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The Awe-Inspiring Sankara Hotel & Spa Is Worth Visiting


By Victor B on 23 Mar 2017

Nestled on the remote Japanese island of Yakushima, the blissful Sankara Hotel & Spa is one of those rare gems that are totally worth the effort, time or cash needed to come to this unique corner of the Earth. Surrounded by a stunning natural decor, provided by this lush island of towering rock spires and dense forests, this is the kind of

The Lotus Elise Sprint Will Certainly Impress You

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 22 Mar 2017

Unveiled just a few days ago, the new Lotus Elise Sprint is an updated version of the automaker’s iconic sportscar, which aims to take the Elise to the next level. You see, the British sportscar manufacturer managed to reduce overall weight of this beauty by exactly 41 kg, using many carbon-fiber components, which translate into more extreme performances and better handling.

The MCT Dodekal One D110 Looks Ruggedly Handsome

Luxury Watches

By Victor B on 21 Mar 2017

Swiss luxury watchmaker MCT plans to unveil at Baselworld 2017 this super cool MCT Dodekal One D110, an eye catching timepiece that will lure you to the dark side. The brainchild of Denis Giguet, this innovative watch is based on the brand’s sci-fi 43 mm cushion case, adding a “digital” jumping indicator under the dial. Don’t get fooled, though, as this MCT timepiece

Bang & Olufsen Unveils a Trio of Interesting Devices

Tech & Leisure

By Victor B on 21 Mar 2017

Pioneers of luxury home audio devices, Bang & Olufsen has always been associated with nothing but high-quality products. And as the demand for high-performance audio equipment with smart wireless capabilities has increased, the renowned Danish company got back to work and introduced three new exciting items in their forever expanding portfolio. Under an interesting functionality concept called Flexible Living, Bang & Olufsen aims to

Picchiotti’s 50th Anniversary is Celebrated with L’Anfiteatro


By Victor B on 21 Mar 2017

Italian jewelry maker Picchiotti is celebrating 50 years of activity in 2017 and L’Anfiteatro seems to be the proper way to get our full attention right now. The spectacular 8.05-carat ruby ring before you was actually inspired by a classic amphitheater and designed by Giuseppe Picchiotti himself to shock and awe each and every single one of us. The ring will

Enjoy The John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition

Food, Cigars & Drinks

By Victor B on 21 Mar 2017

The fourth limited edition in a marvelous series, John Walker & Sons’ Private Collection 2017 Edition, Mastery of Oak, is possibly one of the greatest teases in life. Showing off the brand’s unique style and innovative spirit, this exquisite experimental blend will be produced in exactly 5,588 bottles, spread all over the world. For instance, in Singapore there will be only

L’Andana is the Ultimate Retreat in the Heart of Tuscany


By Victor B on 21 Mar 2017

Nestled just a few minutes outside of Florence, L’Andana is a stunning getaway that redefines what Italian-styled luxury living is all about. With a name that’s actually inspired by its dramatically long driveway, that would seem endless when you’re leaving this place, this unique Tuscan getaway sits between rolling vineyards and the olive groves of the Tenuta La Badiola estate. L’Andana is

Vanda Electric’s Dendrobium Is The Most Expensive Flower Ever

Cars & Bikes

By Victor B on 20 Mar 2017

Well, not really; but it seems somewhat odd that the story of this outrageous machine started with an orchid. Singapore’s very first hypercar, the Dendrobium, has been revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, thanks to the hard work and brilliant people at Vanda Electrics. Showing off a unique design – an understatement, to be sure – this ravishing vehicle promises