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The 15 Most Expensive Water Brands in the World

By Vlad Craciun


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Most Expensive Water Brands
Fillico Jewelry Water

Water is an interesting topic. It’s an essential ingredient of our world, of our bodies, and the second most important to life after the air we breathe. Though it seems to be everywhere, there are parts of this world that suffer greatly from the lack of drinkable water, while in others it’s in abundance and even sells for exorbitant amounts of money. This is something that’s hard to believe, but it’s part of the harsh reality of our world.

While most of us are happy with the tap water in our homes or the bottled one that’s found in almost every shop, there are some that would go to the end of the Earth to find water in its finest and purest form. From giant icebergs to remote islands and glaciers, there’s plenty of very interesting sources to get it. And some people are ready to pay any price for a bottle.

But that’s only half the picture, as others don’t care as much for the purity of the water inside the bottle as for the way everything is presented. Therefore, you can have diamond encrusted bottles of water that cost tremendous amounts of money as well.

This is why today’s water market is interesting and diverse, with a peak that sees incredible prices for a bottle. If we stirred your curiosity, let’s have a look below at the 15 most expensive water brands in the world.

15. BLVD – $27

BLVD water

Part of Jon Monsir’s Australian luxury goods company, the BLVD water brand sources its water from a unique and pristine spring in Tasmania. Besides the premium water inside, they do offer bespoke bottles as well made from high quality glass. They also sell it mainly to the high-end hospitality sector, but you can purchase it online as well.

The price for one liter of this natural spring water from Tasmania reaches $27.

14. Berg – $46

Berg water

Berg is one of the very few companies in the world that gather water from icebergs. It’s based in Newfoundland, Canada, where there’s already a small industry formed around producing various beverages from iceberg water, including alcoholic beverages such as beer and vodka.

The way this works is by gathering and harvesting huge pieces of icebergs that have broken off into the ocean from the glaciers in Greenland and are melting near the eastern Canadian coast. The process is all manual and uses the iceberg pieces that would melt away offshore Canada due to global warming.

Berg water is extremely low in minerals since it comes from icebergs, and comes in a nicely made glass bottle. The price per liter is around $46.

13. Minus 181 – $50

Minus 181 water

Minus 181 is a German company that has managed to find a deep pocket of water, an artesian well in the northern part of the country. To reach it, they had to punch a 181 meter drill into that artesian well, which is where the name of the brand comes from.

The water from this source is among the few in the world with that exceptional quality. The taste is balanced, and the mineral content rises to around 450 mg/l.

Due to that quality, and the difficulty in extracting it, the price per liter reaches $50.

12. Iluliaq – $50

Iluliaq water

Iluliaq water, priced at the same $50 per liter like the Minus 181 above, comes from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland. The site is under UNESCO protection. In terms of source, it’s similar to Berg, since it comes from icebergs that are carried on boats by locals and then moved into vats and let to melt naturally.

The company doesn’t make stocks of water bottles, as it tries to maintain everything as fresh as possible. Their bottles are dated, and they even put the name of the customer on its label. Expect limited availability due to the process of obtaining the water and the various environmental and natural factors that have to be respected.

11. ROI – $59

Roi Water

ROI is a water brand from Slovenia that sources its water from the Roitschocrene spring, which has the most magnesium content in the world, with 1,100 mg/l, thus providing plenty health benefits when consumed.

Its taste is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and that rich magnesium content is definitely making its presence known on the palate.

Combine that with an exquisite bottle, and you’ve got the recipe for a water that sells for $59 per liter.

10. Uisge Source – $94

Uisge Source water

Coming from Scotland, we’ve got the Uisge Source, which gathers water from several natural springs in the country and sells it specifically for pairing with whiskies. They believe that if you mix your Scotch with water, the water should be of the highest quality so that it doesn’t ruin the flavors of the drink.

This reason alone makes the Uisge Source water so expensive, reaching $94 per liter. They’ve got three types on offer, all of them selling for the same price, but differing depending on the type of whisky experience you want to have.

9. Ô Amazon – $110

Ô Amazon water

Ô Amazon is the only brand of water that obtains their water from the air, and that happens in the Amazonian nature, hence the name of the brand. The way they do it is by filtering the natural humid air in the Amazon forest and then running it over cold coils making the water condense and then gather it into tanks and bottling it.

That process ensures the water doesn’t touch the ground at all, which further reduces the quantity of minerals in it to an impressive low of 4 mg/l.

One liter of Ô Amazon Air Water costs $110, but part of the brand’s profit goes to helping other causes and various projects that aim to preserve the area and focus on sustainable development of the region.

