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The World’s Coolest Bar Awaits for You in Australia – If You can Go There

By Victor Baker


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Hendricks Balloon Gin Bar 1

This year has been very difficult for most of us; it seemed that each day went by very slowly, but, if you really think about it, 2020 passed by us in an instant. We all know time is relative, but it could pass much faster and possibly more enjoyable with the proper drink in front of us.

If you could enjoy that drink in a floating bar.. well, that would be perfect. You might think ‘floating’ means on water, but not this time.

Hendricks’ Gin has been thinking about a unique bar, floating in the sky, for quite some time, and that idea will be brought to life pretty soon at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Hendricks Balloon Gin Bar 2

The first-of-its-kind bar in the sky is ready to take its maiden voyage on December 5th and will be open for one day only, so don’t miss this opportunity for anything!

At the ‘Most Unusual Balloon Bar’ brave and passionate souls will get to enjoy Hendricks G&T’s, as well as a hamper of Hendricks-themed goodies – the views are breathtaking as well, I imagine. 

And tickets will cost you nothing, but you should expect places to be extremely limited, as a lot of people will surely get in line to enjoy the most of this epic bar experience around.

Hendricks Balloon Gin Bar 3

Amazing views aside, the experience you’ll get from any hot air balloon trip will be unforgettable – that is certain. But, if this is too much for you and you’re afraid of heights, you might be interested to know that Hendricks will also have a grounded pop-up bar in Tumbalong Park, Sydney – Australia.

The perfect weather, sipping on some tasty cocktails, beautiful views, social distancing and.. safety? That might sound much better for some of you. The pop-up bar will also welcome guests to pick up Hendricks “Tini Martinis”, which is basically Bond flavor in a can.

Hendricks Balloon Gin Bar 4


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