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Everything is Awesome in Bentley’s new Festive Gifts Collection

By Victor Baker


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Tis the season to be jolly and.. Bentley is well aware of that. The British luxury automaker has come up with a new festive gifts collection, one that includes stylish and luxurious Bentley-branded car accessories for men, women, and children.

Every single item from this fabulous Festive Gifts Collection was crafted from the finest materials, as one might expect from the famous brand, and it was inspired by Bentley Motors’ iconic design cues. You have almost anything you could want in this line, from stocking-fillers to fancy accessories, and luxury toys for your kids – if you can afford it, Bentley will deliver it.

The words ‘limited edition’ seem to be repetitive while trying to describe this range of Bentley festive gifts, but we’re OK with that. In fact, since these items are pretty exclusive, the leather wallets, fragrances, golfing accessories, even teddy bears could help you win the bragging rights. Where to start?

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First, there’s the superb Limited Edition Barnato pens by Graf von Faber-Castell – yes, as we’ve mentioned earlier, everything in this collection is ‘limited-edition’.

What may seem to be an ideal gift, each of these fine writing instruments have been lacquered in a lovely dark green and features signature Bentley knurling and even Woolf Barnato’s signature, although I consider the small Bentley ‘B’ to be a nice touch.

This special collection only comprises 1,930 pens, thus honoring the year of the ‘Blue Train Race’, which had a significant part in Bentley’s storied history.

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If you’d like to add some music to your life, there’s nothing like this wireless home speaker system. Designed with ultimate performance in mind, the Naim for Bentley Mu-so speaker also combines good looks with functionality and usability. This Special Edition boasts unique Bentley design vibes, such as copper accents woven into the acoustically-transparent speaker grille.

Also worth mentioning is the Focal for Bentley Radiance headphones, which show off a beautiful design complemented by top-of-the-line audio technology. 

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The new Bentley gifts collection also offers a wide array of charming gifts for men, such as the Bentley Billfold Wallet, the wonderful Bentley B Cufflinks, and the stylish Legacy Panto Sunglasses.

Women are also celebrated, courtesy of a trio of new floral scents from the Bentley Beyond Collection; a beautiful Jewellery Case might also get their attention this season, thanks to the distinctive Bentley diamond quilt pattern and its minimalist elegance. 

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But this gifts collection is all about the kids as well. Santa joined forces with Bentley this year, which is why this line also comprises cute gifts, like the cuddly Birkin Teddy Bear, a 1:38 diecast version of the Continental GT3, or the Bentley Ride-On Car – complete with a fully functional steering wheel, tooting horn, and a working stereo. Now that sounds cool!

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But wait, there’s more – much more. The Bentley Golf range also comes to our attention, thanks to the elegant Men’s Graphite Golf Set with Cart Bag. Bentley fans could also get handcrafted, Japanese, graphite clubs promising unrivaled performance.

These 14 clubs also come with wood and putter head-covers, not to mention the wonderful golf cart bag. Fore!

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In the end, motorsport fans also have something to feel giddy about. The iconic Continental GT3 has inspired Bentley to come up with an array of luxurious gifts, like the Motorsport Water Bottle, which features the company’s motorsport logo and detailing inspired by the hood vent of the race car.

The sporty Motorsport Rucksack is also on our list, showing off a Bentley Motorsport logo on the front, with #BringTheThunder underneath, a gorgeous Racing Green exterior and Living Green piping. All you need right now is a Bentley Continental GT3 to go with this collection.

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