8. Svalbardi – $134

Svalbardi water

The Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water comes from the icebergs around Svalbard, in Norway. Unlike other luxury water brands on this list, Svalbardi doesn’t rely on the packaging and deluxe bottles but on the quality of the water itself.

The process of harvesting those icebergs before they melt into the waters around Svalbard is no easy task, and that’s what makes this water so expensive. Adding to that is that they strive to stay as eco-friendly as possible, using packaging from sustainable and eco friendly suppliers as well, and even aiding other projects in their eco-missions.

All in all, a liter of Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water will set you down $134.

7. Evian Virgil Abloh – $207

Evian Virgil Abloh

Evian water is quite famous today and can be found in many places and for decent prices as well. But the Virgil Abloh variant is something special, born from the brand’s collaboration with late designer Virgil Abloh, who has added a special flair to their bottles, turning them into some of the most expensive in the world, at around $207 per liter.

Evian is another brand that has sustainable causes as their priority, and the bottle designs created by Virgil seem to support and inspired those causes.

The water itself comes from springs in Germany, and has a mineral content of around 350 mg/l.

6. Bling H2O – $219

Bling H2O

On the other end of the spectrum lies a water brand called Bling H20. Their water costs a hefty $219 per liter, but it has nothing to do with the water itself. The company couldn’t care less about the water inside their bottles as their only preoccupation is offering the most exclusivist bottle they can.

As you might expect, Bling H2O was created with celebrities in mind, as they are the only ones that might serve as a possible clientele. And not any kind of celebrities, but those that “Bling”. Well, you get the point.

The water itself seems to be sourced from a spring in the United States, and doesn’t seem to have anything special about it.

The bottles instead, they’re adorned with Swarovski crystals, which are the only things that give the bottle its $219 value per liter.

5. Kona Nigari Water – $402

Kona Nigari Water

The fifth most expensive water brand in the world is the Kona Nigari Water, at $402. It’s said that their water helps you lose weight, energizes your body, and improve the quality of your skin.

True or not, you can be sure that the price is real. The water is harvested from below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii, from deep seawater, 2,000 feet below the surface, which is further desalinated and apparently has numerous health benefits.

The only trouble with this brand is that it’s only sold in Japan. Also, it comes in a uninteresting packaging, which shows what the brand cares about the most, which is the content.

4. Nevas – $1,042

Nevas water

At around $1,042 per liter, Nevas offers water from two German artesian wells that are supposedly several hundred years old, but that doesn’t justify the incredible price at all.

What does justify it instead is their limited edition bottles, with fancy designs that look more like luxury champagne bottles than water ones. Their deklart series of water bottles are made by the artist Dennis Klapschus, who actually designs the exterior of the bottles.

Their water is marketed as celebratory water for those who look for equally impressive alternative to champagne.

3. Fillico – $1,390

Fillico Jewelry water

Fillico water is sourced from Kobe, Japan, from high quality natural mineral springs. But what gives this water a hefty price isn’t the water itself, but the unique over the top design of the packaging, with fine Japanese craftsmanship at the base.

Their bottles are adorned with Swarovski crystals, giving them a royal feel, which is why you won’t find Fillico in the usual places. It’s something you might receive as a gift instead of finding it in your regular supermarket. The price for a liter of Fillico water reaches a whooping $1,390.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

The water sourced from springs in Fiji, France, or an Icelandic glacier isn’t necessarily something truly special. At least not that special as to cost almost $60,000 per liter.

What gives the Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani” its hefty $60k per liter price has to do with the 24k gold each bottle is coated in. Each of the unique bottles was hand crafted, which adds to the jaw dropping price tag.

The thing is that this isn’t available anymore, as it was all sold at an auction back in 2010. It isn’t necessarily a water brand per se, but it was worth mentioning here.

1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxy Collection Diamond Edition – $200,000

Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxy Collection Diamond Edition

The most expensive water ever sold came from a luxury jeweler. The water actually came from a Californian natural spring, and there’s probably nothing special about it.

What was special about it was the bottle of course, and this is where the Beverly Hills jeweler’s role comes in. The Beverly Hills Drink Company collaborated with him for topping their bottles with a cap that contained no less than 850 tiny diamonds, hence the immense price of $200,000 per liter at the time.

Each of the 500ml bottles was sold for an unbelievable $100,000. One interesting fact is that the company seems to have gone silent since 2017, which is reason to believe there wasn’t much success behind this Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition water.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of different types of water on Earth, and each spring brings other taste and overall composition. Some are closest to purity than others, driving prices upwards, but there’s nothing in the water that can push them past a certain point.

So some companies decided that they could add gold and diamonds to their bottles, so that they could justify enormous prices. Some of the last companies on this list have done just that, which is why they occupy top spots. Worthy or not, it’s something you have to judge for yourself.

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