Memoris 1

By Adrian P on 15 Oct 2015

Back in the early 1800s, in a period when the French Empire has reached its greatest extent under Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis Moinet has made a name for himself in the watchmaking world, creating some of the most extraordinary clocks we’ve ever seen, dedicated to eminent figures of his era, from the great Napoleon to Thomas Jefferson or James Monroe. Moinet sacrificed everything

Bulgaria’s Hidden Gem: Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko 1

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2015

Bulgaria is a country filled with many beautiful places, like the ravishing ski resort of Bansko, located at the foot at the Pirin Mountains, that’s like a hidden gem for a lot of people. Here you can also find one of the most incredible hotels in this country, the breathtaking Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko, which seems like the ideal location

Symmetry Concept Yacht By SINOT Exclusive Yacht Design

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2015

In case you’ve never heard of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design until today, get ready to be completely mesmerized. This company has just revealed one of the most exquisite examples of yacht design, dubbed SYMMETRY, an incredible, balanced and symmetrical 180-meter superyacht meant to be a bi-directional maneuverable vessel. Featuring a game-changing design, this yacht was arranged from the center outwards, with all functions on the decks being organized around the

How Does A Celebratory Champagne Saber Sound?

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2015

Even more importantly… how does it look? St. Regis and Christofle have teamed up on this unique project that will answer both these questions for us, inspired by the great Napoléon Bonaparte. It seems that he used to open Champagne bottles with his saber, declaring “Champagne: In victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it” and that’s how opening a bottle

600 HP Callaway Competition Corvette C7 GT3-R

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 14 Oct 2015

Callaway Competition is back, doing what they do best: unleash pure awesomeness on all petrol-heads out there. Their new Corvette C7 GT3-R has been recently revealed in Germany at the Hockenheimring, where the guys from Callaway have announced that this incredible vehicle is set to enter competition next year. Designed to replace the successful Callaway Z06.R GT3, this project is definitely worthy of full and

Timeless Class: The Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Timepiece


By Victor B on 14 Oct 2015

I’m sure we’re all working on the perfect Christmas shopping list already, and that’s exactly why Ralph Lauren has decided to surprise us with a new beautiful timepiece, unveiled just in time for this year’s Holidays. The well known brand has just introduced the Ralph Lauren Slim Classique, an exquisite timepiece featuring a chic 18kt gold case, with a Barleycorn guilloché bezel, as